Interview Questions.

SAP HR Interview Questions and Answers


SAP HR Interview Questions and Answers

Q1: What is SAP HR?

Ans: SAP HR records the information from the recruiting a worker to its last end in association. It store the representative information, for example, assignment, job, compensation subtleties, working movements, address, etc

Q2: What is SAP HCM?

Ans: SAP HCM is an on-premises framework that administrations HR works, for example, consistence, finance, faculty records and advantages organization. In December 2011, SAP reported its procurement of Success Factors, flagging SAP's obligation to the cloud while keeping up with its obligation to its HCM items.

Q3: Which are the sub-modules in SAP HR?

Ans:Following are the modules in SAP-HR —

Enrollment - Personnel Administration

Association Management

Staff Development

Preparing and Event Management

Remuneration Management

Staff Time Management


MSS - Manager Self Service

ESS - Employee Self Service

Q4: Describe the different designs in SAP - HR?

Ans: Structures are expected to address legal, local, and hierarchical circumstances in an association. Following are three designs in SAP HR.

Venture Structure - gives Information about the area of work on a representative. It contains Client, Company Code, Personnel Area, and Personnel Sub-region

Staff Structure - gives data about the representatives work capability. It involves Employee Group and Employee Subgroup

Authoritative Structure - gives relations among worker and his comparing divisions or specialty unit. It contains authoritative arrangement, which incorporates Job, position, hierarchical unit and so forth.

Q5: What is an Infotype?

Ans: Individual Information, for example, last name, first name, DOB and so on is characterized in information fields. Information fields are assembled into data units as indicated by their substance, these data units are called Infotypes. Infotypes have names and 4 digit keys.

For Ex. Infotype 0002 is for Personal Data, which stores Employees Full Name, Date of Birth, and so on.

An Infotype can have a sub-type.

Infotypes are named follows

1000 - 1999 == OM related

2000 - 2999 == Time related

9000 or more Customer Specific

Q6: What Time Constraint 1 on an Infotype ?

Ans: Infotype with Time Constraint 1(TC 1) should be remarkable, for example just a single substantial record can exist for a given period. There can be no holes between the records. At the point when we add another record to an Infotype with TC1, the framework delimits the covering record on the critical date and adds new record

Q7: How could you at any point keep up with data for an Infotype?

Ans: To keep up with data in an Infotype you could utilize -

PA30 - Personal Administration Maintenance

PA40 - Personal Actions

Then again, Fast Entry Screen.

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Q8: Which Personal Actions have you performed on a worker?



 Change Organizational Unit/Position

Change of Pay




and so on.

Q9: Where are finance results put away?

Ans: Payroll results are store in PCL2 bunch, which can be gotten to utilizing the exchange pc_payresult

Q10: What is Matchcode W?

Ans: Match Code W gives a rundown of all faculty numbers in the chose finance region that have been dismissed by the finance run in view of mistaken information. This implies that the finance has not run for them effectively. Staff numbers are additionally remembered for Matchcode W in the event that faculty information is changed in the adjustment period of the finance run.

Q11: List the Time Related Infotypes that you have utilized?


2001 - Absences

2002 - Attendances

2003 - Substitutions

2007-Time Quotas

0007-Personnel Work Schedule

Q12: How might keep time in your SAP HR framework?

Ans: We can record time utilizing one of the accompanying strategies

Online by time directors

Separate time recording frameworks

Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS)

Representative Self-Service (ESS) applications

Client frameworks with a connection point to the R/3 System

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Q13: What is PROCESSING CLASS, where we do them and why?

Ans: Wage type trademark that decides how handling is directed during the finance run.

Q14: What is EVALUTION PATH, where do we make it happen and why?

Ans: A chain of connections between objects in a various leveled structure. for eg. O-S-P(Organization->Position->Person).


Ans: Payroll process(program) is run at a particular moment, not exclusively to compute a representative's fundamental compensation yet in addition any unique installments, extra time installments or rewards that should be affected for the period being referred to.

Q16: What is implied by payscale structure? How could you arrange pay scale structure? (I said I made different finance regions and defaulted them utilizing the element ABKRS. Appeared he was hoping for something else than this from me.)

Ans: Pay Scale Structure implies making of Payroll region , Pay scale type,area, gathering and levels with EmpSub bunch gathering for PCR and Cap's.

Q17: How would you import pay scale information from non SAP to SAP? (Someone let me know that there's a device called LEGACY to move non SAP information to SAP. I said something similar. Is it the equivalent for finance moreover? He needed a more clear clarification of how I got it done.

Ans: Yes you need to say from which exchange code you are moving information from Non SAP in to drain.

Q18: What is implied by a blueprint? (I said I'm just mindful that it is a bunch of rules which is duplicated and renamed, yet never dealt with that.)

Ans: No, you need to say him that construction is a bunch of directions ( Programs ) changed according to prerequisites and its interaction is to gather the information as from every one of the characterized guidelines with sub blueprints and Pcr's. As I was not approved to deal with them I know simply the course of constructions just, (you ought to have said this way.)

Q19: How would you confine the information to be placed in finance region?

Ans: No, information is placed in a finance region , yet the workers are characterized relying upon their payscale structure. Assuming you are confining any information to be placed for pay strcs this is for by implication for finance region.

Q20: What is implied by approval? Did you at any point chip away at it?

Ans: Authorisations are the exchanges given to the end clients or the designers for just a few regions to work, infotyopes, exchange codes, organization units and others relying upon the prerequisite of the client or the creating undertaking.