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SAP PI Interview Questions and Answers - Jul 09, 2022


SAP PI Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What is SAP PI/XI?

Ans: Process Integration is an Integral piece of SAP Net weaver.The point of PI is to coordinate various renditions of both SAP and non-SAP frameworks carried out on various level structures (Java, ABAP, etc). PI empowers you to execute cross-framework business processes.PI depends on an open design, utilizes open norms and offers benefits that are fundamental in a heterogeneous and complex framework scene: specifically a runtime foundation for message trade, setup choices for overseeing business cycles and message stream, and choices for changing message contents between the source and beneficiary frameworks.

The application-explicit items are moved from the shipper to the recipient in an openly characterized XML diagram (XML: broadened Markup Language) utilizing the Integration Engine. The construction of a message is in not entirely set in stone by the connection point information structures utilized.

That's what the focal idea is, during the plan stage, all connection points required are at first grown freely of a stage and made accessible as a WSDL depiction (WSDL: Web Service Description Language). Utilizing this depiction you can, for instance, characterize mappings between interfaces without this affecting a current framework scene. All plan stage information is saved in the Integration Repository to be carried out later in a specific framework scene. In this subsequent stage, the design stage, you can choose parts, connection points, and mappings saved in the Integration Repository that are proper for your framework scene and business processes, and appoint them to one another in sensible steering. The information coming about because of this design cycle is saved in the Integration Directory and you can call and assess it from the runtime of the PI.

Or on the other hand

SAP Process Integration is essential for SAP NetWeaver stage and in NetWeaver 7.0 ehp2 and more established renditions it is called SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure XI. SAP NetWeaver Process Integration is essential for NetWeaver programming part and is utilized for trade of data in organization's inner framework or with outside parties.

SAP PI/XI empowers you to set up cross framework correspondence and reconciliation and permits you to interface SAP and on-SAP frameworks in light of various programming language like Java and SAP ABAP. It gives an open source climate that are essential in complex framework scene for coordination of frameworks and for correspondence.

SAP Process Integration is a middleware to permit consistent coordination among SAP and non-SAP application in an organization or with frameworks outside the organization.

Q2. Make sense of PI-Process Integration?

Ans: Process Integration can be utilized as a Middleware Engine to convey in a circulated climate. The core of XI is Integration Engine that is utilized for incorporating various innovations utilizing Standard Messaging procedures e.g XML. Different planning instruments are avilable for planning the conveyed framework which can be planned without having any expertice of Technical Details. As a true model, XI can be useful in coordinating various saves money with SAP R/3. XI Engine additionally support past arrivals of SAP R/3 like 4.6C and have a lot more connectors to speak with inheritance frameworks.

SAP XI is a coordination innovation and stage for

SAP and Non-SAP frameworks.

A2A and B2B situations,

Coordinated and Asynchronous correspondence,

Cross part Business Process the executives and it incorporate inherent motor for planning and executing coordination process (Business process).

The objective of SAP XI is to give single place of combination of all frameworks inside and outside the corporate limit across advancements and hierarchical limits.

The significant element of XI is receptiveness, adaptable and straightforwardness to the mix cycle. It depends on ESA and SOA.

The general key idea of SAP XI is to drive coordinated business process across heterogeneous and exceptionally powerful scenes in a more reasonable practical manner.

The essential thought is to give runtime framework which permits heterogeneous frameworks to be integrated with less associations and simultaneously, to interface those applications and let messages stream from one application to other, have an incorporated stockpiling of combination information

Q3. What are the elements if SAP PI?

Ans: Features:

PI empowers you to do the accompanying:- Develop cross-framework applications. You can trade different framework messages utilizing the runtime foundation and coordinated or nonconcurrent correspondence. You can either grow new and stage autonomous points of interaction, or associate with existing points of interaction at runtime, utilizing connectors. Change message values and designs for the beneficiary, utilizing mappings. - Centrally keep up with the message stream between legitimate frameworks in the framework scene, utilizing. - Connect the legitimate recipient to a specialized framework, utilizing Services; this framework can undoubtedly be exchanged utilizing this deliberation level (specialized directing). Depict your framework scene as the reason for the portrayal of your cross-framework business process.

Q4. What are the exercises for SAP NetWeaver XI reconciliation, execution, post go-live?

Ans: SAP NetWeaver XI mix where the Involvement of charing the data among SAP and Non SAP System comes into Picture.

Execution where the SAP inclusion into the business coming into Picture.

Go Alive After Developing the connection point after come acrossing different stages like testing the Interface is made alive or used to the continuous situation is supposed to be GO ALIVE

Q5. What are the mixes in net weaver?

Ans: People coordination, data reconciliation, process incorporation and application stage.

Q6.What are the parts in net weaver?

Ans: Mobile framework, undertaking entries, biw and MDM, sap xi (coordination merchant and bpm) WEB AS.

Q7. What is the message stream in SAP XI?

Ans: Inbound taking care of, beneficiary assurance, interface assurance, channel assurance, planning, outbound dealing with.

Q8. What are directing principles?

Ans: Receiver assurance rules and point of interaction assurance rules (incorporates planning appoint).

Q9. What are the nature of administrations, which goes under nonconcurrent process?

Ans: Exactly once and precisely once all together.

Q10. What are administration clients?

Ans: They have sapmuser jobs on the abap a piece of the SAP web as that is accessible on the J2ee part as gatherings

Q11. What the focal organization exchange to deal with the alarming?


Q12. What are the apparatuses utilized by runtime to screen?

Ans: ccms (PC focus the board framework), pmi (process checking foundation) and ready edge work.

Q13. When will we go for BPM?


Mistake Handling

Parting of messages

Joining of messages

Message Persistency.

Q14. Why joining motor?

Ans: Processing messages, planning, steering, ensuring nature of administration.

Q15. What is Multi Cast?

Ans: You have a choice of making an impression on numerous recipients and hanging tight for a reaction from the every one of the collectors. This system of making an impression on various collectors and sitting tight for a reaction message is otherwise called 'multi cast'.

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Q16. What are the Disadvantages of XSLTMapping?

Ans: You can't involve Java APIs and Classes in it. There may be cases in your planning when you should perform something like a properties document gaze upward or a DB query, such situations are unrealistic in XSLT.

Q17. What 2 Data Types are naturally made when the Namespace is saved in the Integration Repository?

Ans: Exchange Fault information and Exchange log information.

Q18. Which Development Object in SAP XI structures the "ROOT NODE" of a XML record when a XI message is created?


Q19. What is the connection between Product, Product Version, Software Component and Software Component Version? Give a model.

Ans: PRODUCT: Represents an assortment of all forms of an item. In SAP climate, an item compares to a SAP specialized Component, for example 4.6c, 4.6d, and 4.7 COMPONENT: Represents an assortment of all renditions of a product parts Examples of Software parts are SAP_APPL, SAP_ABA, SAP_HR Software

Q20. JMS connector can converse with what sort of frameworks? Give a few models…

Ans: Messaging frameworks to the coordination motor

Q21. What organization might JDBC connector at any point impart in? Would it be advisable for you to utilize local SQL?

Ans:JDBC connector changes over information base substance to XML messages and the reverse way around.

Q22. Assuming interchanges with JDBC utilizing XML design, what are 4 activities you could do?


Q23:Can JDBC connector inquiry DB tables? Might it at any point embed?


Q24. Might RFC connector at any point be utilized for nonconcurrent handling?

Ans:YES, RFC connector can be utilized for offbeat handling.

Q25. CIs it important to make the accomplice profiles in the event of record to idoc situation?

Ans: NO, it isn't generally important to make the accomplice profiles in the event of record to idoc situation assuming you are doing it for the end goal of testing in any case you need to arrange accomplice profile to guarantee XI for collector client.

Q26. What is contrast between the party and the business administration and in which cases they are utilized with subtleties?

Ans: A Communication party address a layer unit which is engaged with cross-framework process (eg. an organization). also, Business administration address a theoretical, addressable unit. business administrations are utilized in cross-organization process. for eg on the off chance that the gatherings included have just distributed there interfaces and not there framework scene or it is incompletely known. typically we use business administrations to speak with various frameworks in same organization.

Q27. What are the standard task situations at work (Legacy frameworks or ERP)?

Ans: It relies upon the client necessity yet you shold have some familiarity with the R3-MDM integration.most of the prerequisite it would be use. Related situations as I referenced are MDM-BIW coordination, SRM-MDM Catalog, MDM-XI-R3 joining, RPCM,enrichment adapto

Q28. How long are generally the activities?

Ans: It relies upon the client necessity

Q29. Give an instance of utilizing SAP PI framework?

Ans: An application run on various frameworks that are essential for various specialty units in an organization or carried out in a disseminated climate between various organizations that has a business relationship with one another. In this climate, there is a requirement for consistent joining and move of data between various frameworks. SAP PI gives a middleware stage that doesn't manage how application parts are carried out with a business rationale and zeros in additional on information trade between the various parts.

Q30. What is Global holder in SAP XI ?

Ans:Container object — > can be just utilized in the capability it is characterized in.

Worldwide holder > it very well may be utilized and stay noticeable across the different capability.

Worldwide holder - in the days of yore it was utilized to store objects in mappings now we can utilize worldwide factors all things being equal.

Compartment Object: This article empowers you to reserve your desired qualities to peruse again when you next call a similar client characterized capability.

From SP14 or more keep away from Global Container. Use Java Section of Message Mapping to characterize Global Variables and to involve them in your Udf's.

Q31. Is it conceivable to trasfer the information with out utilizing IR(repository) ?

Ans: Yes, it is conceivable.

Q32. What is the utilization of IDX2 ?

Ans: Maintain the Idoc Metadata. This is required simply by XI, and not by other SAP frameworks. IDX2 is required in light of the fact that XI necessities to develop IDoc-XML from the IDoc. No other SAP framework necessities to do that.

Q33. Which connector would it be a good idea for you to use while incorporating with any SAP framework? Make sense of why?

Ans: SAP gives us following choices to speak with SAP frameworks.

IDoc Adapter

RFC Adapter


Clarification: If you investigate the connectors indicated here, the one thing that strikes immediately is the use of intermediaries. We realize that intermediary age is conceivable provided that your WAS is >= 6.20. Thus, that is one boundary that surfaces straight away for the utilization of intermediaries.

Thus Use Proxies provided that the WAS rendition is >= 6.20. What's more, the greatest benefit of the intermediary is that it generally by passes the Adapter Engine and will straightforwardly communicate with the application framework and Integration motor - so it will and ought to give us a superior exhibition.

Q34.What are the exercises for SAP NetWeaver XI reconciliation, execution, post go-live ?


SAP NetWeaver XI reconciliation where the Involvement of charing the data among SAP and Non SAP System comes into Picture.

Execution where the SAP contribution into the business coming into Picture.

Go Alive After Developing the point of interaction after come acrossing different stages like testing the Interface is made alive or used to the constant situation is supposed to be GO ALIVE.

Q35. What is CCMS button in RWB ?

Ans: It is an alarm or observing for the blunder messages. To screen SAP parts . CCMS is SAP Computing Center Management System. RWB is flawlessly incorporated with CCMS and CCMS alarms can be seen thro' the Runtime Work Bench. It gives ready checking to SAP Exchange Infrastructure Which is utilized for observing any framework mistakes and organization blunders. Empowers screen whole framework midway.

Q36. What frameworks utilized in your XI/PI Implementation ?

Ans:Usually we will utilize Development System, Testing System(QA), Production System. Yet, a few times we will utilize Pre-Prod (Pre Production System) moreover. Before you moving all points of interaction to Production will utilize Pre-Prod to test all connection points with colossal volumes. So absolutely will involve following frameworks for an execution:

Q37. Experience with Requirements Gathering ?

Ans: If you have been collaborating with the client for social event the req need to make sense of them on what premise the req were gathered.These are the things you can request that the client get the necessities:

Q38.What is the connection between Product, Product Version, Software Component and Software Component Version? Give a model.


Item: Represents an assortment of all variants of an item. In SAP climate, an item compares to a SAP specialized Component, for example 4.6c, 4.6d, and 4.7

 Part: Represents an assortment of all variants of a product parts Examples of Software parts are SAP_APPL, SAP_ABA, SAP_HR Software

Q39. What is the Mapping Trace?

Ans: This article empowers to move message to the planning follow in the event that the follow level set correspondingly, the follow is noticeable to message observing.

Q40. What is SAP Netweaver?

Ans: SAP Net Weaver gives an open combination and application stage and allows theintegration of the Enterprise Services Architecture. Trade Infrastructure (XI) is an Integral piece of SAPNet weaver. Position of XI is in the process combination layer of Net weaver stack.

Q41. For what reason do we really want SAP PI framework? What are the key capacities given by PI framework?

Ans: In an association, SAP ERP doesn't contain a solitary framework however comprises of number of coordinated frameworks like SAP CRM, FICO, EWM, and so forth. SAP PI gives a stage as single place of incorporation for all frameworks without contacting complex inheritance framework for all information and data trade.

These are the key capacities that are given by SAP Process Integration −

Availability −

Utilizing SAP PI, you can associate various applications and frameworks that has different specialized method of correspondence. It furnishes you with assortment of connectors that permits you to interface applications in view of various conventions like HTTPS or Remote Function call RFC.

Steering −

Directing characterize the principles for stream of messages between various frameworks at run time.

Planning −

As SAP PI is utilized to interface various applications or frameworks in a circulated climate that can be set up between various organizations so there is plausible that construction of information trade between two parts contrasts from one another.

Q42. What are the different establishment choices accessible for SAP PI framework?

Ans: When you run a situation in SAP PI, the correspondence and handling capacities relies upon runtime motors that are introduced with establishment of SAP PI. You can introduce at least one run time motors on a host framework. SAP PI gives following two establishment choices

Type 1 Dual Usage Type −

This establishment depends on ABAP and Java and give apparatuses to planning and designing mix content and furthermore these run time motors −

Reconciliation Engine

Business Process Engine

High level Adapter Engine

Type 2 Advance Adapter Engine Extended AEX −

This establishment depends on Java and give apparatuses to planning and designing mix content and contain Advance connector motor as run time motor.

Q43. Make sense of the engineering and various parts in PI framework?

Ans: SAP PI engineering comprises of various parts which are utilized at configuration time, arrangement time and run time. In SAP PI, shipper framework is known as source and beneficiary is called as target framework and design is known as Hub and Spoke structure. The Spoke is utilized to interface with outside frameworks and center is utilized to trade messages.

SAP PI framework is partitioned into following parts −

Reconciliation Server

Reconciliation Builder

Framework Landscape Directory SLD

Setup and Monitoring

Q44. What is the utilization of Runtime workbench in PI framework?

Ans: This is a device used to give focal observing of PI parts and messages.

Q45. What is a Global Container?

Ans: This article empowers you to store your desired worth to peruse again when you next call anyuser-characterized capability that is in a similar message planning.

Q46. What is a Container?

Ans: This item empowers you to store the worth, which you need to peruse again when you next callthe same client characterized capability.

Q47.What is Multi Cast?

Ans: You have a choice of making an impression on various collectors and sitting tight for a reaction from the every one of the beneficiaries. This technique of making an impression on numerous beneficiaries and hanging tight for a reaction message is otherwise called 'multi cast'.

Q48.What are the Types of Node Functions?


Eliminate Contexts: - eliminate all more elevated level items in the source level message to plan with the objective message field. So you can get the hub settings evacuation.

Part by esteem: - Insert Context change for a component split by esteem is some as partner of eliminate setting. Here as opposed to conveying the setting you can embed a setting change in the source esteem line.

Breakdown settings: - Copies first upsides of the all settings to one setting void setting are supplanted by void string.

Duplicate Value: - what number at any point times I happen I am replicated only a single time". This isn't a hub capability however I am making sense of it as it is utilized habitually continuously. Allow us to take an occasion of material gathering, which can happen however many times as the thing hub. However, since we are planning it to the header in the objective nodeI simply need to duplicate the main event of material gathering and guide it to the header hub. Duplicate Value precisely does that.

Make if: - It will make an objective hub or component in light of some condition.

Exists: - Function to decide if a specific source field exists in occasion to be handled. On the off chance that it does it gives valid or, more than likely misleading.

Utilize one as many.

Supplant esteem: - Replace the worth I with the worth that you wanted in the discourse for capability properties.

Sort: - Sorts all upsides of the increase happening inbound field inside the current or set setting.

Q49. What are the three articles utilized at client characterized capabilities?



Worldwide Container

Planning Trace

Q50. What is the utilization of Integration server? What are the parts in Integration server?

Ans: This is one of the critical parts of SAP PI framework and is utilized for handling of messages. It comprises of three motors −

Business Process Engine

Combination Engine

Focal Advanced Adapter Engine AAE

Q51. What is simultaneous and nonconcurrent message in SAP PI framework?

Ans: Synchronous message is characterized as message contains both the solicitation reaction part.

Offbeat message is characterized as message contains either demand or the reaction part as it were.

Q52. What is the utilization of Adapter motor AAE in PI framework?

Ans: As Integration motor handles messages in XML and SOAP convention so on the off chance that business framework doesn't contain information in unambiguous organization, Adapters are utilized to change over the messages explicit convention and message design expected by coordination motor.

Q53. In double stack framework, what are the ABAP and Java stack connectors?

Java Stack Adapters −

Ans: RFC connector, SAP Business connector, record/FTP connector, JDBC connector, JMS connector, SOAP connector, Marketplace Adapter, Mail connector, RNIF connector, CIDX connector

ABAP Stack Adapters −

IDOC and HTTP connector

Q54. What do you grasp by single stack framework?

Ans: In most recent deliveries when SAP PI moved to single stack framework, these two ABAP connectors are additionally moved to Java stack connectors and new motor is known as Advanced Adapter Engine AAE.

Q55. What is the utilization of Enterprise Service Repository?

Ans: This is utilized to store configuration time vault objects like planning, connection points and cycle definitions in PI framework.

Q56. What is the utilization of System Landscape index SLD?

Ans: This catalog contains the data about scene and programming part forms. A SAP framework can be designed to enlist under SLD.

Q57. Which SAP PI UI devices you have utilized?

Ans: You can utilize different SAP PI UI devices to get to various parts of SAP PI framework engineering. Most normal UI devices are −

ES Builder

This device gives Java UI to working in Enterprise Service Repository ESR.

SAP NW Developer Studio

This is Java Eclipsed based device to see and alter some item types in Enterprise Service Repository.

Joining Builder

This device gives Java based UI to work in Integration registry.

Q58. In SAP PI framework, it contains interface objects like help interface, information type and message type. What is cardinality between these items?

Ans: Interface Objects − Service Interface, Data type and message type

Planning Objects − Mapping of messages according to shipper and collector information structure