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Indiabix Interview Questions and Answers - Jul 15, 2022


Indiabix Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. Define Network?

Ans: A network is a set of devices linked by way of physical media links. A network is recursively is a connection of  or more nodes by way of a bodily link or two or greater networks linked by means of one or more nodes.

Q2. What is RDBMS?

Ans: Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) are database control systems that keep statistics statistics and indices in tables. Relationships can be created and maintained across and a number of the records and tables. In a relational database, relationships among records gadgets are expressed by way of tables. Interdependencies amongst those tables are expressed through information values instead of by way of hints. This allows for a excessive diploma of records independence. An RDBMS has the capability to recombine the facts items from distinct documents, providing effective equipment for information usage.

Q3. What is PHP?

Ans: PHP is a server-facet scripting language typically used for web programs. PHP has many frameworks and cms for growing web sites. Even a non-technical person can create websites the usage of its CMS.WordPress,osCommerce are the famous CMS of PHP. It is likewise an item-oriented programming language like java, C-sharp and many others. It is very smooth for getting to know

Q4. What are the residences of the Relational tables?

Ans: Relational tables have six houses:

Values are atomic.

Column values are of the same kind.

Each row is precise.

The collection of columns is insignificant.

The collection of rows is insignificant.

Each column must have a unique name.

Q5. What is a Link?

Ans: At the lowest level, a network can consist of  or extra computer systems directly linked by using some physical medium which includes coaxial cable or optical fibre. Such a bodily medium is referred to as as Link.

Q6. What is using "echo" in PHP?

Ans: It is used to print records inside the webpage, Example: <?PHP echo 'Car insurance'; ?>, The following code print the textual content inside the web site

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Q7. What is Normalization?

Ans: Database normalization is a facts layout and corporation procedure implemented to statistics systems based on regulations that help to build relational databases. In relational database design, the technique of organizing information to decrease redundancy is referred to as normalization. Normalization normally involves dividing a database into  or extra tables and defining relationships among the tables. The objective is to isolate facts so that additions, deletions, and changes of a field can be made in only one table and then propagated thru the relaxation of the database through the described relationships.

Q8. What is a node?

Ans: A network can consist of  or more computers directly connected via a few bodily medium together with coaxial cable or optical fibre. Such a bodily medium is called Links and the pc it connects is known as Nodes.

Q9. How to encompass a document to a Hypertext Preprocessor web page?

Ans: We can consist of a record the usage of "include() " or "require()" feature with document direction as its parameter.

Q10. What is De-normalization?

Ans: De-normalization is the manner of attempting to optimize the performance of a database by means of adding redundant facts. It is once in a while important because contemporary DBMSs implement the relational version poorly. A true relational DBMS could allow for a totally normalized database on the logical level whilst presenting physical storage of facts that is tuned for high performance. De-normalization is a method to move from better to lower normal forms of database modelling on the way to accelerate database get admission to.

Q11. What is a gateway or Router?

Ans: A node this is related to 2 or greater networks is commonly known as a router or Gateway. It usually forwards the message from one network to some other.

Q12. What's the distinction between consist of and require?

Ans: If the file isn't always observed via require(), it's going to purpose a deadly mistakes and halt the execution of the script. If the file isn't always found with the aid of consist of(), a caution can be issued, however execution will retain.

Q13. What are the specific normalization bureaucracy?


1NF: Eliminate Repeating Groups Make a separate desk for every set of associated attributes, and provide each desk a number one key. Each field consists of at most one value from its characteristic area.

2NF: Eliminate Redundant Data If an characteristic depends on simplest part of a multi-valued key, remove it to a separate desk.

3NF: Eliminate Columns Not Dependent On Key If attributes do no longer make a contribution to a description of the key, take away them to a separate desk. All attributes have to be without delay depending on the primary key.

BCNF: Boyce-Codd Normal Form If there are non-trivial dependencies between candidate key attributes, separate them out into wonderful tables.

4NF: Isolate Independent Multiple Relationships No table may contain two or more 1:n or n:m relationships that are not immediately related.

5NF: Isolate Semantically Related Multiple Relationships There can be realistic constrains on statistics that justifies separating logically related many-to-many relationships.

ONF: Optimal Normal Form A version confined to best simple (elemental) information, as expressed in Object Role Model notation.

DNF: Domain-Key Normal Form

A version free from all modification anomalies is stated to be in DNF.

Remember, those normalization guidelines are cumulative. For a database to be in 3NF, it ought to first fulfil all of the standards of a 2NF and 1NF database.

Q14. What is the point-factor link?

Ans: If the bodily hyperlinks are confined to a pair of nodes it is stated to be the factor-point hyperlink.

Q15. Require_once(), require(), include().What is the distinction among them?

Ans: require() consists of and evaluates a selected file, whilst require_once() does that only if it has not been protected before (on the identical web page). So, require_once() is recommended to apply while you need to include a record wherein you have numerous features as an instance. This way you make sure you don't consist of the file more instances and you'll no longer get the "characteristic re-declared" mistakes.