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Top 10 Catia Interview Questions You Must Prepare


Top 10 Catia Interview Questions You Must Prepare

Q1. Catia Is Written In Which Language?

CATIA is written in C++ programming language.

Q2. What Is Thickness Of Surfaces?

Thickness of floor area tends to zero.

Q3. Who Is Developer Of Catia Software?

A French Company  Dassault Systemes evolved CATIA.

Q4. Can We Use Catia On Unix Platform?

Yes CATIA works on Unix platform.

Q5. What Is Kernel Of Catia?


Q6. Enlist The Different Coordinate Systems?

Cartesian, Polar and Spherical Coordinate gadget.

Q7. What Are Different Conic Sections Available In Catia?

Parabola, Ellipse and Hyperbola.

Q8. What Is Full Form Of Catia?

It's Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application.

Q9. What Dimensions Are Necessary To Constrain Ellipse?

Major axis, minor axis and distance from origin are required to fully constrain ellipse.

Q10. What Is Default Units For Length, Mass, Time In Catia?

It's mm, kg, sec respectively.