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Top 100+ Google Charts Interview Questions And Answers


Top 100+ Google Charts Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. What Is The Google Visualization Api?

Answer :

The Google Visualization API lets in you to create charts and reporting applications over structured facts and enables integrate those immediately into your website.

Question 2. What Can I Do With The Visualization Api?

Answer :

With the Google Visualization API, you could access based facts--created regionally for your browser or retrieved from supported information sources in a simple tabular format. You can also put into effect your own data source as Visualization API statistics source and permit any Visualization-compliant visualization and/or application to access your facts. The layout is amenable to apply by using reporting, analysis or chart applications. You can thus visualize the data and/or upload new capability to packages, such as Google Spreadsheets.

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Question 3. What Is A Data Source Url?

Answer :

A Data Source URL is the particular URL identifier of a Visualization API information supply. A facts supply URL may additionally include Chart Query Language parameters. In this example a query (including sorting, grouping, and so forth) is achieved at the records supply previous to fetching the facts.

Question 4. Can A Flash Application Access The Visualization Api?

Answer :

Absolutely. The Visualization API uses a JavaScript API, but there are libraries that permit Flash apps to connect to Javascript code.

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Question 5. Can I Access A Chart From A Java Application?

Answer :

Yes. The Google Visualization Library for the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) allows you to access the API compliant visualizations from Java code compiled with the GWT compiler and to write down Visualization API compliant visualizations in Java the use of the GWT complier. The launch candidate library additionally supports the Visualization API occasion version.

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Question 6. Can I Access A Chart From An Application Written With The Google Web Toolkit (gwt) Compiler?

Answer :

Yes. The Google Visualization Library for the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) permits you to get right of entry to the API compliant visualizations from Java code compiled with the GWT compiler and to put in writing Visualization API compliant visualizations in Java using the GWT complier. The release candidate library additionally helps the Visualization API event model.

Question 7. What Is The Difference Between The Google Chart Api And The Google Visualization Api?

Answer :

The Chart API gives a easy manner to create image charts of numerous kinds via sending a formatted URL that consists of both the statistics and chart configuration alternatives to a Google server. The Chart API consists of a closed set of charts with numerous options. The Chart API datasets are constrained to the dimensions of a URL (more or less 2K).

The Visualization API provides a manner to attach charts and data assets over the internet and to publish them:

The Visualization API presents a Javascript API to get admission to charts.
Its gallery of charts includes Google-created charts, but is also open to any 1/3 celebration to create their very own Visualization API-compliant visualizations.
Visualization API charts and charts may be anything that can be rendered through a browser. This includes snap shots, Javascript, vector-portraits, Flash, and many others.
A vast quantity of Chart API charts are accessible via the Visualization API, despite the fact that some of their configuration options may not be available.
The API also offers a documented wire protocol and a manner for everyone to reveal their statistics assets to any of the APIs visualizations.
The API has a defined event model that permits charts to throw and obtain events and thus communicate with their host web page and/or other charts on the web page.
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Question eight. What Data Sources Can I Access Using The Visualization Api?

Answer :

With the Visualization API you may get right of entry to facts regionally from your browser by means of growing the API's widespread DataTable layout, or get admission to any information source that helps the API. Well-recognized packages that already aid the API are Google Spreadsheets and Salesforce.Com on their Force.Com developer platform. You may additionally put in force your own facts as a Chart facts supply.

Question nine. My Application Expects The Data It Receives To Be In A Specific Format. How Do I Handle Exceptions?

Answer :

You can use the getNumberOfColumns() and getColumnType() techniques of class google.Visualization.DataTable to check that the information you get matches what you count on, and problem an blunders message for mismatches.

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Question 10. Is It Safe To Embed A Chart In My Web Site?

Answer :

Running 1/3 celebration code immediately in your web website poses inherent dangers. Google makes no promises or representations approximately utility overall performance, best, safety, or content material. Chart applications that do not observe the Google Visualization API Terms of Service may be eliminated from the galleries.

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Question 11. Can I Use Charts Offline?

Answer :

Your customers' computers have to have get right of entry to to https://www.Gstatic.Com/charts/loader.Js in an effort to use the interactive features of Google Charts. This is due to the fact the visualization libraries that your web page requires are loaded dynamically earlier than you use them. The code for loading the correct library is part of the included script, and is known as while you invoke the google.Charts.Load() technique. Our phrases of service do now not allow you to download the google.Charts.Load or google.Visualization code to use offline.

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Question 12. Why Doesn't My Chart Appear?

Answer :

First, check your JavaScript console. On Chrome, you may get admission to the JavaScript console thru Chrome->View->Developer->JavaScript Console, or Chrome->Tools->JavaScript Console. All modern-day browsers have a JavaScript console; you can want to poke round menus with names like "Advanced" or "Developer Tools" to discover it.

Hopefully, the console leads you right away to the problem. Sometimes, but, it'll be tough to translate the console message to the underlying reason. Here are some commonplace pitfalls:

You may be the usage of the Google Loader incorrectly.
Only load the charts/loader.Js once. No depend what number of charts you've got for your internet page, you must have one and simplest one call like this:

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://www.Gstatic.Com/charts/loader.Js"></script> // Do this ONCE.

This can be in the head or the frame of your web page, relying on while you need the load to arise.

Ideally, call google.Charts.Load handiest once, with all the applications you will need on your web web page.
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://www.Gstatic.Com/charts/loader.Js"></script>
  google.Charts.Load("present day", programs: ["corechart", "timeline"]);

  characteristic drawBarChart1() 
    Var barChart1 = new google.Visualization.BarChart(document.GetElementById('chart1'));

  feature drawBarChart2() 
    Var barChart2 = new google.Visualization.BarChart(report.GetElementById('chart2'));

  feature drawTimeline() 
    Var timeline = new google.Visualization.Timeline(document.GetElementById('chart3'));

<div id="chart1"></div>
<div id="chart2"></div>
<div id="chart3"></div>

Every chart have to have a completely unique detail identification (e.G., chart1, chart2 inside the above instance).
Look for typos. Remember that JavaScript is a case-sensitive language.
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Question thirteen. Why Are My Months And Days Off By One?

Answer :

Google Charts makes use of JavaScript, which uses zero-based indexing. The first day of the month is 0, and the months range from 0 (January) to eleven (December). If your code assumes one-based indexing, subtract one earlier than placing the your information right into a JavaScript date object.

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Question 14. Why Do My Charts Work In Some Browsers But Not All?

Answer :

We advocate caniuse.Com for a trove of statistics approximately browser incompatibilities. With Google Charts, there are now and again issues in Internet Explorer eight and in advance, for two motives:

IE8 does not help SVG, so Charts fails over into VML, that is extra restrained.
IE8's JavaScript does not allow trailing commas in lists.
Question 15. What Is The Google Visualization Program Policy?

Answer :

As described within the Terms of Service, we may additionally decline to include and show content material that violates our application policy through displaying or linking to:

Illegal content.
Invasions of personal privateness.
Pornography or obscenity.
Content, such as malicious code, that interferes with or is harmful to a consumer's pc or the functioning of the host net page.
Promotions of hate or incitement of violence.
Violations of copyright.
Violations of trademark.
Impersonations of 0.33 parties.
Developers that create charts that acquire records, agree to keep and link to a legally adequate privacy policy. Additionally, we require developers to ensure that their chart is relaxed, and to preserve their utility as lengthy because it resides within the chart listing.

These policies can be revised sometimes with out observe.

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Question 16. Is The Google Visualization Api Available For Commercial Use?

Answer :


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Question 17. Is Google Logging All My Chart Data?

Answer :

The chart records protected within the HTTP request is stored in temporary logs for no longer than  weeks for inner checking out and debugging purposes. Of direction you have to remember the fact that if your chart seems in an photograph tag on a public web site, it is able to be crawled.

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Question 18. Violations Of The Program Policies?

Answer :

Violations of these Program Policies can bring about the disabling or elimination of your chart, being blacklisted from importing future charts, termination of your Google money owed and/or deletion of all of your charts.

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Question 19. What Is The Chart Gallery?

Answer :

The Chart Gallery is a listing of applications that use the Visualization API. It presents a important vicinity for the Visualization developer network to percentage Chart packages. 

Question 20. How Can I Promote My Chart Data Source?

Answer :

Post your implementation on the Visualization Group. If we adore it, we would even mention it ourselves.

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Question 21. What Is The Google Chart Api?

Answer :

The Google Chart API is a really simple device that helps you to effortlessly create a chart from a few data and embed it in a web site. You embed the records and formatting parameters in an HTTP request, and Google returns a PNG photograph of the chart. Many varieties of chart are supported, and by making the request into an photo tag you may in reality include the chart in a webpage.

Question 22. Why Is Google Offering This Service? What's In It For Me?

Answer :

We constructed the carrier firstly as an internal tool to aid rapid embedding of charts within our very own programs (like Google Finance for example). We figured it would be a beneficial device to confide in web builders.

Question 23. Is There A Limit On The Url Length For The Google Chart Api? What Is The Maximum Url Length?

Answer :

The maximum duration of a URL is not decided via the Google Chart API, but instead through internet browser and net server considerations. The longest URL that Google accepts in a chart GET request is 2048 characters in period will become %7C). For POST, this limit is 16K.

If URL period is a hassle, here are a few suggestions for shortening your URL:

If you're using a textual content encoding information layout, eliminate main zeros from numbers, take away trailing zeros after decimal factors, and round or truncate the numbers after decimal points.
If that doesn't shorten the URL sufficient, use simple (1 man or woman) or prolonged (2 person) encoding.
Sample statistics much less often; i.E., lessen granularity.
Remove accoutrements and decorations, such as colors, labels, and patterns, from your chart.
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Question 24. Why Don't My Bars/lines/and so on Line Up With The Correct Value On The Y-axis?

Answer :

By default, both axes show quite a number zero to one hundred. This is regardless of the records values. If you need the line, bar, or some thing to align with the real data cost, you should specify a label variety that fits the records variety precisely the use of the chxr parameter.

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