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Top 100+ Mariadb Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Mariadb Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. Mariadb High Availability Solutions?

Answer :

If you have got an answer that currently works with MySQL, it's going to work with MariaDB. Do we've precise solutions that we suggest? No. There's a big range available, and I'd inspire you to take your pick (the proper one, for the right answer).

Question 2. Moving Process Names, Directories, Tcp Port Etc From Mysql To Mariadb?

Answer :

It is critical to keep equal defaults as MySQL. At least for now. As stated proper on the top of the creation in About MariaDB, MariaDB is an more suitable, drop-in alternative for MySQL. This approach that MariaDB is designed such that you may certainly update an installation of MySQL with an installation of MariaDB while not having to change anything for your utility setup or config documents. MariaDB gives all of the functions available inside MySQL and behaves precisely the equal. Plus it gives a totally loose implementation of a few functions handiest available in the industrial (paid) version of MySQL Enterprise.

The difficulty of conflicts (like using the same port) does no longer get up, on the grounds that for most installations best one or the alternative can be mounted: MySQL or MariaDB. That said, for testing, comparison, and improvement purposes there can be a want to run both, or maybe multiple versions of MariaDB on the equal server and it's far possible to install both MariaDB and MySQL, or two versions of MariaDB, in one of these manner that they each coexist side by way of facet but it is not endorsed for most people of users.

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Question three. What Version Of Mariadb Is Workable On Windows 7 X64?

Answer :

Any launched version.

However, MariaDB 5.2.5 and underneath were all compiled for 32-bit Windows handiest. These variations of MariaDB will run beneath 64-bit Windows, however they'll run as 32-bit methods.

MariaDB 5.2.6 and above have sixty four-bit Windows binaries available. Sixty four-bit binaries (and MSI applications) can also be built from the supply, as defined in Building MariaDB on Windows.

Question 4. Gui/workbench For Mariadb Aria?

Answer :

There are many GUI equipment that paintings with MariaDB, including Webyog/SQLyog, HeidiSQL, dbForge Studio for MySQL, and of direction, MySQL Workbench.

We understand a few equipment have received requests and/or are operating to feature assist for MariaDB and Aria-unique capabilities (SQLyog, as an instance). Until your selected GUI device supports MariaDB and Aria-specific features directly, maximum of the gear provide a mechanism for modifying and executing custom SQL code.

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Question 5. Default Data Directory For Mariadb?

Answer :

The records listing region is controlled by means of the datadir variable. Look at your /and many others/mysql/my.Cnf record to look in which your installation of MariaDB is configured to save information. The default is /var/lib/mysql however it's far frequently changed, like as an example if you are the use of a RAID array.

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Question 6. Embedded Engine?

Answer :

There isn't any embedded version of MariaDB.

Question 7. How To Change Innodb_page_size?

Answer :

No need for a fresh install.

Just export your facts, flow or delete the machine database (ibdata1) and the log files (ib_logfile0 & ib_logfile1), set innodb_page_size to either 4k or 8k, and restart MariaDB. A new XtraDB example might be created with the smaller web page length. Then you may import your statistics and run your checks.

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Question 8. Missing Centos7 Rpm: Mariadb-10.1.Sixteen-centos7-x86_64-cassandra-engine.Rpm?

Answer :

Development on Cassandra SE seems to have stopped. 

Question 9. Uninstall Mariadb On Osx?

Answer :

or MariaDB 5.3.X then you could uninstall MariaDB with:

sudo make uninstall

If you compiled and installed MariaDB 5.Five.X or higher then there's no 'make uninstall'. However, after doing a 'sudo make set up' to put in MariaDB there may be an 'install_manifest.Txt' document on the top level of the supply dir. Remove all of the documents indexed in it and the entirety you hooked up might be long gone.

On Linux the default is to area everything underneath '/usr/nearby/mysql/' so eliminating that listing is enough to uninstall MariaDB. If you customized the deploy directory, or if MacOS has a distinctive default then it'll be exclusive. In any case the 'install_manifest.Txt' file will have the locations.

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Question 10. Which Is The Max Storage Capacity Of Version five.5 Mariadb?

Answer :

InnoDB/XtraDB tables may be up to 64TB (terabytes) in length. On pinnacle of this you could have more than one tables in keeping with database and more than one databases according to server. Usually the dimensions and space limits of your underlying storage and operating device are reached lengthy earlier than MariaDB's inner limits are reached.

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Question eleven. Why Does Mariadb 10.2 Use Innodb Instead Of Xtradb?

Answer :

Keeping InnoDB (or XtraDB) updated with MySQL (Percona) is a complex venture. It took us greater than half of a year emigrate from InnoDB-5.6 to InnoDB-5.7 in 10.2. Doing it once more for XtraDB would in all likelihood have required only slightly less than this. For us to embark on such assignment, it must deliver giant advantages to our customers.

XtraDB had many notable upgrades over InnoDB in 5.1 and 5.5. But through the years, MySQL has applied nearly all of them. InnoDB has caught up and XtraDB is simplest marginally higher. Not sufficient to justify a multi-month merge that might put off 10.2-GA for each person.

In specific, the most effective real development that XtraDB 5.7 appears to have is for a write-extensive I/O-sure workload, wherein innodb_thread_concurrency manipulate is disabled.

With a right innodb_thread_concurrency, XtraDB is simplest marginally better. We did not need to put off 10.2-GA by way of up to 1/2 a yr for the sake of these few customers who have write-extensive I/O-sure InnoDB workload and do not know the way to configure innodb_thread_concurrency.

Note, we nonetheless remember incorporating XtraDB optimizations, however as patches, in preference to XtraDB as a whole, which now not has numerous all-over-the-code upgrades.

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Question 12. What Is Mariadb?

Answer :

MariaDB is a backward well suited, drop-in alternative of the MySQL® Database Server. It includes all foremost open source garage engines.

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Question thirteen. What Is The Goal Of Mariadb?

Answer :

To provide a network advanced, stable, and constantly Free DBMS this is, at the consumer stage, widely compatible with MySQL.

We attempt for interoperability with each our own, and our upstream, communities.

Until MariaDB 5.5, MariaDB become stored up to date with the cutting-edge MySQL launch from the equal department. For instance MariaDB five.1.Forty seven turned into up to date with MySQL 5.1.Forty seven, and so forth.

We did a merge from the primary MySQL branch for each new MySQL release or whilst there has been a few critical bugfix implemented to the main branch.

Since MariaDB 10.Zero, MariaDB consists of backported capabilities from MySQL as well as completely new capabilities now not discovered everywhere else, but does now not necessarily encompass all MySQL features.

We try to keep our essential trees as unfastened from bugs as possible. It should be fairly secure to pull from our timber at any time.

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Question 14. Who Is Behind Mariadb?

Answer :

The MariaDB task is the brainchild of Michael "Monty" Widenius, the founder of MySQL®, Monty Program Ab (nowMariaDB Corporation), and a founding member of the MariaDB Foundation.

The center team consists of builders sponsored by way of the MariaDB Foundation, corporations and folks who are individuals of the Foundation, and people within the MariaDB network. MariaDB is a technocracy, and we want our center membership to mirror this.

The MariaDB Foundation's position is to be a steward of the MariaDB mission. The Foundation also takes the responsibility of maintaining the great of the MariaDB task high. The MariaDB Foundation has assumed this stewardship from Monty Program Ab, which became the authentic driver until a basis might be created.

A contemporary list of active core participants (MariaDB captains) can be discovered on Launchpad. Anyone with enough technical skill degree who actively participates in the development of MariaDB can be a part of this team. You don't need to paintings on the MariaDB Foundation, MariaDB Corporation, or at any other Foundation member corporation to be able to take part or commit code!

There is an energetic network around MariaDB that you can be part of. Their developer contributions may be located at the log of MariaDB members.

There have been some questions if MariaDB is a business enterprise or a community open supply mission. MariaDB is a network open source task because:

It's driven by means of a non profit basis.
All code in MariaDB is open source. The MariaDB Foundation does now not and does not intend to launch any closed supply modules to MariaDB. The same goes for businesses that are members of the Foundation.
Anyone who suits the standards of a MariaDB captain can get dedicate rights to the MariaDB code base. There are many one of a kind corporations and individuals amongst them.
Anyone can contribute articles to the MariaDB Knowledge Base with very few restrictions.
The MariaDB Foundation manages the MariaDB trademark, however gives wide rights to it to others.
Question 15. Why Is The Project Called Mariadb?

Answer :

The 'MySQL' call is trademarked by means of Oracle, and they have selected to maintain that trademark to themselves. The call MySQL (just like the MyISAM garage engine) comes from Monty's first daughter "My". MariaDB maintains this culture by using being named after his more youthful daughter, Maria.

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Question sixteen. Can I Get Help With Mariadb? Something's Broken!

Answer :

If you can't find help in the MariaDB documentation, in lots of cases the documentation for MySQL can be used. New features of MariaDB are noted at the MariaDB versus MySQL page and in extra element underneath the MariaDB category.

If you have got a question approximately a function that is not well documented or some thing that isn't always running as expected, go to the corresponding Knowledge Base page and ask your question there.

You can record and test on insects which are unique to MariaDB in JIRA. MySQL insects that also have an effect on MariaDB ought to also be reported to MySQL.

You also can enroll in the mailing lists and or be a part of the IRC channel to communicate with MariaDB users and developers.

The MariaDB Corporation offers commercial aid for MariaDB and all major MySQL versions (beginning from MySQL three.23).

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Question 17. How Can I Contribute To Mariadb?

Answer :

If you want to make a contribution to, or take part within the development of MariaDB, there are numerous ways to accomplish that. You do not have to be a developer (but we always welcome extra of those), you just should have the willingness to help make MariaDB higher. For example, we are searching out writers or translators of KB articles and those supporting putting in MariaDB discussions groups.

Ready to start?

Contributing to the MariaDB Project is the web page that gathers together the whole lot you need to get began.

The community category incorporates a whole lot of thrilling hyperlinks about how to take part.

You also can do not forget sponsoring a feature.

Welcome to the MariaDB network!

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Question 18. What Is Mariadb Galera Cluster?

Answer :

MariaDB Galera Cluster is a synchronous multi-master cluster for MariaDB. It is to be had on Linux simplest, and simplest helps theXtraDB/InnoDB garage engines (even though there's experimental help for MyISAM - see the wsrep_replicate_myisam gadget variable).

Starting with MariaDB 10.1, the wsrep API for Galera Cluster is included by means of default. This is to be had as a separate down load for MariaDB 10.0 and MariaDB five.Five.

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Question 19. Why Is Order By In A From Subquery Ignored?

Answer :

A question which include

SELECT field1, field2 FROM ( SELECT field1, field2 FROM table1 ORDER BY field2 ) alias

returns a end result set that is not always ordered by using field2. This isn't always a computer virus.

A "desk" (and subquery in the FROM clause too) is - according to the SQL popular - an unordered set of rows. Rows in a desk (or in a subquery within the FROM clause) do not are available any particular order. That's why the optimizer can ignore the ORDER BY clause that you have detailed. In reality, SQL standard does now not even allow the ORDER BY clause to seem in this subquery (we allow it, due to the fact ORDER BY ... LIMIT ... Changes the result, the set of rows, now not simplest their order).

You need to treat the subquery within the FROM clause, as a fixed of rows in some unspecified and undefined order, and placed the ORDER BY on the pinnacle-stage SELECT.

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