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SAP OOPS ABAP Interview Questions and Answers


SAP OOPS ABAP Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What is OOPS ABAP ?

Ans: Object direction (OO), or to be more exact, object-situated writing computer programs, is a critical thinking technique wherein the product arrangement reflects objects in reality.

A thorough prologue to protest direction overall would head a long ways past the constraints of this prologue to ABAP Objects. This documentation presents a determination of terms that are utilized generally in object direction and furthermore happen in ABAP Objects. In ensuing segments, it proceeds to examine in more detail how these terms are utilized in ABAP Objects. The finish of this segment contains a rundown of additional perusing, with a determination of titles about object direction.

Q2. Is It Mandatory To Implement All Methods Of Interface In The Class Which Includes Interface?

Ans: No it isn't required to carry out all ordinary point of interaction techniques however executing all Abstract methods is obligatory.

Q3. What Is An Interface In Ooabap?

Ans: Interface is class which contains techniques without executions.

Q4. Could We at any point Instantiate The Interface?

Ans: No, we can not launch interface utilizing make object catchphrase.

Q5. Could We at any point Achieve Multiple Inheritance Using Interfaces?

Ans: Yes, by involving connection point idea in SAP ABAp, we can accomplish various legacy

Q6. Does Polymorphism Achieved Through Interfaces?

Ans: Yes, by involving connection point idea in SAP ABAP, we can polymorphism

Q7. What Is The Difference Between Abstract Class And Interface?

Ans: Abstract class is a class which contains no less than one unique technique( Method without execution), Abstract class contains strategies with execution and without execution and we can't make example for the theoretical class .

Unique class is principally for legacy .

Interface contains techniques without execution

Q8. What Is Alias Name In Ooabap?

Ans: Alias is a moniker name for the connection point technique carried out in the class .

Q9. Could We at any point Raise Events In Interface?

Ans: No, you can not bring occasions up in interface, Because there is no Implementation for the strategies. We can make occasions in interfaces .

Q10. What Is A Single-ton Class?

Ans: Single-ton class is a class which permits to launch once just .

Q11. What Is The Difference In Attributes Defined In The Public Versus Private Section Of A Class?

Ans: Public credits can be gotten to by class, subclasses and different classes where as Private ascribes can be gotten to by class itself as it were.

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Q12. What is the Difference among Class and Object ?

Ans: A Class is really an outline or a layout to make an Object. While an Object is a real occurrence of a Class. For instance Employee ia a class, while John is a genuine representative which is an Object of Employee Class.

Q13. How polymorphism can be executed ?

Ans: Some guides to carry out polymorphism:

Strategy Overriding

Strategy Overloading

Administrator Overloading

Q14. What is Inheritance ?

Ans: In OOPs wording, legacy is a method for shaping new classes utilizing classes that have previously been characterized. Legacy is planned to assist with reusing existing code with almost no change. The new classes, known as inferred classes, acquire properties and conduct of the previous classes, which are alluded to as base classes.

Q15. What is Method Overriding ?

Technique abrogating permits a subclass to supersede a particular execution of a strategy that is now given by one of its super classes.

A subclass can give its own meaning of techniques yet need to have similar signature as the strategy in its super class. This implies that while abrogating a strategy the subclass' technique must have a similar name and boundary list as the super class' superseded strategy.

Q16. What is Method Overloading ?

Ans: Method over-burdening is in a class have numerous strategies having same name however unique boundary called over-burdening or static polymorphism

Q17. What is Aggregation ?

Ans: Aggregation is an exceptional type of affiliation. Total is the piece of an item out of a bunch of parts. For instance, a vehicle is a conglomeration of motor, tires, brakes, and so on.

Conglomeration addresses a "Has" relationship like a vehicle has a motor.

Q18. What is object arranged programming language ?

Ans: Object situated programming language permits ideas like reflection, particularity, exemplification, polymorphism and legacy. Simula is the principal object situated language. Objects are supposed to be the main piece of item arranged language. Idea rotates around making reenactment programs around an article.

Q19. What are the center ABAP oh no ideas ?

Legacy: Inheritance is the capacity of an item to acquire the properties and techniques for another article. This trademark prompts the production of groups of articles (very much like families exist for people) with parent items and kid objects.

Polymorphism: Polymorphism is about an items capacity to give setting when strategies or administrators are approached the article.

Q20. Definition: Polymorphism

Ans: In object-situated programming, polymorphism (from the Greek signifying "having various structures") is the quality of having the option to dole out an alternate importance to a specific image or "administrator" in various settings. The straightforward model is two classes that acquire from a typical parent and carry out a similar virtual strategy.