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Top 100+ Aptitude Interview Questions And Answers - May 26, 2020


Top 100+ Aptitude Interview Questions And Answers

Question 1. The Citizens Of Planet Nigiet Are eight Fingered And Have Thus Developed Their Decimal System In Base 8. A Certain Street In Nigiet Contains one thousand (in Base 8 Buildings Numbered 1 To a thousand. How Many 3s Are Used In Numbering These Buildings? The Citizens Of Planet Nigiet Are 8 Fingered And Have Thus Developed Their Decimal System In Base eight. Acertain Street In Nigiet Contains one thousand (in Base eight Buildings Numbered 1 To one thousand. How Many 3s Are Used In Numbering These Buildings?

Answer :

three hundred within the nigiets base eight
192 in the base 10 for us ....
The answer is total of 192 (base 10)

Question 2. The Cost Of 17 Apples, 9 Oranges , 13 Bananas Is Rs a hundred thirty , Whereas Cost Of thirteen Oranges, 7 Apples And 10 Bananas Is Rs a hundred. Find The Cost Of 1 Apple , 1 Banana And 1 Orange Put Together?

Answer :

Rs 10

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Question three. A No. Of Cats Got Together And Decided To Kill Between Them 99919 Mice. Every Cat Kills Equal No. Of Mice. Write A Program To Find No. Of Cats?

Answer :

No. Of Cats: 163, 613, or 99919
-- Local variables right here
i integer;
-- Test statements right here
for i in 1..99919 loop
if mod(99919,i) = zero then
dbms_output.Put_line (i);
cease if;
quit loop;

Question 4. Cube Has Colors Blue, Red ,yellow Each On Two Opposite Sides. Cube Is Divided Into "32 Small Cubes And four Large Cubes". Question: How Many Cubes (on 36 Cubes) Have Blue At Least One Side. How Many Cubes Have Colors On Two Sides?

Answer :

If you paint the cube such that:

Blue and Blue are on contrary sides
Red and Red are on contrary side
Yellow and Yellow are on opposite aspect
And, for the reason that question didnt country where the 32 smaller can be, Im setting the 32 smaller cubes on the perimeters with Blue paint.
Thus: 32 cubes have Blue on at the least one aspect.
20 cubes have have hues on  aspects.
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Question five. There Are 76 Persons. 53 Can Read Hindu,forty six Can Read Times,39 Can Read Deccan And 15 Can Read All.If 22 Can Read Hindu And Deccan And 23 Can Read Deccan And Times Then What Is The Number Of Persons Who Read Only Times And Hindu?

Answer :

No it ought to be sixteen

Since H+D=22 
then seventy six=22+23+15+(H+T) 

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Question 6. In A Right-angled Triangle, The Square Of The Hypotenuse Is Twice The Product Of The Other Two Sides. Then One Of The Acute Angles Of The Triangle Is…

Answer :

3 sides are p,q, sqrt(2pq).

Now if it's far sright-attitude then 2pq=p^2+q^2;



So sin(2*perspective)=2*sin(perspective)*cos(angle);


So angle=forty five;

Question 7. Iin Pure Milk If 20% Replaced By Water And In This Again 20% Is Replaced By Water And Again 20% Is Replaced By Water Then What Is The Proportion Of Milk In That Mixture?

Answer :

one hundred-20%=80% ; eighty-20%=sixty four ; sixty four-20%= 51.2%

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Question 8. The It Giant Tirnop Has Recently Crossed A Head Count Of 150000 And Earnings Of $7 Billion. As One Of The Forerunners In The Technology Front, Tirnop Continues To Lead The Way In Products And Services In India. At Tirnop, All Programmers Are Equal In Every Respect. They Receive Identical Salaries Ans Also Write Code At The Same Rate.Think 12 Such Programmers Take 12 Minutes To Write 12 Lines Of Code In Total. How Long Will It Take seventy two Programmers To Write 72 Lines Of Code In Total?

Answer :

The components for this question is M1*D1*W2=M2*D2*W1.

So putting these types of values we get the solution to be 12 minutes.

Question nine. If There Are 2 Wheelers And 4 Wheelers Parked In A School Located At The Heart Of The City, Find The Number Of 4 Wheelers Parked There If There Were 58 Wheels Are Parked There?

Answer :

we test consistent with the answers for eg. 14x4=56 and 1x2=2 then also overall 58 wheel consequently 14 is the max no of four wheelers.
But less than 14 additionally possible so is going via the option.

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Question 10. Each Of The Followed Paired Numbers Have A Relationship That's The Same For All Of The Paired Numbers. What Is The Missing Number? Four, a hundred 7, 111 8, 1000 1, 1 12, 1100 2, ?

Answer :

(eight, 1000) (2^3, 10^three)

(4, 100) (2^ 2, 10^2)

(1,1)( 2^zero, 10^0)

(2,?)( 2^1, 10^1)

Question 11. What Is The Probability Of Getting 2 Prime Nos. From 1 To 20?

Answer :

Given that there are eight Prime Numbers underneath 20, and if the restriction is simplest random numbers underneath 20 then there is a 40% risk of having a top quantity.

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Question 12. A, B And C Starts From A Point On A Circle. A And B Goes Clockwise And C Anticlockwise. A Meets C After 88s B Meets C After 110s. After How Many Seconds A Meets B?

Answer :


Let pace of A,B and C be a,b,c resp.
2(pi)r/88 = a+c
2(pi)r/one hundred ten = b+c
we must locate 2(pi)r/a-b

Ans: 440

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Question thirteen. A, B, C, D Went To A Hotel And Planned To Share The Bill Equally. But Afterwards They Changed Their Plan And To Pay Proportional To Consumption A Paid 240, B & C Paid Equally, D Paid Only Half The Amount That He Should Have Paid Based On The First Plan. What Is The Amount Paid By B?

Answer :

ans -one hundred sixty

jus think 1st plan all paid x rs manner individually x/four
2d plan
x eqals= 240+x/four+x/four+x/8
solving x equals 640
paid by B is x/four
a hundred and sixty

Question 14. Suppose A Train Passes Two Cars Moving In The Direction At 45km/hr And 50km/hr In 36 Sec And 54 Sec Respectively. What Is The Length Of The Train?

Answer :

Train crossed the auto with less velocity in less time and the automobile with excessive pace in greater time.I.E train and two motors going in the equal path.

As a result 1st automobile

L/((S-45)*five/18)=36 i.E L=10S-450

further for 2d vehicle


BY fixing these two equations we get duration of the educate L=150mtrs

Question 15. In A Theatre The Ratio Of Car & Two Wheeler Is 1:eight. Total Number Of Lyres Are a hundred. Find How Many Are Cars And How Many Are Two Wheelers?

Answer :

automobile/2wheeler=1/8,think car be X & 2wheeler be Y.

X/Y=1/8; Y=8X also there r 4 tyre in 1 car & 2 tyre in 1  wheeler ;

therefore 4X + 2Y=a hundred

Solving those 2 eq. X=five & Y=40.

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Question sixteen. Three Numbers Are Selected At Random Without Replacement From N Number,what Is The Probability That The First Number Drawn Will Be The Smallest And The Second Is The Largest?

Answer :


Question 17. I Will Come Thrice In A Minute, Twice In An Hour And Once In A Day.. Who Am I?

Answer :

A,E,I,O,U is the Answer.

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Question 18. One Man Or Two Women Or Three Boys Can Do A Work In 44 Days Then One Man, One Women And One Boy Together Can Finish The Same Work In ---- Days?

Answer :

Exactly 24 days... 

1 man do 1/forty four process in keeping with day.

2 lady do 1/44 process consistent with day.

3 youngsters do 1/44 job in step with day.


1man , 1 girl , 1 baby.

1/44+1/88+1/132 task according to day 

so 11/264 = 1/t in which t is the time taken.

Now 264/eleven = 24 = t

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Question 19. In How Many Ways Can A Lock Be Opened If That Lock Has Three Digit Number Lock If I) The Last Digit Is 9 Ii) And Sum Of The First Two Digits Is Less Than Or Equal To The Last Digit

Answer :

our range is xy9 

now if x is 0 then y has 10 alternatives 

now if x is 1 then y has nine alternatives (except nine) 
now if x is two then y has 8 alternatives (except 9 and 8) 

Now if x is 9 then y has 1 choice (this is 0)

Question 20. A Cube Has A Side Of 4cm.B The Cube Is Painted Red On All Six Side. This Cube Is Then Cut Into one hundred twenty five Smaller Cubes. How Many Of These Smaller Cubes Will Have Only One Side Of Their Sides Painted?

Answer :

The 4cm cube is divide into 125 smaller cubes:

which means that the 4cm dice = five smaller cubes in peak, width, and depth 

Also, for the reason that the 4cm is painted pink on all six side:

simplest those smaller cubes that contact no outer floor can be free of pink paint,
27 smaller cubes haven't any pink paint on them.
98 smaller cubes have some red paint on them.

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Question 21. How Many Of These Smaller Cubes Will Have Only One Side Of Their Sides Painted?

Answer :

most effective the ones smaller cubes that do not touch the rims of the 4cm cube can have most effective one side painted, accordingly:

- 54 smaller cubes have handiest one facet painted

- 36 smaller cubes have  facets painted

- 8 smaller cubes have 3 facets painted

Question 22. (1- 1/6) (1-1/7).... (1- (1/ (n+four))) (1-(1/ (n+5))) = ?

Answer :


Question 23. A Motor Cycle Stunts Man Belonging To A Fair, Rides Over The With Vertical Walls Of A Circular Well At An Average Speed Of fifty four Kph For 5 Minutes. If The Radius Of The Well Is 5 Meters Then The Distance Travelled Is :

Answer :

 4.5 kms

54 kilometers in keeping with hours = 54000 meters consistent with hour
54000 meters / 60 minutes = 900 meters according to minute
900 meters * five minutes of traveling time = 4500 meters travel
4500 meters = four.5 kilometers traveled in 5 mins

Question 24. Entry Ticket To An Exhibition Ranges From 1p To 7p. You Need To Provide Exact Change At The Counter. You Have 7p Coin. In How Many Parts Will You Divide 7p So That You Will Provide The Exact Change Required And Carry As Less Coins As Possible?

Answer :


Divide the 7p into 1p, 2p, and 4p.

1p = 1p

2p = 2p

3p = 1p + 2p

4p = 4p

5p = 4p + 1p

6p = 4p + 2p

7p = 4p + 2p + 1p

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Question 25. Form eight Digit Numbers By Using 1,2,three,four,five With Repetition Allowed And Must Be Divisible By 4?

Answer :

There are 78125 eight digit numbers form from the numbers 1, 2, three, 4, and five which can be evenly divisionable by means of four. I assume thats only a few too many than will be indexed right here.

Question 26. If (a + three)^2 = nine And (b + four)^2 = 25 Then What Is The Min Value For A And B?

Answer :

If A=zero And B=1 then each equation are satisfied....

Question 27. (loga)^2-(logb)^2 =?

Answer :

(log a + log b)(log a- log b) =log ab . Log a/b

Discrete Mathematics Interview Questions
Question 28. With Just Six Weights And A Balance Scale, You Can Weigh Any Unit Number Of Kgs From 1 To 364. What Could Be The Six Weights?

Answer :

The six weights could be 1 kg, 3kg,9kg, 27kg, 81 kg, and 243kg.For instance to weigh 2kg= 3kg-1kg...And so on for all of the weights.

Question 29. How Can A Cake(round) Be Cut Into eight Pieces By Making Just 3 Cuts?

Answer :

Make  cuts to divide the cake into four (cutting at the diameter of a round cake, the cuts perpendicular to each different). Now, vicinity the 4 sectors of the cake one over the opposite. Make a reduce such that the cut goes throw the centre reducing each of the cake sectors into half. So now we've got executed three cuts. Each zone is reduce into two so four*2=8.

Question 30. One Monkey Climbs 6 Mts And Fall 3 Mts In Alternate Minutes Then Time Taken To Climb A Tree 60 Meters High?

Answer :

it's going to take 38mins to attain 60meters. 
At 39th min it'll b lower back at 57meters and again at 40th min it will likely be lower back at 60meters.

Question 31. There Are three Sections With five Questions Each. If Three Questions Are Selected From Each Section, Then In How Many Ways This Selection Can Be Done?

Answer :

If there are 5 questions, and handiest 3 question are slected, that is 10 exceptional possible combos. There three section, and with every phase having 10 possible mixtures, give a thousand distinct viable combos.

Question 32. Rita Puts nine Pairs Of Black Socks And 8 Pairs Of White Socks In A Drawer. She Takes 3 Socks. What Is The Probability That We Get A Pair Of Black Socks?

Answer :

amongst 3 socks she has to pick 2 black socks from 9 pair(=18) of black socks, that can be achieved in 18C2 methods. And the third sock may be chosen from a few of the last socks that can be performed in ((eight+nine-1)x2 )C 1 approaches i.E. In 32 approaches.

Ans. 32 X 18C2.

Question 33. A Solid Cube Is Painted Black On Two Of Its Opposite Faces And Is Cut Into 343 Pieces. How Many Small Pieces Have No Paint?

Answer :

245 portions haven't any color on them,98 pieces have black on one side.

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Question 34. 1/3+1/five+1/x=1/eight , Find X?

Answer :




40+24-15 =1/x


forty nine/120=1/x



x=2 22/49 in fraction

Question 35. With four/5 Full Tank Vehicle Travels 12 Miles, With 1/3 Full Tank How Much Distance Travels?

Answer :

four/5 complete tank= 12 miles.
1 complete tank= 12/(four/5).
1/three full tank= 12/(4/5)*(1/3)= five miles.

Question 36. 9,18,21,25,20, What Is The Next Number In The Above Sequence?

Answer :

ans= 25

bcoz, three*3=9





so like(three*6 and 3*7 it is going to be five*four and five*five mens increment by way of 1)

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Question 37. A Number When Divided By D Leaves A Remainder Of eight And When Divided By 3d Leaves A Remainder Of 21. What Is The Remainder Left, When Twice The Number Is Divided By 3d?

Answer :

Ans: 3

When the number is divided by means of 3D we got 21. Means the range itself is 21 and three-D >21.

When 21/D, remainder is eight.

So D = 21-8 =thirteen.

Now (21*2)/(thirteen*3), Remainder is three.

Question 38. A Flight Takes Off At 2 A.M From North East Direction And Travels For eleven Hours To Reach The Destination, Which Is In North West Direction. Given The Latitude And Longitude Of Source And Destination. Find The Local Time Of Destination When The Flight Reaches There?

Answer :

The ans is 4AM.

The distance among their is (60+60)=120,
four*a hundred and twenty=480...