Interview Questions.

Latest Office Clerk question papers, test pattern and Placement papers


Latest Office Clerk question papers, test pattern and Placement papers

Q1. If You Were Hiring A Person For This Job As General Office Clerk, What Would You Look For?

Discuss characteristics you own required to efficiently whole the job responsibilities.

Q2. What Kind Of Reports You Are Able To Develop?

I am well versed in growing and issuing weekly economic reports, development reviews, budgeting and undertaking reviews.

Q3. What Is Your Typing Speed And How Accurate Is Your Typing?

I even have a WPM of 60 and my typing may be very correct, I seldom err.

Q4. What Is Your Typical Way Of Dealing With Conflict? Give Me An Example?

First, find out what the basis of the problem is. Second, determine the great steps to remediation with the fine viable final results. Third, take action to put remediation pl in place.

Q5. How Do You Stay Organized?

By preserving proper recurring every day. Putting my most powerful points with my weakness. High precedence continually comes first As General Office Clerk.

Q6. What Are The Responsibilities Of Accounting Clerk Work?

Maintains accounting facts

Maintains accounting database through entering data into the pc

Verifying financial document using software software

Determines the fee of depreciable property by using help of software software

Compares bank statements with preferred ledger


Q7. Can You Explain Why You Changed Career Paths As General Office Clerk?

Don't be thrown off by using this query—just take a deep breath and provide an explanation for to the hiring supervisor why you've got made the career decisions As General Office Clerk you have got. More importantly, give a few examples of ways your beyond revel in is trferable to the new position. This does not have to be a direct connection; in reality, it's often more astonishing when a candidate can make reputedly inappropriate revel in seem very applicable to the function.

Q8. What Are The Duties Of An Office Clerk?

The duties of an workplace clerk includes:

Count, accumulate and disburse money, do basic bookkeeping and entire banking tractions Communicate with employees, consumer and other individuals to wer questions

Explain statistics and cope with complaints

Answer phones, direct calls, and note messages

File, reproduction, sort and collect data of workplace activities, business tractions, and different sports

Filing of invoices, contracts, bills, assessments and rules

Operate workplace machines like photocopiers, scanners, fax machines, computers, etc.

Q9. List Out What Are The Different Areas A Clerk Can Work?

A clerk can work in various sectors as:

Medical Clerk

Corporate Clerk

Legal Jurisdiction Clerk

Parish Clerk

Revenue Audit Clerk

Accounting Clerk

Admin Clerk

College and University Clerk, and so on.

Q10. Are You Comfortable In Working With Large Teams?

I possess matchless interpersonal and conversation skills. I experience teamwork and I agree with it continually makes duties less complicated.

Q11. How Do You Prioritize Your Work Since You Receive Work Requests From Many Departments?

It is regularly tough to decide which venture to deal with first. In order to ward of any terrible repercussions, I take advice from my immediately supervisor after I am pressured about priorities.

Q12. What Clerk Does In The Legal Department?How Important Do You Feel Is The Role Of Time Management In The Position Of An Office Clerk?

Time control is extraordinarily essential. Everything that an workplace clerk does desires to be managed within a certain time restrict since other departments inside the company depend on you to work in a time green way. Also, because the function of an workplace clerk requires a few scheduling and appointment dealing with for other staff, time is without a doubt of the essence right here.

Q13. What Are Your Technical Proficiencies As An Office Clerk?

I am talented within the use of wellknown verbal exchange gear inclusive of electronic mail, Messenger and Skype. I can use MS Office and have unique talents in running on Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Q14. What Do You Believe Are The Significant Characteristics Of An Office Clerk?

Apart from exquisite time management talents, one has to be an amazing communicator and possess the capability to multitask. Additionally, an workplace clerk have to be capable of work with exact interest to element and possess the capacity to address personal records with discretion.

Q15. What Are The Skills Required By Office Clerk?

Skill required by means of office clerk are:

Active Listening



Understanding working style of workplace

Social perceptiveness

Reading comprehension

Basic laptop abilities

Q16. What Subject Knowledge Can Be Additional Help For Office Clerk?

Subject information like:

Economics and Accounting


English language


Custom and Accounting

Q17. Which Office Machines Are You Capable Of Operating?

I am capable of function facsimiles, photocopy machines, scanners, printers and computers.