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SAP ABAP Enhancement Interview Questions and Answers


SAP ABAP Enhancement Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What Are The Different Ways In Which You Can Make Changes To Sap Standard Software?



Upgrades to the SAP Standard

Adjustments to the SAP Standard

Client Development

Q2. What Is Customizing ?

Ans: Customizing is the setting of framework boundaries by means of SAP's own point of interaction.

Q3. For what reason Do You Need Enhancements ?

Ans:The standard applications don't offer a portion of the usefulness you really want. The R/3 improvement idea permits you to add your own usefulness to SAP's standard business applications.

Q4. What Are The Different Types Of Enhancements ?

Ans: Enhancements utilizing client exits:

Clients' potential necessities which are excluded from the standard programming are consolidated in the norm

as vacant change 'shells'. Clients can then fill these with their own coding. Improvements can connect with

projects, menus and screens. Up similarity is guaranteed. At the end of the day, SAP ensures that the leap from the

standard programming to the exit and the connection point which call the leave will stay legitimate in ongoing deliveries.

Upgrades to ABAP/4 Dictionary components

These are ABAP/4 Dictionary upgrades (production of table annexes), text improvements (client explicit key

words and documentation for information components) and field exits (production of extra coding for information components).

Q5. What Is Customer Development ?

Ans: Creating client explicit articles inside the client name range.

Q6. What Is Sscr ?

Ans: SSCR (SAP Software Change Registration) is a method, for enlisting all manual changes to SAP source coding and SAP Dictionary objects.

Q7. What Is The Difference Between Modifications And Enhancements ?

Ans: Modifications mean making changes to the SAP standard usefulness.

Improvements mean adding a usefulness to SAP standard usefulness.

Q8. What Are The Disadvantages Of Modification ?

Ans: Modifying standard code can prompt mistakes

Changes mean more work during programming redesigns

Q9. What Are The Advantages Of Enhancements ?


Try not to influence standard SAP source code

Try not to influence programming redesigns

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Q10. When Do You Opt For Modification ?

Ans: Customer exits are not accessible for all projects and screens inside the R/3 standard applications. You can utilize exits assuming they as of now exist inside the SAP R/3 System . In any case you need to choose adjustments.

Q11. What Is A Menu Exit ?

Ans: Adding things to the draw down menus in standard R/3 applications.

Q12. What Is A Screen Exit ?

Ans: Adding fields to the screens inside R/3 applications. SAP makes screen exits by setting exceptional subscreen regions inside a standard R/3 screen and calling a client subscreen from inside the standard dynpro's stream rationale.

Q13. What Is A Function Module Exit ?

Ans: Adding usefulness to R/3 applications. Capability module exits assume a part in both menu and screen exits.

Q14. What Is A Keyword Exit ?

Ans: Add documentation to the information components of watchwords characterized in the ABAP/4 Dictionary. The framework shows this documentation at whatever point a client presses F1 to get online assistance for a screen field.

Q15. How Do Sap Organizes Its Exits ?

Ans: SAP coordinates exits in bundles are called SAP upgrades. Each SAP upgrade can contain numerous singular ways out.

Q16. What Is An Add-on Project ?

Ans: To exploit the ways out accessible inside standard R/3 applications, you want to make an extra venture.

This task allows you to sort out the improvement bundles and leaves you need to utilize. The extra venture likewise permits you to hang add-on usefulness onto the leave t snares contained with SAP improvements.