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SAP SRM Interview Questions and Answers


SAP SRM Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What is SRM ?

Ans: SRM stands for Supplier Relationship Management. It is an extended shape of ERP where facts gets transferred among SAP R/three and the SRM screen (vice versa) so that every Vendor's coordination could be higher and if you want to fully avoid the paper paintings and unwanted confusions. It could be very powerful for the organizations that have large number of customers who can at once buy the material using the Shopping Cart in which the substances can be selected from the available Catalogs.

Q2. Discuss approximately the blessings that SAP SRM brings to a commercial enterprise

Ans: SAP SRM enables the organization to achieve the subsequent commercial enterprise blessings: Sustainable value financial savings- which permits the organizations to obtain a closed loop from supply-to-pay.

Contract compliance - provides visibility into agency costs and enables the procurement employer to effectively display consistent with corporate pointers.

Competitive gain - offers the tools to partner with key suppliers, define dealer management approach, and decide the key metrics.

Q3. What range levels should be configured in SRM ?

Ans: Entries need to be created in the EBP gadget to link the EBP buy orders, requisition and reservation to the backend R/three gadget. The logical machine ID ought to reflect that of the EBP software server and consumer wherein the quantity ranges are being configured. PO, RQ, RS had been used to effortlessly distinguish every quantity range

Q4.Why will we configure range levels in SRM ?

Ans: Number ranges ought to be hooked up for EBP purchasing carts as well as any potential shopping file in order that specific numbers can be generated within the backend R/three device from EBP. The EBP gadget desires more than a few variety installed that mechanically takes the subsequent available variety and assigns it to the record for you to be created in R/3.Configuration should also be set up in R/3 to correlate with the levels in EBP in order that struggle never get up whilst shopping file.

Q5. How will we define ITS URL ?

Ans: Before the Internet Transaction Server (ITS) can method EBP requests, entries in table need to be maintained to provoke a connection to a bodily URL, which controls the menu at the left hand side of the display screen that indicates all the transactions customers have get admission to to. The URL varies relying on which the EBP purchaser the configuration is executed in and it additionally consists of base cope with for the integrated ITS example. To allow EBP shopping for each customer, this configuration wishes to be carried out as soon as.

Q6. What cause does the SRM org shape serve ?

Ans: Organizational attributes serve many purposes in EBP machine. The primary motive is to set attributes that outline the users` buying experience. Examples of such attributes are agency code, plant and value centers that the user can order in opposition to, etc.

Q7. Is there some thing specially that needs to be done to a person or a vendor to lead them to a valid a part of SRM ?

Ans: A user or provider document cannot be assigned to an organizational unit it has a enterprise associate recorded. This method, if Business Partner relationships are not established, customers can't be imported into the organizational structure from the User_Gen Transaction. Then the following blunders occurs: 'Business companion of organizational unit does no longer exist'.

Q8. Why do we create the inner range variety for nearby bid invitation ?

Ans: An internal variety variety ought to be described to construct numerically local bid invitation for RFQ`s and Auction within the Bidding Engine and Live Auction utility. These bids does now not have a link to any R/three buying record, they are completely neighborhood to the ERP machine.

Q9. If we are replicating from the backend and something is stuck inside the queue of R/3 then what are we able to do then ?

Ans: We use transaction SMQ1 in this situation. The first issue that have to be checked while downloading customizing objects is a likely caught queue. The R/three device uses the outbound queue (SMQ1) that is much less likely to get stuck to start with.

Q10. What is the distinction between a commercial enterprise associate and a companion function ?

Ans: Generally in SRM business, partner means the entire stake Holders. Example: providers, customers, companies, worker, etc. The function of partner is to make the vendors as reference, and then there will be invoicing celebration, presenting birthday celebration, etc.

Business associate method people who deliver the raw cloth to the consumer i.E. Consumer.

Q11. Give a quick concept what deliver control deals with

Ans: Supply control offers with the oversight and management of materials and offerings inputs, control of the providers, which presents vital inputs. The overall performance of supply management departments and specialists is measured in phrases of sum of money saved for the organisation. However, managing danger is one of the factors of deliver control; specially the chance of non-availability of nice goods and offerings crucial for an agency's survival and increase.

Q12. What is the feature of supply management in an enterprise ?

Ans: The deliver control function of an business enterprise is accountable for various elements together with coping with provider overall performance, imposing technology, techniques, policies, and techniques to guide the buying manner. Also offer dealer courting control manner for providing the structure for how relationships with providers might be evolved and maintained.

Q13. What are the key commercial enterprise system in SAP SRM ?

Ans: The key commercial enterprise method in SAP SRM includes:

Procure to pay- we can combine catalogue based requisition and benefit the benefits of e-procurement.

Catalogue management- manages catalogue statistics as master data this is deeply included.

Centralize sourcing- benefit visibility into the demand for goods and services.

Centralized contract control- consolidates contract information.

Supplier collaboration- hyperlinks supplier to our purchasing tactics thru the dealer portal.

Q14. What is a Purchasing Organization ?

Ans: A Purchasing Organization is the organizational unit within a enterprise liable for the procurement of products and offerings for plants belonging to a particular vicinity. It additionally negotiates terms and situations of contracts and purchases from carriers and also assumes felony responsibility for the ones purchases for the Plants that PO is answerable for. Those Plants are dependant on its task.

Q15. How SAP SRM is Linked with SAP MM ?

Ans: You can reflect Purch Org,purch group, material grasp, vendor master from backend. You may create PO in SRM and reflect Po within the R/three. All the procurement finished in SRM associated with MM handiest.

Q16. What is the difference between a companion and a consumer ?

Ans: If Stake reference of SRM then, In SRM all the stake holders are partners. Eg seller, personnel and so forth.

Q17. What is SRM and why need to a business enterprise add this module to its SAP utility?

Ans: SRM approach supplier courting control. Just as a strong company places so one can expand consumer relationships, the agency ought to toughen its procurement procedures by using automation and performance. SRM can look at and forecast the organisation's shopping pattern, work with vendors in actual time, and shorten procurement cycles.

Q18. What does SRM take care of?

Ans: SRM handles analytics, provider collaboration, operational contracts, provider shopping, self-service procurement, catalog content, dealer qualification, strategic sourcing, and plan-pushed procurement.

Q19. What are the SRM sub modules ?They would be              

Ans: Supplier self-offerings (SUS) carrier agent

The SUS order processor

The SUS invoicing birthday celebration

The SUS administrator dealer

The one-patron invoice verification clerk

The survey reviewer

The strategic client

The factor planner

The employee and the bill verification clerk.

This is set one 1/3 of the sub modules in SRM.

Q20. How is SRNI used?

Ans: SRM may be used  ways. First, personnel can purchase materials and services they want to finish the business enterprise's dreams. This technique is simplified by way of a Web-based totally GUI that simultaneously filters through corporate spending and buying compliance. The 2d manner is with the aid of an automatic system which procures substances as a part of a enterprise's deliver-chain workflow.

Q21. Do you need to re-create mappings on every occasion?

Ans: No, you may re-use mappings by means of exporting the mapping document and importing it returned for re-use. The subsequent time you want to apply it, use the QA System Import Manager, open the import document concerned, and select the mapping document from Catalog Items Import Map.

Q22. Name some of the tables to be had in SRNI ?

Ans: SRM has many tables. Among them, the product desk, product category desk, Web survey questionnaire, business deal with services, verbal exchange usages, account assignment, PO object confirmation, enterprise transaction object shopping, price limits, tax, tolerances, transactions, partners, links, reducing cart, invoice and credit memo, and SRM confirmations.

Q23. Discuss approximately the blessings that SAP SRNI brings to a commercial enterprise ?

Ans: SAP SRM enables the enterprise to reap the subsequent business benefits: Sustainable price financial savings- which permits the organizations to acquire a closed loop from supply-to-pay.<br>

Contract compliance - presents visibility into corporation expenses and permits the procurement employer to correctly show in step with corporate guidelines.<br>

Competitive gain -gives the tools to associate with key suppliers, outline provider control approach, and determine the key metrics.

Q24. Why will we configure range levels in SRM?

Ans: Number ranges ought to be installed for EBP shopping carts in addition to any capacity shopping record so that unique numbers can be generated in the backend R/3 device from EBP. The EBP machine needs more than a few variety installed that robotically takes the subsequent to be had quantity and assigns it to the file which will be created in R/three.Configuration must additionally be hooked up in R/three to correlate with the tiers in EBP in order that war by no means get up whilst purchasing report.

Q25. How will we define ITS URL?

Ans: Before the Internet Transaction Server (ITS) can technique EBP requests, entries in desk must be maintained to initiate a connection to a bodily URL, which controls the menu at the left hand side of the screen that suggests all the transactions users have get right of entry to to. The URL varies relying on which the EBP purchaser the configuration is performed in and it additionally includes base deal with for the integrated ITS example. To permit EBP purchasing for each client, this configuration desires to be achieved as soon as.

Q26. What are the kinds of Update requests?

Ans: An update request may be divided into one primary (Vi) and several Secondary update additives (V2). Time-essential operations are positioned in Vi thing and people whose timing is less critical are positioned in V2 components. If a Vi replace fails, V2 additives will no longer be processed.