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SAP BAPI Interview Questions and Answers


SAP BAPI Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What is BAPI in SAP

Ans: BAPI is a Business Application Programming which gives admittance to cycles and information in business application frameworks like R/3. BAPIs are characterized as API techniques for SAP business object types. Business object types and their BAPIs are portrayed and put away in the Business Object Repository (BOR). A BAPI is carried out as a capability module, that is put away and portrayed in the Function Builder.

Or then again

BAPIs are characterized as API techniques for SAP Business Object Types. These article types are utilized inside the Business Framework to empower object-based correspondence between parts. Business objects and their BAPIs empower object direction to be utilized in focal data handling in organizations.

Q2. Clarify the means for make a BAPI?


1.Creating a design in SE11

2.Creating the capability module in SE37

3.Creating the business object in SWO1

4.Viewing the made BAPI in BAPI Explorer

5.Test the BAPI.(BAPI tcode)

Q3. What are the purposes of BAPI?

Ans: Using BAPI,we can interface :

New R/3 parts.

Non-SAP programming.

Heritage frameworks.

Detaching parts inside the R/3 System .

Interfacing R/3 Systems to the Internet.

PC programs.

Work process applications.

Q4. What is the contrast among BAPI and RFC?



BAPI is a RFC empowered capability module and we make business protests and enlisted in the BOR (Business Object Repository) which can be gotten to outside the SAP framework by utilizing different applications (Non-SAP) Languages like VB or JAVA. That time we just characterize the business object and its techniques from outside framework.


Correspondence between uses of various frameworks in the SAP climate including associations between SAP frameworks along with between SAP frameworks and non-SAP frameworks. Remote Function Call (RFC) is the standard SAP interface for correspondence between SAP frameworks. The RFC calls a capability to be executed in a far off framework.

Q5. What are the kinds of RFCs


Simultaneous RFC

Value-based RFC (tRFC)

Lined RFC (qRFC)

Q6.What are RFC interfaces?

Ans: A calling connection point for ABAP Programs

A calling point of interaction for Non-SAP programs.

Q7. How would you call the RFC FM in the ABAP program?

Ans: CALL FUNCTION...DESTINATION articulation. The DESTINATION boundary tells the SAP System that the called capability runs in a framework other than the guests.

Q8. What are the elements of RFC?


Changing all boundary information over completely to the portrayal required in the distant framework

Calling the correspondence schedules expected to converse with the distant framework.

Taking care of interchanges mistakes, and advising the guest, whenever wanted ( utilizing EXCEPTIONS boundary of the CALL FUNCTION).

Convert the information into the organization reasonable by the remote (target) framework.

Hit up specific schedules which are important to begin correspondence with the distant framework.

Handle mistakes that could happen during the time spent correspondence.

RFC can deal with mistakes itself.

each BAPI is a RFc while each RFC isn't a BAPI.

RFC's are not enrolled in the BOR.

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Q9. What are the principal qualities of BAPI?


Backing of simultaneous and nonconcurrent correspondence.

Backing of machine-to-machine and human-to-machine correspondence.

Correspondence support for parts that are barely connected and coupled through the Internet.

Q10. What is the Business Objects type in SAP?

Ans: A business object type is the portrayal of a business object, similar to a human work force or an Invoice, in a SAP System. It includes both the capabilities and the information into single article.

Q11. What are the benefits of Business Objects type in SAP?

Ans: We can decrease the intricacy of Systems structure by partitioning the complicated designs into more modest units.

Q12. What is the Business Object Repository?

Ans: The Business Object Repository (BOR) is pull passageway for the SAP business object types and their BAPIs. The BOR was created for SAP Business Workflow.

Q13. What are the purposes of Business Object Repository?


Permits an article arranged perspective on all information and cycles in a SAP System.

Organizing the different business object types as per the part ordered progression.

It guarantees BAPI interface strength.

It oversees BAPIs in discharge refreshes.

It makes cases of SAP business objects.

Q14. What is the Returning boundary in BAPI?

Ans:The return boundary RETURN contains achievement or blunder messages for the BAPI, and contingent upon the SAP R/3 Release has the word reference structure BAPIRETURN, BAPIRETURN1, BAPIRET1, BAPIRET2.