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Oracle OBIEE Interview Questions and Answers


Oracle OBIEE Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. Compare OBIEE & Tableau

Ans: [subtitle subtitle_content="Criteria"][ul type="arrow"][li]Ease of use[/li][li]Data visualization[/li][li]Enterprise Reporting[/li][/ul][subtitle subtitle_content="OBIEE"][ul type="arrow"][li]Needs educated builders[/li][li]Average[/li][li]Easy to installation and manage[/li][/ul][subtitle subtitle_content="Tableau"][ul type="arrow"][li]Empowers give up customers[/li][li]Excellent[/li][li]Much more difficult[/li][/ul]

Q2. Explain the Architecture of OBIEE 11g and feature of every components?

Ans: OBIEE Comprises Presentation Services,Oracle BI Server : The person constructs square and passes it to the Analytic Engine after which the Oracle BI (Analytic Engine) describes the bodily sq. To the Data resources and get better the facts returned to the Engine and gives to the presentation Services .

Q3. How we will extract square from OBIEE for reviews?

Ans: There are many approaches to extract the sq. :

Change the request and click on Advanced in that you get xml code and also the real sq..

In the catalog Manager click Tools-Create Report . In the Create Report Window –> Click Request SQL and keep the sq. To the bodily course in your PC.

Enable Log stage to two inside the OBIEE 11g Administration Tool from Manage-> Security and enable the log level to 2 through clicking homes for the person, then go to the NQ Query.Log in BI_HOME/OracleBI/Server/Logs.You will discover the SQL for that User.

By clicking Administration->Manage sessions-> view sq..

Q4. How are you able to kind in Reports in OBIEE 11g?

Ans: Click on adjust and then click on kind (order by way of icon) on the applicable column in the standards pane.

Q5. How we can do one-of-a-kind sorts of narrative Reports in OBIEE?

Ans: By clicking alter request and Narrative View and by way of giving @1 for the first column result and @2 for the 2nd column and so on and we can also give a heading for No Results through clicking the Narrative view.

Q6. How will you create Interactive Dashboards ?

Ans: By clicking on Administration and Manage dashboards and by means of including column selector we are able to create interactive Dashboard.

Q7. What is write-returned in obiee ?

Ans: We can provide a column as updatable and then view the reports,this option is referred to as write again alternative.

Q8. How will you execute Direct SQL in OBIEE?

Ans: By clicking Direct Database Request under the problem location in we can execute Direct SQL in OBIEE.

Q9. How OBIEE Developer can create file from two challenge regions?

Ans: From the Criteria Pane of the Report Created from First Subject Area

come to the lowest of the web page and click on integrate request. By this we are able to create file from two challenge regions.

Q10. How we can Port changes for dashboards, reports, rpd from improvement to production?

Ans: For the RPD we can use the Merge option in Admin Tool and for dashboards and reviews we will use Content Accelerator Framework.

Q11. What are the unique kinds of variables in OBIEE 11g? Provide an explanation for

Ans: There are  types of variables in OBIEE 11g.

Repository variable :This variable is used for the whole repository.

Session variable :consultation variable are of  types: gadget variable and non system variable.

System variable makes use of NQ_SESSION. Examples of non machine variables are consumer defined filters.

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Q12. How will you permit or disable caching in the device stage and table degree?

Ans: In the NQSConfig.Ini file use ENABLE below CACHE Section for System Level

For tables, if we want to permit the cache at table degree , open the repository in offline mode This have to be one of a kind from the present day repository and click on enable or disable the cache .

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Q13. How will you move about including extra column to the repository in the presentation layer?

Ans: Check if the table is already current if so add in physical layer ,then click on on BMM and then Presentation layer, then reload server metadata ,then it'll be seen to all users.

Q14. How will effect the changes for a document, if for positive users most effective the column heading inside the report must be changed?

Ans: Using consultation variables for that user.

Q15. What is a desk alias in OBIEE 11g? Where and how will you create it?

Ans: Table alias is used for creating self joins. Table alias can be created by right clicking the table inside the bodily layer then click alias.

Q16. Have you created Hierarchy in OBIEE 11g. If so wherein and how?

Ans: Yes, we can create hierarchy in BMM Layer of OBIEE in dimensions for the dimension tables. This can be executed with the aid of right clicking the size table and click create size and then we can manually define the hierarchy and its ranges.

Q17. What is Level Based Metrics? How we will create it?

Ans: Level-base metrics way, having a measure held at a sure stage of the dimension. Examples Monthly Total Sales or Quarterly Sales

To create a degree based totally measure, create a new logical column based at the unique degree. Drag and drop the brand new logical column to the best degree in the Dimension hierarchy.

Q18. What are the extraordinary layers of OBIEE 11g Repository?


Physical Layer.

Business Model.

Mapping Layer.

Presentation Layer.

Q19. What is Authentication? How many types of authentication.

Ans: Authentication is the system by which a device confirms, through the usage of a user

Operaing device authentication.

External table authentication.

Database authentication.

LDAP authentication

Q20. What is a bridge table ?

Ans: If we need to attach  tables wherein there may be no relationship we are able to use a third bridge table for connecting them in an effort to have equal columns in each tables.

Q21. How Time based totally triggered file may be generated?

Ans: Using Scheduler – ibots we can generate time based brought about document.

Q22. What is ibot?

Ans: Ibot is an arrangement agent, used to arrange reviews to be despatched across many devices including email, pager, cellular, different gadgets and so on.

Q23. What are one of a kind sorts of joins which can be possible in OBIEE RPD?

Ans: Complex Join –it uses a couple of conditions, together with A.ROW_WID = B.ROW_WID AND / OR A.A_WID = B.B_WID

Natural Join

Q24. How we can have two special columns from two different tables or challenge regions?

Ans: Using showed dimensions,we will fetch many metrics across diverse records, but the join ought to be of identical stage of statistics detail.

Q25. How are we able to use stored filters and in which we are able to save the filters?

Ans: Shared Folders – XYZ Folder – It have  folders



Q26. Have you labored in dashboard? Whilst we run a dashboard? How will we forestall the dashboard report run mechanically?

Ans: By clicking at the cancel button, we are able to forestall a genuine document located on the dashboard.

Q27. Define surrogate key.

Ans: A surrogate key's an artificially generated key, typically a number. A surrogate key, inside the stage mixture desk, simplifies this join and gets rid of unnecessary columns from the fact table, resulting in a smaller-sized fact desk.

Q28. Define repository in phrases of Siebel Analytics.

Ans: Repository shops the Meta data statistics. Siebel repository is a file system ,extension of the repository document. Rpd.


With Siebel Analytics Server, all the policies wished for protection, facts modeling, combination navigation, caching, and connectivity is saved in metadata repositories.

Every metadata repository can shop many commercial enterprise models. Siebel Analytics Server can get entry to many repositories.

Q29. Explain the cease to quit existence cycle of Siebel Analytics?

Ans: Siebel Analytics existence cycle

Collect Business Requirements.

Recognize supply systems.

Plan ETL to load to a DW if source facts doesn’t exist.

Build a repository.

Build dashboard or use answers for reporting.

Define safety.

Based on overall performance, decide an aggregations and/or caching mechanism.

Testing and QA.

Q30. How does Siebel Architecture works? Explain the 3 layers.

Ans: There are 5 elements of Siebel Architecture.


Facts sorces.

Siebel analytics Web Server facts sorces.

Siebel analytics scheduler.

Siebel analytics server

Metadata represents the analytical Model which is created using the siebel Analytics Administration device.

Repository divided into 3 layer

Physical –Signifies the information Sources.

Business –copies the Data resources into Facts And Dimension.

Presentation –Specifies the customers view of the model ; rendered in Siebel solution.

Q31. If we've got 3 records and four measurement and we need to join would you endorse joining truth with truth? If no than what's the option?

Ans: In the BMM layer,we are able to create one logical desk (truth) and upload the three truth desk as logical desk supply.

Q32. What is connection pool and what number of connection swimming pools did we've got in our ultimate task?

Ans: connection pool is wanted for every and each physical database.

It consists of fabric about the relationship to the database, no longer the database itself.

We can use either shared person money owed or bypass-through money owed -Use: USER and PASSWORD for bypass via .

We may have many connection swimming pools for each institution to avoid ready

Q33. Define JDK and why will we want it?

Ans: Java Development Kit (JDK), is a software package that incorporates the minimal set of equipment had to write, assemble, debug, and run Java applets.

Q34. Oracle doesn’t recommend Opaque Views because of overall performance considerations, so why/while do we use them?

Ans: An opaque view is a bodily layer desk that comprise choose declaration. An opaque view ought to be used simplest if there's no other option.

Q35. Can we migrate the presentation layer to a unique server.

Ans: No we cant migrate the presentation layer to a extraordinary server as a substitute we have to migrate the complete net & rpd files.

Q36. How we can discover the dimension tables and how we will decide them for the duration of the Business/Data modeling?

Ans: Dimension tables incorporate descriptions approximately facts analysts that is used as question within the database. Every desk consists of a primary key that carries one or extra columns; every row in a table is uniquely identified by means of its primary-key value or values.

Q37. Why can we have more than one LTS in BMM layer?What is the reason?

Ans: To improve the performance and question response time we've got more than one LTS in BMM.

Q38. What is the full shape of rpd?

Ans: There isn't any complete form for rpd as such, it's miles just a repository record which is called Rapidfile Database.

Q39. How we are able to disable cache for simplest 2 specific tables?

Ans: We can disable cache within the physical layer, by using proper clicking on the desk there we will have the choice which define cacheable.

Q40. How we will break up a desk inside the rpd given the circumstance. ( the situation given became Broker and patron in the same table) Split Broker and customer.

Ans: We have to make a dubbed table within the bodily layer.

Q41. What type of protocol did we use in SAS?

Ans: TCP/IP type protocol.

Q42. Can we've more than one facts sources in Siebel Analytics?

Ans: Yes, we will have multiple statistics assets in Siebel Analytics.

Q43. How we are able to address case declaration and expressions in siebel analytics?

Ans: By using expression builder we are able to create case announcement whilst…then.. Quit .

Q44. What do you recognize about Initialization Blocks?

Init blocks are used for instantiating a session when a person logs in.

To make dynamic variable we ought to create IB to write sq. Statement.

Q45. Explain query repository tool?


It is utility of OBIEE /Seibel Admin device.

Permits us to study the repository metadata tool.

It Examine dating among metadata gadgets like which column in the presentation layer maps to which desk in bodily layer.

For example : search for items based on call,kind.

Q46. How are you able to pass siebel analytics server safety ?

Ans: It can through-handed by putting authententication type in NQSCONFIG document in the security phase as:authentication_type=bypass_nqs.Instanceconfig.Xml and nqsconfig.Ini are the 2 locations.

Q47. Where we can add new corporations and set permissions? Explain what is R?

Ans: We can upload companies via going to manage>protection>add new groups> We can deliver permissions to a group for query issue and filter situations.

Q48. What are the things we can do within the BMM layer?

Ans: We can do Aggrigation navigation ,stage base matrics, time collection wizard, create new logical column, comlex join.

Q49. Where are passwords for userid?

Ans: Passwords for userid are in siebel analytics server repository.

Q50. Define pipeline.

Ans: Pipelines are the ranges in a particular agreement, valuation, economics etc.

Q51. What are the Key Configuration Files in OBIEE?

Ans: The key configuration files in OBIEE 11g are NQSConfig.Ini, NQSCluster.Ini, odbc.Ini, instanceconfig.Xml

Q52. Give a brief introduction of OBIEE?

Ans: Oracle BI Enterprise Edition (from time to time virtually called Oracle Business Intelligence) provides a complete variety of business intelligence abilities that will let you :

Collect up-to-date facts out of your corporation.

Present the facts in smooth-to-understand codecs (which includes tables and graphs).

Deliver statistics in a well timed style to the employees to your enterprise

Q53. What Is the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog?

Ans: The Oracle BI Presentation Catalog stores the items, together with analyses, dashboards, and KPIs, which you and different customers create using Oracle BI EE. Users have their very own private folder (My Folders), in which they are able to store the items that they create. The items in a non-public folder may be accessed handiest via the consumer who created and stored the content material into that folder. Users can add sub-folders to their personal folders to organize their content material inside the way this is the most logical to them.

You also can save objects in shared folders wherein other customers or organizations can get admission to the gadgets. A combination of business good judgment protection,catalog object security, and facts level safety determines who has the potential to view facts and items, edit items, and delete items from the catalog. Your administrator creates and maintains the catalog’s shared folder structure.

Q54. What is OBIEE 11G?

Ans: Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11g is the most good sized launch of OBIEE seeing that 2006.

Q55. Explain the principle capabilities of OBIEE 11G?

Ans: Oracle Business Intelligence is now more combine with the Oracle Fusion Middleware software circle of relatives.

Oracle WebLogic Server replaces Oracle Application Server and Oracle Containers for Java (OC4J).

Oracle Business Intelligence 11g Installer replaces the installer that turned into used in preceding versions of Oracle Business Intelligence. It can perform software set up and configuration steps within the equal process or one after the other of their very own strategies

This release add the following administration command-line utilities :

Oracle WebLogic Server scripting tool (WLST) for managing the Oracle WebLogic Server area.

OPMN and the opmnctl commands for the Oracle Process Manager and Notification Server.

A database repository should be created before set up of the components with the Repository Creation Utility (RCU) device.

Log centralization thru the net log viewer.

In addition, Oracle Business Intelligence is now deployed in a clustered configuration with the aid of default. Because of this, the default ODBC DSN for the Oracle BI Server factors to the Cluster Controller via default, in place of to the Oracle BI Server

Q56. Explain Oracle Business Intelligence Applications?

Ans: An Oracle BI application consists of pre-constructed, industry-particular Oracl e BI interactive dashboards and Oracle BI reviews which might be constructed using industry exceptional practices and address key useful regions within an employer. Oracle BI packages are integrated with operational applications to offer commercial enterprise metrics in reviews, in context with an enterprise’s business function and enterprise.

Oracle BI packages encompass Extract Transform Load (ETL) routines to extract, remodel, and cargo data into the Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse.

Security in Oracle BI :

OBIEE lets in a high degree of manipulate over access to factors in Oracle BI applications. The security mechanism comprises Business logic item security, Presentation Catalog object safety and Data stage protection.

Drilling Down in Oracle BI :

In OBIEE, you may drill down from a dashboard or record to an actual object in the database. For example, in case you work in sales, you can drill down to the town level within a income file, and take a look at that there is a huge sale pending in Paris. If you're using an Oracle Siebel operational utility, you may then drill down on the pending sale and go immediately to that opportunity within the Oracle BI utility.

Q57. Define repository in terms of OBIEE?

Ans: Repository shops the Meta records facts.The extension of the repository record is “.Rpd”.With OBIEE Server, all the regulations wished for security,records modeling, aggregate navigation, caching, and connectivity is saved in metadata repositories. Each metadata repository can keep multiple business fashions. OBIEE Server can access multiple repositories.

Repository is split into three layer

Physical –Represents the information Sources.

Business –version the Data sources into Facts and Dimension and observe business common sense.

Presentation –Specifies the person’s view of the statistics rendered in OBIEE solutions purchaser

Q58. What is the quit to cease lifestyles cycle of OBIEE?

Ans: OBIEE life cycle :

Gather Business Requirements.

Identify supply systems.

Design ETL to load records to the Data Warehouse.

Build a repository.

Build dashboards and reports.

Define protection (LDAP or External table).

Based on performance, decide on aggregations and/or caching mechanism.

Testing and QA.

Q59. What is the cause of Alias Tables?

Ans: An Alias desk is a bodily desk with the kind of Alias. It is a connection with a physical desk, and inherits all its column definitions and a few residences from the physical desk. A logical table supply suggests how the logical gadgets are mapped to the bodily layer and can be mapped to bodily tables, saved methods and choose statements. An alias table can be a connection with any of those logical table supply kinds.

Alias Tables can be an essential part of designing a physical layer. The following is a list of the principle motives to create an alias table

To reuse an existing desk extra than as soon as in your physical layer (while not having to import it several instances)

To set up more than one alias tables, every with special keys, names, or joins

To help you design sophisticated star or snowflake structures inside the commercial enterprise model layer. Alias tables are critical in the process of changing ER Schems to Dimensional Sachems.

Q60. What is Authentication? How many styles of authentication will we have in OBIEE?

Ans: Authentication is the method with the aid of which a system verifies a person with the assist of a person ID and password. It checks if person has the important permissions and authorizations to log in and get right of entry to records.

There are four main sorts of Authentication in OBIEE :

Operating machine authentication.

External table authentication.

Database authentication.

LDAP authentication

Q61. What is combination navigation? How do you configure the Aggregate tables in OBIEE?

Ans: Aggregate tables shop pre-computed outcomes, which might be measures which have been aggregated (commonly summed) over a set of dimensional attributes. Using combination tables is a completely popular approach for speeding up question response times in choice guide systems.

Ex : If you observe that most of the queries are fired on aggregated values like yearly or monthly statistics as an alternative that day stage data then to hurry up the record we will create an mixture desk containing month stage and year stage data and map it to the respective logical table and set the aggregation stages in the content material tab of LTS.

Q62. Difference among a session and repo variable?

Ans: Session variables are just like dynamic repository variables in that they achieve their values from initialization blocks. Unlike dynamic repository variables, but, the initialization of consultation variables isn't always scheduled. When a person begins a session, the Oracle BI Server creates new instances of consultation variables and initializes them.

A repository variable has a single cost at any point in time. Repository variables can be used in preference to literals or constants in Expression Builder within the Administration Tool. The Oracle BI Server substitutes the cost of the repository variable for the variable itself in the metadata.

Unlike a repository variable, there are as many times of a session variable as there are energetic periods at the Oracle BI Server. Each example of a session variable will be initialized to a exclusive cost.

Q63. What type of sources can be related to OBIEE?

Ans: OBIEE can be plugged on Relational Databases, Cubes or Flat documents, with the subsequent constraints :

The resources have to be modeled as famous person schemas or snowflakes schemas with a view to have an green and safe behavior.

In case of multiple resources without delay in OBIee used collectively, be conscious that OBIee will conduct the wished joins itself, and OBIee isn't a database.

Q64. Mention what's Obiee?

Ans: Obiee stands for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE). It is a business intelligence system for the organization that offers competencies for reporting, on-line analytical processing (OLAP), ad hoc query and evaluation dashboards, and scorecards.

Q65. Mention what are the primary capabilities of OBIEE?

Ans: Key functions of OBIEE includes,

Hierarchy Drilling

Scheduled Report Generation

Graphical Reporting (Charts, Pivots, Gauges, )

Ad Hoc Analysis

Global help and improvement functionality

Q66. Mention what's the cease to end lifecycle of OBIEE?

Ans: The cease to stop existence cycle of OBIEE is,

Collecting Business Requirements

Identify supply systems

Design ETL to load facts to the Data Warehouse

Creating repository

Create dashboards and reports

Setting up safety (LDAP or External desk)

Decide on aggregations or caching mechanism primarily based on overall performance

Testing and QA.

Q67. Explain how OBIEE architecture works?

Ans: OBIEE architecture works in following manner,

A request is made by way of the Users and despatched to the Presentation Server.

The Presentation Server transforms the request into logical SQL and sent to the BI server.

The BI server transforms logical SQL into bodily SQL and despatched it to the database

The end result receives lower back to the consumer through the identical path

Q68. Mention what are the principle additives of OBIEE?

Ans: OBIEE additives are divided particularly into tow types, Server Components and Client Components. The purchaser element is further divided into internet-based totally obiee client and non-net primarily based client.

Server Components    Client Components

Web Based OBIEE Client    Non- Web primarily based Client

Oracle BI (OBIEE) Server    Interactive Dashboards    OBIEE Administration

Oracle Presentation Server    Oracle Delivers    ODBC Client

Application Server    BI Publisher     

Scheduler    BI Presentation Service Administrator     

Cluster Controller    Answers     

Oracle BI (OBIEE) Server    Disconnected Analytics     

Oracle Presentation Server    MS Office Plugin     

Q69. Mention what's ODBC Client is used for?

Ans: ODBC Client is used to connect to the database and execute SQL commands.

Q70. Mention what sort of sources can be connected to OBIEE?

Ans: Sources like Relational Databases, Cubes or Flat files can be linked to Obiee with following constraints,

The assets ought to be modeled as snowflakes or superstar schemas for efficient end result

In the case of multiple sources connecting directly in OBIee, it has for use

Q71. Mention what all statistics does OBIEE repository incorporates?

Ans: OBIEE repository carries information about the application environment like,

Data Modeling

SQL Information


Connectivity Information

Aggregate Navigation


Q72. Mention what are the 3 layers of OBIEE repository?

Ans: The three layers of OBIEE repository are,

Physical Layer (Schema Design):It contains records about the facts resources

Business Model Layer:It outlines the enterprise or logical model of items and their mapping among enterprise version and Schema in the physical layer

Presentation Layer:Presentation layer is used to offer custom designed perspectives of Business Model in Business Model layer to users.

Q73. Mention what does physical layer is used for?

Ans: Physical layer is used for,

Importing records

Creating Aliases

Building physical joins

Setting up connection pool and its houses

Enabling/ Disabling cache for character table

Q74. Mention what is LTS in OBIEE?

Ans: LTS or Logical Table Source is created when you drag and drop a column from a desk that is not presently getting used to your logical desk. A bodily desk containing such column is referred as LTS.

Q75. Mention what's session variable in OBIEE?

Ans: A session variable may be a system variable and non-gadget variable. It is initialized at login time for every person. System variable makes use of NQ_SESSION.(system reserved variable). Examples of non-gadget variables are consumer described filters and so forth.

Q76. Mention what are the distinctive log files in OBIEE?

Ans: Different log files in OBIEE includes,



log, etc.

Q77. Mention what are the Key Configuration Files in OBIEE?

Ans: Key Configuration Files in OBIEE are,





Q78. Mention what are the security carriers utilized by OBIEE?

Ans: Security carriers utilized by OBIEE are,

Authentication issuer to authenticate customers

Policy store company is used to access privileges on all packages besides for BI Presentation Services

Credential store company is used to save credentials used internally via the BI utility

Q79. Mention what's the difference among logical table supply and logical table?

Ans: The difference among logical table supply and the logical table is that a logical desk includes one or extra logical table supply. The mapping among  logical column and physical columns are performed on this detail.

Q80. Mention what number of server times can coexist in an OBIEE cluster?

Ans: Maximum 16 server instances coexist in an OBIEE cluster.

Q81. Mention whether or not it's miles feasible to create an Outer join in an OBIEE bodily layer?

Ans: In an OBIEE physical layer, it isn't always possible to create the Outer be a part of.  You will create the be a part of type within the Business Layer.

Q82. Mention a way to pass the server authentication?

Ans: To skip the server authentication in NQSConfig.Ini and example config.Xml, BYPASS SERVER AUTHENTICATION = YES.

Q83. Mention what's ibot?

Ans: Ibot is a scheduling agent, used to time table reports to be sent across numerous devices together with e-mail, pager, cell, different gadgets, and so forth.

Q84. Mention the way to get actual bodily SQL despatched by means of OBIee to the database?

Ans: To get actual physical SQL sent with the aid of OBIee to the database, check following information

Verify the fee of your consultation variable LOGLEVEL (5 is exceptional)

Go into Administration -> Manage classes

Find your query (at the lowest of the list), and click on on “View log.”

Below the logical SQL, you'll see the physical SQL.

Q85. Mention what does a Fact desk encompass?

Ans: A Fact desk includes  styles of columns

Facts and

Foreign key to size tables

Q86. Mention how to cover positive columns from a user?

Ans: To conceal certain columns from a person,

Do not add the column inside the file

Do now not add the column in the presentation layer

Q87. Mention how you may alternate the port of Obiee?

Ans: You can trade port of Obiee through converting its port in instanceconfig.Xml