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Interview Questions.

SAP LABS Interview Questions and Answers - Jul 09, 2022


SAP LABS Interview Questions and Answers

Significant SAP DETAILS:


SAP Labs are R&D areas that create and further develop SAP center items.

SAP is at the focal point of the present innovation upheaval. The market chief in big business application programming, SAP assists associations with battling the harming impacts of intricacy, create new open doors for development and development, and remain in front of the opposition.

Visit our corporate site to investigate news, data for financial backers and investigators, profession assets, SAP's set of experiences, and that's just the beginning.

SAP India is the quickest developing auxiliary of SAP SE, the world's driving supplier of business programming arrangements. SAP India started its tasks in 1996 with base camp in Bangalore and workplaces in Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, and an immediate presence in nine urban communities across India, other than having promoting partners in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Pronounced as the 'Center point of the year in Asia Pacific and Japan" in 2007, SAP India saw an exceptional development of more than 100 percent both concerning permit income and client securing.

SAP Labs India is SAP's biggest Research and Development focus outside its base camp in Germany and a piece of an associated lab organization of 20 Labs in 17 nations. It is one of the earliest R&D focuses of a worldwide organization to have an impression in Bangalore, and has over the time of very nearly twenty years filled in essential significance for SAP.

Established in November 1998, SAP Labs India drives SAP's item procedure, is liable for SAP center arrangements and gives item confinement and India explicit arrangements. Through an organization of three labs in India - Bangalore, Gurgaon and Pune - and a representative base of roughly 7300, SAP Labs India centers around business development through extremist improvement to guarantee client achievement. SAP Labs India embraces SAP's way of life of worldwide variety, development and is a problem area for ability.

SAP Labs India Locations

The second biggest advancement center point for SAP Globally, SAP Labs in situated in Bangalore, Gurgaon, and Pune. Starting around 1998, we have developed from an interaction driven, money saving advantage community to one that offers key benefit to internationally SAP clients.

Bangalore - Main Campus

Bangalore - RMZ


Inclination Round comprising of:

Quantitative inclination


Coherent thinking

Coding questions

(Continuously Remember: Time the board was significant)

Interview subtleties : -

Cycle 1:

Q1. Questions primarily on C, OOPS ideas of C++, essential Java ideas, Data designs and riddles (standard ones) .

Q2. Inquiries regarding your Project.

(In the event that you perform well in this round, your possibilities of determination gets high)

Cycle 2 (Similar to Round 1):

Q1. Inquiries from similar points as the past round.

Q2. Basic riddle

Q3. Aside from specialized questions a couple of HR questions were inquired. For instance: Why would you like to join this organization?

Cycle 3 (HR Round):

Scarcely any model inquiries:

Q1. Have you at any point be in a circumstance where your undertaking isn't finished in time and you need to pursue fast choices?

Q2. In what different exercises have you been associated with other than scholastics?

Other general inquiries were posed. They essentially look at relational abilities and good judgment.

Round #1: Technical

The questioner was appearing as though he was in mid 30's. He began by requesting to present myself. He went through my resume and asked how much will I rate myself in C and C++ in a size of 10, I said 6-7.He posed the accompanying inquiries:

Q1. What is a class and item in C++. Make sense of by taking a model.

Q2. What is static and utilization of it? Give a genuine model where you could utilize it?

Q3. What are public, private brought in C++( ans :Access Specifiers) , What is the utilization of them? For whom could it be valuable clients or designers?

Q4. What is contrast among approval and verification?

Q5. Deliberation and exemplification?

Q6. How is Encapsulation carried out and a model?

Q7. What is utilization of legacy?

Q8. Compose a program to track down second biggest number in an exhibit?

Note: I just composed a code to initially find the most extreme component and make it zero of course track down the maximum from remaining(which would give second biggest number)

He found out if this is the best arrangement , I Said No, this is the principal arrangement that would strike anybody and we can work on now is the right time and space intricacy

Q9. Then, at that point, he got some information about existence intricacy?

Q10. At long last any inquiries for me?

He said it was great to have u and I responded to a large portion of the inquiries, truly u don't have to have the specific response it's about how u get to an answer and how u want to work on yourself Thank you.

Round #2: Technical

The questioner presented himself, he was working with SAP for a considerable length of time and was around 50, The second I saw him , I became apprehensive. He said I would rather not get some information about programming as u have addressed great in the primary round and got great score . He requested to present myself , then, at that point, inquired as to whether I have some other proposition, I said OK, then, at that point, he asked then y would u like to join SAP, I made sense of.

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He began with a riddle:

Q1. There are 10 balls out of which one ball is heavier and any remaining balls are of equivalent weight , what number of min estimations are expected to see as the heavier one?

Q2. Again a riddle on loads, There are 25 machines creating 1kg loads , unexpectedly a machine debased and began delivering loads estimating 999grams,Find the machine with a solitary estimation?

Q3. Have u worked with any data set?

Q4. What is mySql?

Q5. What are triggers. How to utilize them?

Q6. For what reason do we really want an unfamiliar key when we have an essential key?

Q7. What is file in SQL?

Q8. What is utilization of joins?

Q9. Make sense of your undertakings?

Q10. Last inquiry as expected any inquiry for me? I asked two , he expressed profound gratitude and I left.

Round #3: Managerial

The questioner presented himself and complimented me for clearing two rounds. Requested that I present myself, then my characteristics. I said I generally need to find fresher approaches to carrying out things, he requested that I give a few models about it, I made sense of one from my undertaking and the other one from my most memorable round with respect to the program for finding the second biggest model, he was exceptionally dazzled. Gotten some information about my undertakings and different things separated from scholastics. Found out if I have any offers.

What I am familiar with SAP, why SAP?

Ans: He gave me an example, it was a pentagon , then second one was two pentagons whose vertices were associated, each line between two focuses would be considered as an association. The number of associations that would be there in the 75th example. I attempted to settle and came to a recursive arrangement inside 5 mins( Ans: 5(n)+number of associations in [n-1]th example). He said this a recursive arrangement , how might u find without utilizing a framework , I made sense of him that everything we do are on framework and clients would require a program for such an inquiry and this would turn out great, he was particularly dazzled.

He said he will pick a number between 1 to 200 , U need to record a bunch of inquiries posing to them u need to let me know the number and note that a similar inquiry ought to work assuming that I change the reach from 1000-2000. I began thinking , then, at that point, I figured a parallel hunt would work for this situation, I composed related questions and said it's a paired pursuit he requested that I compose a code for it, I composed. He asked how might I acclimate to Bangalore as I am from other city I made sense of. Then, at that point, he asked me to ask any inquiries.

Round# 4: HR

Questioner presented himself, he was around 35, requested that I present myself, and make sense of me about my tasks, after that he found out if at any point worked inside a group, I addressed everything.

What are my intrigued regions, I said distributed computing, Big information and IoT he requested that I make sense of. Found out if I have some other offers, I said OK then y I would lean toward SAP. I made sense of him, he got some information about my family, will I ready to move to Bangalore? He didn't say I was chosen yet from his words I got that :). at long last he said we have a proposal to u, and made sense of all advantages , pay what not. I said thank u sir, he asked me to picked favored joining date and inquired as to whether I had any question and I asked not many and said much obliged.

Little Suggestion:

It's not necessary to focus on the response its about how u methodology the issue may it be a program or a riddle. Be certain, let them know if u don't have the foggiest idea about a specific inquiry, ensure u let them know your methodology ,offered a chance to pose inquiries toward the end, consistently ask a couple, this would show your advantage to the questioner.

SAP Labs Interview - Intership

Cycle 1: Online Test (105 mins)

The internet based test contained six areas -

Psychometric Test ( Time Limit : 10 minutes)

Coding Questions (2 Questions of 20 imprints and 40 denotes each)

Plan Problems

General Awareness

Quantitative Aptitude

Testing and Debugging Questions

Try to settle somewhere around one coding question effectively and not to avoid psychometric test. In the psychometric test, same inquiry can be posed to in various ways over and over so you need to ensure you are offering same response in every last one of them.

12 understudies were shortlisted after this round for interviews. It required over two months to begin the screening.

Cycle 2: Telephonic Technical Interview (50 Minutes)

The questioner was agreeable and quiet. She contacted every one of the subjects I had learnt in my course. The meeting began with "present yourself" question and it dove in where my presentation took it. She got some information about my tasks, my part in the ventures, advancements utilized, assuming I had the option to follow through on time ,what was my favored strategy for making it happen and for what reason did I feel that technique is ideal. I referenced in my presentation that I have an innovation blog, so some conversation on that likewise occurred.

Then, at that point, the questioner began testing my specialized information. It were asked to Follow inquiries.

Blunder dealing with in C and C++

Web advances utilized in industry

Troubleshooting code

SDLC stages

Testing life cycle

Trash specialist and how it functions

The most effective method to make a framework secure

Duplicate Constructors

Administrator over-burdening


Calloc versus Malloc with model


Various types of correspondence frameworks, the normal difficulties and how to confront them.

Inquiries concerning on the web courses I had done.

The consequences of cycle 2 were declared following a week and the following meeting required one more week to occur.

Cycle 3: Telephonic Technical Interview (30 minutes)

The questioner requested that I present myself. Then, at that point, he got some information about my venture, my part in it, what modules I created, innovation utilized, the number of others that were there with me in the task. Then, at that point, I was gotten some information about Object cutting, dynamic/prohibitive/static pigeonholing, legacy, structure, contrast among point of interaction and theoretical class with models, virtual capabilities, distinction between a venture and item, SDLC stages, polymorphism, are C++ and Java completely object situated, which language doesn't uphold numerous legacy.

Then, at that point, he continued on toward some HR questions like

Why I picked the degree I am doing

What are my side interests

Then, at that point, he asked a theory gauge inquiry that assuming that there is another café in my region having populace of 1 lakh individuals, the number of individuals that might I at any point anticipate in a day. For any number given, he asked the justification for what valid reason this gauge just and why not other.

SAP Labs Interview - Experience

SAP Labs had visited our grounds for offering a half year entry level position to MCA/MTECH and 2 months temporary job to pre-last year.

ROUND 1:(Online Round) - 75 min (No regrettable stamping was there)

This round was led on twentieth September 2017

It comprised of 5 segments.

Segment 1: Aptitude - 6 inquiries

Segment 2: 2 "C" codes to be debugged(Easy)

Area 3: 2 coding questions (1 Easy and 1 Medium)

Segment 4: 2 inquiries on basic thinking (Critical Analysis)

Segment 5: English (Passage cognizance)- 3 questions(Easy)

Segment 6: 4 or 5 Technical inquiries in view of Java and DBMS

This Online Round was simple yet the stunt was using time productively.

I endeavored the two inquiries for troubleshooting however was getting division shortcoming in second.

TIP: simply get however many imprints in this round as you can, don't squander all life on coding questions.

Out of approx. 300 understudies they have chosen 21 for interview round. The screening required one day. Two specialized rounds and 1 HR round.

Cycle 2: Technical (ONE on ONE) - around 45-50 min

This round was led on 24th September 2017

The meeting began with a conventional presentation. My Interviewer was an extremely modest and great individual, He was making me agreeable at every single second during the meeting.

He got some information about myself and the work that I have done that I have composed on my resume.

Then, at that point, he asked me that I have composed C language on my resume, so educate me regarding the parts of C language. I addressed what I had some awareness of C language.

Then, at that point, he inquired as to whether I realize about Data Structures to which I said OK. He then, at that point, requested the parts from Data Structure (I don't have the foggiest idea what he implied by "parts" yet I actually addressed anything I realized about information structures).

Tip: Just express out loud anything you are familiar the point, Don't be quiet.

He then asked me which information structures I know (to which I addressed all DS)

He then, at that point, requested that I compose a calculation for connected list. I asked what calculation like addition, erasure to which he answered composes a calculation to look through a component in round connected list and furthermore requested that I tell its benefit over SLL.

He then, at that point, gave me a riddle. It was

(a-n)(b-n)(c-n)… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … .(y-n)(z-n)=?

He asked me tell the result.

I settled it utilizing maths yet he advised me to think "OUT OF BOX". He additionally let me know the response is zero yet he needed to know how it came.

It then, at that point, struck me that (n) would be zero and afterward entire articulation would become zero.

Then, at that point, he was continually looking through my resume and gave me a coding question to switch my name and print them in vertical request. I gave him a straightforward methodology. He then, at that point, confounded it by saying that he really wants all characters just a single time. I proposed hashmap however at that point he said he really wants an alternate methodology. After exactly 20 minutes, I recommended to him one more way to deal with utilize counter and he was happy with that methodology.

Tip: Always determine what you are thinking to the questioner, don't be quiet, be certain.

Then he again gave me a riddle. He said it is troublesome than the one he recently gave.


we need to make this condition genuine utilizing the numbers 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15 quite a few times.

I had addressed this riddle previously however failed to remember the response at that time(:p). I told this to my questioner and told him too that all numbers are odd and this is beyond the realm of possibilities I presume. He again said think "OUT OF THE BOX" and gave me clue of utilizing floats rather than numbers. I quickly addressed the riddle and he was happy with my reflex action(?).

Then, at that point, the conversation redirected to my undertakings as he was continually grasping my resume. I have done my late spring temporary job from IIT Delhi. I enlightened him regarding my experience there and how I got chosen in that. He got some information about what project I was reveled into and why I picked that specific innovation. This conversation happened for 10 minutes or some. I had referenced two of my activities on my resume and he got some information about the two of them.

He likewise inquired as to for what reason would I like to join SAP Labs.

Then, at that point, he got some information about DBMS and the distinction among DBMS and RDBMS.

Then, at that point, he got some information about distributed computing and its applications and utilization. To a portion of my companions they were likewise gotten some information about working framework.

Out of 21 people,11 were picked for third round.

Cycle 3: Technical (ONE on ONE) - around 55-70 min

This was a debilitating meeting round. The questioner was great yet somewhat less aiding than my past questioner (in spite of the fact that he was helping yet he was befuddling me on the off chance that my response was correct or not).

The meeting began with a presentation of myself. He then, at that point, looked through my resume and said-"You have composed C language as your expertise, lets tackle an issue then, at that point". He gave me coding question:

A game is there, certain numbers are coming haphazardly on screen, assume 5 Is there on screen, in the event that a client type 5 and press enter, the digit ought to disappear and the score of client should augmentation to 1, yet on the off chance that the client inputs wrong number or neglected to enter any number, he ought to get no imprints. Toward the end he maintained that me should give the result of

Absolute number of whole numbers showed up on the screen

Score of client

I gave him a few ideas yet he believed that me should compose a total code. I was anxious. I gave him a few methodologies yet he believed me should enhance them. I was continually letting him know my methodologies. This conversation went onto for thirty minutes and after that he was "Alright" with that (He was not appearing to be happy with that). Right now I didn't lose trust.

He then gave me another coding question. He said you know C so you ought to likewise know bitwise administrators, so let us tackle an issue of that:

A client inputs a number say 32 , and a position say 7. compose a capability which takes the number and sets its seventh position counting from least critical digit and afterward return the resultant number in decimal.

like, 32's double portrayal is 00100000 and subsequent to setting its seventh situation from least critical position, the resultant number becomes: 01100000,which is 96.

I was settling it utilizing decimal to parallel transformation and afterward placing the outcome in an exhibit and afterward setting the position, yet he was appearing to be disappointed with it and asked me-"Isn't possible a simple way?". It then strike me that I can utilize a bitwise OR. I needed to OR between the number(32 for this situation) and 2^position-1(this gives a number whose seventh position is set as 1) to set the given position. He was presently happy with it.

He then, at that point, gave me a riddle. I had settled it before so I let him know something very similar. He said to tackle it once more and I did it.(It was establishing the absconded ball from 8 balls with least number of weighings)

He then, at that point, got some information about my tasks and whether I like testing or advancement.

He then gave me a tables and requested that I standardize them and compose a complex SQL question on it.

Then finally he gave me an inquiry posing to me about the "Facebook Birthday Notification Algorithm". He said I am not getting some information about that but rather search it on google how it works(:p).

Then, at that point, I got some information about the areas I can move along.

Out of 11 people,5 came to the HR round.

Cycle 4: HR Round - around 30-45 min

It began with an inquiry whether I am worn out as my voice was exceptionally low at that time(:p).

I said I am totally okay.

SAP Labs Interview - Experienced

first round internet based test-

Psychometric Test

General Aptitude

Insightful Aptitude

Verbal Skills

PC Skills

Coding Skills

Coding ques - 2ques requiring exceptionally fundamental coding abilities in C.

Subsequent to clearing this I was called for screening.

second round-planning round

we were partitioned into gatherings and given issue explanation, allocated coaches bunch wise, bt requested to individualy make arrangement. Given around 3040 mins to plan a financial framework with given necessities,

Configuration ought to incorporate

Rationale Flow Diagram

E-R graph (vital)

DB tables with relations between them, ideally standardized

Orders for exchange with tables

A PI with tutor on premise of plan/DB tables and so forth made.

third round-Technical

Fundamental inquiries on

C (string, exhibit, bitwise administrators)

C++(inheritance ideas, private/public/safeguarded ideas)

conventions HTTP,TCP/IP

current venture

Emergency room outline for some necessity the make Db tables and compose C capability for exchange from tables.

Noramlisation 1NF, 2NF, 3NF BCNF with models

Dynamic and static restricting

developement and testing lifecycle and types based ques

Configuration designs utilized in programming advancement

Operating system ques paging and so forth

linux orders

puzzles (find volume of air in a jug and so forth)

distinction bet item and task

diff bet framework programming and bussiness programming

theoretical and interface models

fourth round-Mangerial

typical ques about school, positioning in class and so forth

for what reason would it be advisable for me I enlist u (legitimize you qualities which u notice in this ans), for what reason would you like to join SAP.

Then, at that point, he asked me do I have any ques, I got some information about Onsite open doors, and afterward while examining I educated him regarding my advantage in visiting Heritage places, so he enlightened me concerning an association which conducts Heritage strolls in delhi for places not really renowned yet with rich memorable importance and afterward gave me contact subtleties. I dont know the amount I dazzled him, Bt I was complimented by this signal.

fifth round-HR

He asked me how might I gauge Howrah lady of the hour and requested to offer any response I like, typical or odd. My response was exceptionally ordinary so I not going to compose that.

And afterward ques about my shortcoming and strength, my past organization, motivation to change and so on.

SAP Labs Interview - On-Campus

Interview Round 1:

Q1. What is I of ACID properties?

Q2. What is compose ahead signing in DBMS?

Q3. What are the gridlock evasion plans?

Q4. What is grouping record ?

Q5. There is a program which embeds and erases hub in an arranged separately connected list. There is a bug in one of the modules, how might you troubleshoot it?

Q6. What are the manners by which adaptation to non-critical failure can be guaranteed in frameworks? (Different overt repetitiveness procedures)

Q7. A couple of repetitive frameworks are working, how might you guarantee that when one of them goes down, the other one will assume control over its activity ?

Q8. Virtual capability in C++.

Interview Round 2:

Q1. Execute the malloc() and free() tasks. Give the system for execution, no coding.

Q2. What is structure cushioning ?

Q3. A window of size k is sliding from left to directly in a variety of size n, find the most extreme number in the window at every window position.

Q4. Make sense of your task exhaustively particularly your commitment.

HR Round:

Q1. How was the meetings ?

Q2. What is your negative point that you need to move along?

Q3. Might you want to change your space, if yes why ?

Q4. Let me know an encounter of yours in that you could have done without to do and how you took care of it ?

Q5. What are you anticipating from the organization ?

Q6. Are you open to moving base ?

SAP Labs Interview - Off Campus

This is my meeting experience for Developer Associate SAP Labs India from Early ability employing occasion. It was reference Hiring.

Cycle 1 (Online)

We have gotten an email to go to an internet based composed test which comprises of 30 MCQs (Including consistent, quantitative, thinking) and 2 coding.

Cycle 2 (Technical Interview Round-1)

In this interview they have posed me exceptionally fundamental inquiries of OOP, DBMS, OS, DS and Puzzle.

Q1. Enlighten me regarding yourself.

Q2. What is OOP.

Q3. What is reflection and give a genuine model.

Q4. What is legacy and its sorts. make sense of with model.

Q5. Plan an understudy course-subject Schema. after that he asked me compose a question utilizing the pattern I have planned.

Q6. What cycle booking? give not many planning name and make sense of them.

Q7. What is whipping?

Q8. He asked me for my favored language among java and python. why it is?

Q9. then he asked me one riddle which is "there is a room. Inside that room there are insect and sweet positioned at askew furthest edge. Find the most brief distance that insect needs to make a trip to get the sweet (Ants can't fly)".

Tips:- Be sure and you should have the option to make sense of what are you thinking.

Cycle 3 (Technical Interview Round-2)

In this interview they have posed inquiry on DBMS, Algo, DS.

Q1. Compose the parallel inquiry calculation.

Q2. What is ACID?

Q3. what is halts?

Q4. what are connected rundown, twofold connected rundown and roundabout connected list?

Q5. A riddle which is "Two sand circular segments which estimates 7 min and 4 min each. Count 9 min utilizing those two".

Q6. Little conversation about the tasks

Tips :- You ought to be know each and everything about the resume.

Cycle 4 (Managerial Round)

Section 1) Manager got some information about my advantage, family foundation and why I need to join SAP.

Section 2) They have requested that I examine over URL the board for program.

Cycle 5 (HR Round)

Q1. Inform me something regarding yourself.

Q2. What will I bring from my past organization?

Q3. Why SAP?

Q4. My Current CTC

Q5. What are your tentative arrangements related with additional examinations?

Tips:- Know yourself before any meeting.

Be quiet and answer affably.