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Top 100+ Highcharts Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Highcharts Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. Does Highcharts Refer To Files Outside Our Domain?

Answer :

For basic usage, Highcharts doesn't check with any files other than highcharts.Js/highstock.Js, though there are a few cases that you have to be privy to.

The exporting module. Since no longer all browsers are capable of convert the chart to an photograph layout, this operation is by way of default accomplished on our internet carrier. The generated SVG is despatched out of your browser to the export server, and an photograph is despatched lower back. If you're concerned about your statistics content being exceeded over the internet, you ought to set up your personal export server. See Setting up the export server. An alternative, in case you don't want to support IE <= 9, is to use the module for client-side export.
Certain features, including client side exporting, may require third-party dependencies. Some of these are loaded on demand from our servers, but in these cases the loading location is configurable. Details on all external dependencies, including licensing and security details, can be found in the optional dependencies documentation article.
Question 2. My Charts Are Not Showing In Internet Explorer 7 Or 8?

Answer :

The most common reason why a chart works in modern browsers but fails in IE6, 7 and 8, is stray commas in the configuration options. Stray commas are commas after the last item of an object or an array in JavaScript. These will pass silently in modern browsers, but cause a JavaScript error in legacy IE.

Var chart = new Highcharts.Chart(
        renderTo: 'container'
        type: 'datetime'
    series: [
        data: [29.9, 71.5, 106.4, 129.2, 144.0, 176.0, 135.6, 148.5,
               216.4, 194.1, 95.6, 54.4],
        pointStart: Date.UTC(2012, 0, 1),
        pointInterval: 24 * 3600 * 1000,

Another case where legacy IE fails to show charts, is when the security setting "ActiveX controls and plug-ins" => "Binary and script behavious" is disabled. This takes place very hardly ever on consumer computer systems, however we have visible it every so often on company networks. In this case, IE fails to attract any of the vector pics, handiest the the text is proven. 

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Question 3. Can I Use Highcharts With A ... Server?

Answer :

Highcharts runs absolutely at the purchaser, and works with any internet server that can deliver HTML and JavaScript content material. Whether your server is PHP, Perl, ASP, ASP.NET, Node.Js or something, Highcharts is completely ignorant of it. The HTML/JavaScript documents will also be loaded from the document device, that is the case in app systems where Highcharts is loaded in a web component within the app.

The quality exercise in integrating Highcharts may also fluctuate from machine to machine. You ought to comply with the not unusual exercise for handing JavaScript on your unique device. Some favor to serve a smooth JSON or JavaScript record with the Highcharts setup, others to write down the JavaScript setup at once to the net page. Data can be loaded in shape of JSON or CSV files (see Working with records in the left menu), or published inline inside the chart setup. When running with a databased powered backend, it could be purifier to have your server gadget serve JSON or CSV files.

Question four. Can I Use Features From Highstock In Highcharts?

Answer :

Yes, maximum Highstock functions can be applied to traditional charts. From a licensing factor of view, using features of the Stock package deal glaringly calls for a Highstock license.

Technically Highcharts Stock is carried out as a set of plugins for Highcharts. The whole code base for Highcharts is covered in the Stock package, and you can invoke a chart the usage of Highcharts.Chart and allow positive features which can be generally related to a inventory chart.


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Enabling a scrollbar in Highcharts
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Question five. Can I Add A Data Table To The Exported Chart?

Answer :

Yes, with a touch programming on pinnacle of the Highcharts information and drawing API you may draw a desk. 

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Question 6. How Can I Get The Best Performance Out Of Highcharts?

Answer :

When operating with collection with a excessive range of records points, there are a few matters to bear in mind.

First of all, take into account using the Boost module.
Otherwise, for line plots, it's miles endorsed that you disable factor markers, as these will upload a performace overhead. See http://highcharts.Com/demo/line-time-collection.
Disabling shadows will increase overall performance, as 3 shadow elements are created for every shape that includes a shadow.
For big column series, it's miles encouraged which you disable the initial animation, plotOptions.Column.Animation, at the least for VML based totally browsers. The fine way to distinguish among speedy SVG browsers and slower VML browsers is to use the Highcharts.Svg boolean belongings.
Question 7. Can I Export Multiple Charts To The Same Image Or Pdf?

Answer :

Currently this isn't always applied in the center, but there are multiple paths you could visit reap this. 

Use our hack for exporting multiple charts. Basically, this code gets the SVG of all charts, modifies it and applies it to one unmarried SVG document this is despatched to the server for photo conversion. We also assist the use of our consumer facet exporting module, if sending information to our server is a difficulty. See this demo for an example of this approach.
Create a HTML document on your server that incorporates all of your preferred charts, and do a pure server side conversion of this. 
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Question 8. My Non-english Characters Don't Display Right In My Charts

Answer :

If you are using German umlauts, Scandinavian vowels or non-European alphabets, you want to apply UTF-8 encoding to your files. There are two approaches of doing this.

Make sure your HTML web page wherein your charts are described, is UTF-8. The record itself and if applicable its database content must be encoded as UTF-eight. Additionally, either the content-kind HTTP header or the corresponding meta tag have to mirror this:

<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />

 If you do not have get right of entry to to exchange your entire HTML file, you may define your charts in a separate JS document that has UTF-eight encoding.

<script src="/charts.Js" charset="UTF-8"></script>
Question nine. Can I Generate Charts On The Server Without Using A Browser?

Answer :

There also are other methods for server-aspect chart technology:

David Padbury wrote a completely exciting piece approximately strolling Highcharts on a Node JS server.
Travis Hansen has kindly shared his Phantom JS module.
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Question 10. How Do I Define Irregular Time Data?

Answer :

To add statistics points with irregular periods, rather than defining pointStart and pointInterval for the series, outline an X fee (date) for every factor.

If you need the road to be broken for lacking dates, insert null values as an alternative.

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Question eleven. How Do I Add Data From A Mysql Database?

Answer :

Highcharts runs on the client facet handiest, and is completely unaware of how your server is installation. This method that in case your server is going for walks PHP and MySQL, or some other form of server generation coupled with any SQL engine, you may dynamically produce the HTML and JavaScript required by Highcharts. 

There are some of ways to try this. One manner is to make a specific PHP document that handiest consists of the statistics, call this dynamically from jQuery the use of Ajax, and add it to the configuration object earlier than the chart is generated. Or you could have one PHP report that returns the whole JavaScript setup of your chart. Or, within the maximum basic manner, simply add a few PHP code inside your parent HTML web page that handles the statistics from the chart. Below is a simple, low level example of the way to pull data from a MySQL desk and upload it on your chart.

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Question 12. Your Map Of My Country Does Not Include A Disputed Area?

Answer :

We do our nice no longer to take facets in border conflicts, however we recognize the want for maps such as disputed areas. To remedy this, we strive to preserve our default maps conforming to neutral de facto borders or conventions, while supplying alternative maps that include disputed regions. 

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Question 13. Why Are Bootstrap Tabs Displaying Tab-pane Divs With Incorrect Widths When Using Highcharts?

Answer :

The trouble is that Highcharts can't calculate width of the field which has CSS: show:none, so applied is default width (600px). In reality, browser isn't always capable of calculate width for such elements.

For instance while you'll use separator to resize Result window, chart will resize and will paintings. So you have three options:

render chart after first click on that tab
render chart at the start, but after every click on and window resize use chart.SetSize(w,h) with new width and peak
render chart at the start, but after tab click on call chart.Reflow()
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Question 14. Is There Any Way To Pass Some Additional Data To The Series Object That Will Use To Show In The Chart 'tooltip'?

Answer :

Yes, if you set up the collection item just like the following, in which every information point is a hash, then you may skip greater values:

new Highcharts.Chart( 
    series: [ 
        call: 'Foo',
        records: [
                y : 3,
                myData : 'firstPoint'
                y : 7,
                myData : 'secondPoint'
                y : 1,
                myData : 'thirdPoint'

Question 15. I Have A Column Chart Which Has A Number Of Categories, Each With A Single Data Point (e.G. Like This One). Is It Possible To Change The Color Of The Bar For Each Category? I.E. So Each Bar Would Have Its Own Unique Color Rather Than All Being Blue?

Answer :

You can also set the shade for my part for each factor/bar in case you trade the data array to be configuration objects rather than numbers.

Facts: [
      y: 34.4, color: 'red',     // this point is red
      21.8,                        // default blue
      y: 20.1, color: '#aaff99', // this will be greenish
      20]                          // default blue

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Question sixteen. What I'd Like To Do Is To Create A Link That Saves The Image On The Server, Instead Of Downloading It. How Could I Do That ?

Answer :

It could be finished certainly clean with PhantomJS. You can render Highchart chart and store it to SVG, PNG, JPEG or PDF.

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Question 17. I'm Using Highcharts Column Chart And I Want It To Be a hundred% Width Responsive Chart. The Container Is A Simple

With No Any Formatting. When The Document Loads, The Chart Is Always Fixed Width 600x400px Size. If I Resize Window Or Switch To Another Browser Tab, The Chart Fills The Width And Becomes Responsive Full Width Chart Just Like I Wanted. If I Reload Page, It's Fixed Width Again. I Tried Setting Width To Both Container And Chart, However, Nothing Helps. If I Move The Container Div One Level Above The Parent Div, It Works. How To Make The Chart Become Full Width On Page Load Also?
Answer :

Chart's width is taken from jQuery.Width(container), so when you have chart in a few hidden tabs or something comparable, width may be undefined. In that case default width and peak are set (600x400).

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Question 18. How To Add Items To An Array Dynamically In Javascript?

Answer :

var options =    
    collection: [
        type: 'pie',
        name: 'provider popularity',
        records: []
    var objData= "kind":'bar','call':'second','information':[];

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Question 19. How To Get Highcharts Dates In The X Axis?

Answer :

Highcharts will automatically attempt to locate the first-rate format for the contemporary zoom-variety. This is performed if the xAxis has the sort 'datetime'. Next the unit of the cutting-edge zoom is calculated, it is able to be considered one of:

This unit is then used find a format for the axis labels. The default styles are:

2nd: '%H:%M:%S',
minute: '%H:%M',
hour: '%H:%M',
day: '%e. %b',
week: '%e. %b',
month: '%b '%y',
12 months: '%Y'

If you want the day to be a part of the "hour"-degree labels you have to exchange the dateTimeLabelFormatsoption for that stage encompass %d or %e. These are the to be had patters:

%a: Short weekday, like 'Mon'.
%A: Long weekday, like 'Monday'.
%d: Two digit day of the month, 01 to 31.
%e: Day of the month, 1 via 31.
%b: Short month, like 'Jan'.
%B: Long month, like 'January'.
%m: Two digit month wide variety, 01 thru 12.
%y: Two digits year, like 09 for 2009.
%Y: Four digits yr, like 2009.
%H: Two digits hours in 24h layout, 00 via 23.
%I: Two digits hours in 12h layout, 00 via 11.
%l (Lower case L): Hours in 12h layout, 1 thru 11.
%M: Two digits minutes, 00 via 59.
%p: Upper case AM or PM.
%P: Lower case AM or PM.
%S: Two digits seconds, 00 through fifty nine
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Question 20. How Can I Get Access To A Highcharts Chart Through A Dom-field?

Answer :

Users can use the highcharts plugin

var chart=$("#container").Highcharts();
Highcharts 2.Three.Four

Read from the Highcharts.Charts array, for model 2.3.4 and later, the index of the chart may be discovered from the information at the div

 var index=$("#container").Records('highchartsChart');
 var chart=Highcharts.Charts[index];
All variations
Track charts in a worldwide objec/map by box identification
var window.Charts=; 
characteristic foo()
  new Highcharts.Chart(...,characteristic(chart)  
      window.Charts[chart.Options.Chart.RenderTo] = chart;

characteristic bar()
  var chart=window.Charts["containerId"];

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Question 21. Proper Way To Remove All Series Data From A Highcharts Chart?

Answer :

This to put off all chart series,

whilst(chart.Series.Period > zero)
chart.Series[0].Take away(real);

Question 22. How To Use Json_encode?

Answer :

json_encode is a convenience approach to convert an array into JSON layout. To have the output you supplied, you will need an array of arrays. Each sub-array has keys "call" and "facts", wherein "name" is the Item column, and "information" is another array containing values from 2011 and 2012.

$results = mysql_query("...");
$arr = array();
while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($effects))

    $call = $row['Item'];
    $statistics = array($row['2011'], $row['2012']);
    $arr[] = array('call' => $call, 'statistics' => $records);

echo json_encode($arr);

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Question 23. Highstock Highcharts Irregular Data Gets Wrong X-scale?

Answer :

You will want to set the xAxis.Ordinal property to fake, that is genuine by using default. True fee shows the factors must be placed at constant durations w.R.T area (pixels), and False adjustments points to be placed at fixed periods w.R.T. Time

    ordinal: fake

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Question 24. Is There A Way To Get/convert The Resultset In Exactly The Same Format As Is Required By The Series Property Of Highcharts?

Answer :

Not got a danger to run the code underneath, however this have to work or something very much like this

even as($item = mysql_fetch_assoc($end result)) 
     "name" => $object['name'],
     "records" => array(floatval($item['data']))

echo json_encode($collection);

An recommendation is to constantly stick with json_encode() for doing the jsonification. You may additionally want to go through this case on the reference web page to find out about how json_encode works with arrays especially

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Question 25. How To Integrate Flot With Angularjs?

Answer :

Since charting involves heavy DOM manipulation, directives are the way to head.

Data can be saved inside the Controller

App.Controller('Ctrl', characteristic($scope) 
    $scope.Information = [[[0, 1], [1, 5], [2, 2]]];

And you can create a custom HTML tag1 specifying the version you want to get records from

 <chart ng-model='data'></chart>
which angular can collect via a directive
App.Directive('chart', characteristic() 
    go back 
        restrict: 'E',
        hyperlink: function(scope, elem, attrs) 
            var facts = scope[attrs.NgModel];
            $.Plot(elem, information, );

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