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Oracle Apex Interview Questions and Answers


Oracle Apex Interview Questions and Answers

1.What is Oracle Application Express?

Ans: Oracle Application Express (likewise called APEX and previously called HTML DB) is a FREE RAD web improvement instrument. Pinnacle is composed utilizing PL/SQL and runs totally within an internet browser. Pinnacle is an IDE and a runtime climate. You use APEX to compose web applications. Clients, utilizing their data set client ID, sign into APEX and run their application from a menu. With the APEX IDE, you can make structures, reports, and diagrams. The typical web gadgets are all suitable: radio gatherings, buttons, drop-down records, date pickers, and so on. You could in fact coordinate your own JavaScript code would it be advisable for you want it. The result from APEX applications can be to the screen or to PDF, Excel calculation sheet, Flash, or even incorporated into a web administration.

You can involve a provided subject for a predictable look and feel or make your own topic for a customized feel to your application. The main thing to recollect about Oracle Application Express is that it is planned starting from the earliest stage to be firmly coordinated with the Oracle Database, to be a completely skilled web improvement climate, and to be simple enough for smart business clients to make or expand applications for themselves.

2.What applications accompany APEX?

Ans: The ongoing rendition of APEX permits you to download pre-bundled applications for you to gain from as well as alter for your own purposes. You can as of now download (from Oracle's Technology webpage):

Representative Directory Lookup - This is precisely exact thing it seems like.

Ask The Expert - Q&A Site ala "asktom".

Bug Tracker - Log and track bug reports.

Conversation Forum - Threaded talk, client the board, and that's just the beginning.

Report Library - Multi-client archive storehouse (Word, Excel, and so forth).

Project Issue Tracker - Define, relegate, and report project issues.

Online Store - Catalog and shopping basket.

Programming Projects - Project task tracker.

You are in no way, shape or form restricted to this rundown of ventures. An Internet look for

"Prophet APEX projects"

Gets right around 500,000 hits and more are being posted constantly.

3.What are the purposes of APEX?


1. Assembles proficient looking web applications that are both quick and secure. (prophet pinnacle inquiries questions)

2. Runs on and lives in the Oracle data set. Pinnacle system and metadata are put away in Oracle tables.

3. It is FREE. No permitting required.

4. The quick expectation to absorb information for engineers to construct the application.

5. Organization of use is all around as straightforward as 'Commodity and Import' if hard-coded references of values that change between conditions are kept away from.

6. A great deal of extension for customization of utilization look and feel.

7. Adaptable for high client volume. Molecule, previous ORACLE METALINK (before relocated to Flash form), and MANY APPLICATIONS are assembled utilizing APEX.

8. Can be designed to utilize Oracle SSO and EBS and client storehouse.

4. What is ORACLE AFD?

Ans: Oracle ASM Filter Driver(ASMFD.. It is a part module living in the I/O ways of the Oracle ASM circles. It is a discretionary one. Subsequent to finishing Grid establishment we want to design the ASMFD to the framework. On the off chance that assuming we utilized prophet ASM lib we want to move ASMLIB to ASMFD. Then, at that point, we really want to tidy up the prophet ASM lib. Normally when the server restarted the need to rebind the plate gadgets with prophets, to improve on this the Oracle ASMFD we expected to design. It will permit just prophet I/O demands and will dismiss the invalid or non-Oracle I/O demands.

prophet pinnacle preparing

5.What are the upsides of APEX?

Ans: coming up next are the benefits of APEX:

No permit required it is free.

Building application it is a quick expectation to learn and adapt for engineers. We can fabricate web applications that are quick and secure through APEX.

There is a great deal of extension for customization of the application according to our prerequisite.

Sending of use is extremely straightforward as "Import and Export". In the event that any hard code concerning values differs between conditions is stayed away from.

Peak Framework and meta-information is put away in Oracle tables. It runs on live Oracle Db's.

6.How APEX Architecture works?

Ans: As the APEX is introduced on the Oracle information base, beginning from Oracle 11g it comes pre-introduced with the data set. It contains metadata in tables, pl/SQL code, and furthermore broad JavaScript APIs.

Then the URL demand from the program is converted into a suitable APEX PL/SQL call by either Oracle HTTP Server (Apache) with mod_plsql module or Embedded PL/SQL Gateway. This is differed by the sort of APEX establishment on the prophet data set. After the handling of information, the outcomes are handed-off back to the program as HTML. This cycle happens each time a client demands or presents a page. Then, at that point, the application meeting state is kept up with in the data set tables.

Peak can be introduced in two ways.DBAs are more worried about it than the engineers yet this decides how the URL is being deciphered.

7.What is the expense of APEX and where one can get it?

Ans: APEX comes pre-introduced and it is totally incorporated with Oracle Database Express Edition(XE). For any remaining versions of the Oracle Database, Oracle Application Express comes as a free extra that can be downloaded and introduced. Assuming you decided to "attempt before you purchase", or since it's free, "attempt before you introduce", you can likewise utilize the facilitated APEX Online office.

This office permits the client for making and running total applications similarly as he/she would on his/her own gear.

8.Where could I at any point attempt APEX?

Ans: As referenced above, you can pursue a free record at APEX.ORACLE.COM (Oracle's facilitated Application Express site). At the point when you pursue a record, you recognize the workspace name that you need to utilize and distinguish a manager. From that point you can make applications and clients similarly as you would on your own equipment and isn't expected for creation frameworks, it is planned for investigation and testing. For extra facilitating organizations, look at Oracle. These locales offer changing degrees of facilitating including free designer access and full application arrangement. (E-learning gateway).

9.Specify the client through which you associate with the APEX application?



10.Skills expected for APEX designers?

Ans: Basics of PL/SQL and SQL are required and the additional benefit would have abilities connected with altering look and feel with Javascript, CSS, HTML.

11.Mention the sorts of APEX Users?

Ans: Actually, they are partitioned into 3 they are:


Example Administrators.

Work area Administrators.

12.How does APEX coordinate with the data set?

Ans: Oracle Application Express is genuinely an information base application. The IDE, the menus, and the screens you find in APEX are all written in PL/SQL. The metadata for those screens, reports, and menus are put away in social tables inside the data set. At the point when you point your program at the APEX URL, the Oracle HTTP audience (Apache +mod_plsql or the PL/SQL door, contingent upon data set variant) gets that call and uses PL/SQL and the metadata put away in data set tables to paint the welcome screen.

At the point when you sign into APEX you are utilizing a genuine information base client ID. This client ID is related with a job (or jobs) inside the information base and these jobs figure out what access you will have. On the off chance that you are a director, you approach make clients and work areas. As an engineer, you approach make new applications. In the event that you are arranged as an end-client, you will actually want to run at least one applications. Prophet Application Express is incorporated with the Oracle Database as no climate is. On the off chance that you want to broaden the essential usefulness of APEX, there is compelling reason need to get familiar with extra dialects or connections in extra libraries. Every once in a while, you want to broaden usefulness, you'll either involve SQL for information access or PL/SQL when procedural code is required.

13.What sort of exercises you have accomplished for summit as pinnacle dba?


arrangement of zenith climate.

SSL design.

Client access.

security modular definition.

impromptu issue and goal.


14.Which are the connections that are stage free and turn into a piece of the layout?

Ans: There are a few connections that are important for the layout structure.

Application STORE: This is a sort of connection that contains bundles along with methods that are valuable for every one of the various structures to make toolbars, menus, and so on.

APPSDAYPK: This connection contains bundles that are useful in controlling the applications related with prophet.

FNDSQF: This connection has different methods as well as bundles for flex fields, profiles, message word reference, and furthermore simultaneous handling.

CUSTOM: This connection is useful in broadening the application types of prophet without causing any adjustment connected with the application code. There are different sorts of customization including zoom.

15.Which contents need for the enrollment cycle for SSO?

Ans: regapps.sql

This is the first of a 3 section series on implanting documents in your APEX application. How are APEX Application parts put away inside DB?

Pinnacle permits you to insert static web records (CSS, JS, pictures, and so on) into your application. This usefulness eliminates the need to store web records on a web server which is expected for certain applications.

To transfer your document into the application go to Shared Components > Static Files. Click the Create button. On the Create page, you can transfer a record and either partner the document to a particular application or no application.

Documents related with a particular application should include an extraordinary filename inside its parent application. It can then be referred to (undoubtedly in a page layout) utilizing the #APP_IMAGES# replacement string. Ex: #APP_IMAGES#test.js

Records that are not related with a particular application are accessible to every one of the applications inside the work area and can be referred to (undoubtedly in a page format) utilizing the #WORKSPACE_IMAGES# replacement string. Ex: #WORKSPACE_IMAGES#test.js

Records that are added to the application aren't put away on the webserver. They are put away in the data set. For high traffic applications, this may not be smart and you might need to take a gander at putting away them on a web server.

16. What is the fate of Application Express?

Ans: Oracle has genuinely committed to Application Express. In a genuinely brief time frame, APEX has come to form 3.0. Each delivery makes it more straightforward to utilize and convey applications. While late deliveries have further developed APEX incorporation with SOA, APEX doesn't attempt to rival jDeveloper or the Oracle Java stack. Summit is the paste that can consolidate different pieces of a venture arrangement into an entirety. Zenith is the instrument of decision to make electronic, information base driven applications. Assuming that your business rationale is in the data set level, APEX is the best approach. Assuming your rationale is in the center level or is executed at the java level, J2EE might be the better decision. Summit take-up has multiplied in the previous year and large number of engineers are utilizing APEX. Numbers like these guarantee a solid future for APEX. A new INFOWORLD ARTICLE contains the accompanying:

"We will take out the need to figure out the data set," said Mike Hichwa, VP of programming advancement at Oracle, discussing Application Express 3.1, which is probably going to show up before year-end. The following arrival of the instrument will hold its center usefulness yet will likewise be more wizard-driven so it's simpler for nonprogrammers to utilize, he added.

Application Express empowers Oracle data set clients, incorporating those with restricted specialized abilities, to make and oversee secure Web applications utilizing just a Web program. The instrument can be utilized to model Web-based applications as well as run those applications supporting tens to thousands of clients.

Right now, Oracle gauges that around 100,000 engineers are utilizing Application Express consistently, however the organization might want to open up the instrument to a lot more clients, Hichwa said. Prophet's especially inspired by those individuals who are at present utilizing Microsoft Corp's. Access data set or its Excel accounting sheet or IBM Corp's. Lotus Notes groupware to foster Web-based applications.

17.Where might I at any point get more data?

Ans: notwithstanding the OTN gatherings and local area destinations, Application Express has a gigantic continuing in the blogosphere. Numerous master level assets keep up with web journals about APEX. A few especially notable online journals are:

SCOTT SPENDOLINI-APEX Guru and proprietor of Sumner Technologies (an APEX Training, Services, and Consulting organization).

PATRICK WOLF-Inside Oracle APEX, Patrick is a long-lasting Oracle veteran.

DIMITRI GELLIS - Another long-lasting Oracle vet and fellow benefactor of APEX Evangelists, an APEX-explicit organization, with John Scott.

JOHN SCOTT-As referenced above, prime supporter of APEX Evangelists, an Oracle ACE, and Application Express Developer of the Year for2006.

You can find these and more at the OTN COMMUNITY SITE.

18.What sort of help exists for APEX?

Ans: Application Express has a hearty local area to assist you with creating, convey, and use APEX applications. The principal stop for help would be the APEX Forum sat Oracle Technology Network. This dynamic discussion gives tips and replies from numerous specialists both inside and beyond Oracle.

Different locales include:

THE APEX WIKI - Wikipedia for the APEX swarm.

Pinnacle STUDIO - Community-made applications accessible for download.

Summit MAILING LIST - Sign up for data and Q&A.

THE ORACLE APEX COMMUNITY LISTING The rundown is developing everyday.

19.What is the ongoing form of APEX and for what reason would it be advisable for me to overhaul?

Ans: Beta variant APEX 4.2 is delivered two or three weeks back. This new variant offers numerous improvements. Among the most helpful are:

Print to PDF

Clients can decide to trade their reports and screens to PDF yield.

Relocate from MS-Access

Utilizing a product instrument and the Access Migration Workbench, you can relocate client applications to APEX.

Schedule Widget

More seasoned forms incorporated a schedule gadget yet presently clients can pick between day, week, or month to month schedules.

Further developed Page and Region Caches

Reserving further develops execution.

Application Builder Defaults

The designer can set defaults for wizards to lessen advancement time (essential subjects for improvement). The advantages of redesigning incorporate execution upgrades and extra convenience highlights for both the engineer and the end-client.

Prophet Database 10g Express Edition just backings Oracle APEX adaptation 2.2.

20.How is APEX a RAD Tool?

Ans: Because APEX is so firmly incorporated into the data set, you can model screens while sitting with the client. The Object Browser permits you to make data set articles like tables as well as survey those equivalent items. This permits you to make objects on the fly and afterward construct tables around those articles. The IDE, including the above Table developer, and all applications are run inside a program. Completion time is prompt. Since APEX is definitive, you can without much of a stretch make changes continuously through the inherent wizards. Since APEX controls meeting data for you, and in light of the fact that you utilize the security system incorporated into the Oracle Database, you can fixation on conveying applications, not on association design and other normal web improvement time killers.

21. I have introduced Oracle 11g Enterprise Database with the end goal of utilizing the implanted APEX yet don't have any idea how to send off it?

Ans: Oracle pinnacle naturally while establishment of prophet DB. Yet, you want to design the entrance component to send off the APEX application.

1) Apache (Web Server)

2) Embedded PL/SQL passage

3) Oracle Listener

22.Which stages are upheld by Oracle Application Express?

Ans: Oracle Apex chips away at the accompanying working frameworks:

1. Linux x86

2. Macintosh OS X Server

3. Linux on Power

4. Linux x86-64

5. z/Linux

6. Linux Itanium

7. Solaris x86

8. Solaris Operating System (SPARC) (64 cycle)

9. Microsoft Windows (32 - bit)

10. Microsoft Windows (64 - bit Itanium)

11. Microsoft Windows (x64)

12. AIX5L


14. HP Tru64 UNIX (Compaq/DEC)

15. HP-UX Itanium

23. How does the designer be aware in which form they are working?

Ans: Need to check composition name OR select version_no from apex_release;

24. In the event that you forget the administrator secret key, how might you sign in to the peak application?

Ans: We want to call SQL contents to reset the secret phrase @apxchpwd.sql (this is equivalent to adjusting the client username distinguishes by secret key)

25.How will you approve pinnacle

Ans: Utlrp.sql or

SQL> executive validate_apex; (If your APEX rendition is 2.0 or above)

Or on the other hand

SQL> executive validate_htmldb; (If your APEX rendition is preceding 2.0