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Jet Airways Cabin Crew Interview Questions and Answers


Jet Airways Cabin Crew Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. Do you want being round people?

Ans: Being a cabin team member calls for someone to have stable interpersonal skills.

The character ought to be usually joyful and must no longer display their frustrations or anger to the human beings round them. This is extremely essential.

Q2. Would You Like to Work in a Team?

Ans: I am used to paintings in shifts and I love teamwork. I consider that I might fit for the role. I realize that I could analyze a lot being a cabin group, now not simply on places and those, however also competencies like first aid and to assist others inside my limits.

Q3. Why do you want this career? Why do you want to enroll in the cabin group?

Ans: While this query can also seem tough to answer to individuals who are doing the job for the monetary function that it gives, this query will seem simple to folks that are interested in flying.

You should perform a little research about this career and communicate approximately your task-associated skills. You can add which you are pretty interested by flying and touring new locations; do no longer overly emphasize this. You can say further which you experience being with round human beings and are quite sociable.

Q4. Have you carried out for different Airlines?

Ans: Yes, I am applying for different airlines too. But really I want to work for this airline because I constantly have wonderful opinions approximately it and it has professional photograph. So, I would honestly be the a part of this incredible crew.

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Q5. Give us an instance in which you clearly held your mood?

Ans: In your reaction, briefly percentage some of your challenging incidents, and how you effectively dealt with them.

Q6. What’s Your Turn-Off in your Old Job?

Ans: Never say “I didn’t like operating surroundings, or your boss, or your crew”. Never use these poor points. Be sure to tell the whole thing become right and also you just desired to convey change on your life to your future.

Q7. Tell united states situation whilst you have been beneath actual stress? Tell u . S . A . Case if you have been dissatisfied or pissed off?

Ans: As you talk experiences, awareness on how your customer support abilties allowed you to please the patron and diffuse any in addition issues.

Q8. Would You Love to Do Repetitive Job?

Ans: Of route sure. I don’t just do repetitive stuff, but also earn and get handsome income from the agency. Next issue is that life isn't always all approximately interesting things until we don’t display any interest.

Q9. Have you ever worked in a consumer care or customer support job?

Ans: If you probably did, you could tell about your treasured enjoy and the coolest gained practice which you’ve were given.

Q10. Do You Have Any Experience to Share with Us Regarding Great Customer Service?

Ans: Around some years in the past, a guest didn’t understand what to reserve as dessert in a restaurant, so I defined every dish to him and helped him to determine between . I informed the chef to carry a small piece of each so he can decide the pleasant one.