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Flipkart Aptitude Placement Papers - Flipkart Aptitude Interview Questions and Answers


Flipkart Aptitude Placement Papers - Flipkart Aptitude Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. Present Ages Of Kiran And Syam Are In The Ratio Of 5:45:4 Respectively. Three Years Hence, The Ratio Of Their Ages Will Become eleven:911:9 Respectively. What Is Syam's Present Age In Years ?

Ratio of the existing age of Kiran and Syam =five:4=5:four

Let present age of Kiran =5x=5x

Present age of Syam =4x=4x

After 33 years, ratio of their a long time =eleven:nine=11:9









Syam's gift age =4x=four×6=24

Q2. When Processing Flower-nectar Into Honeybees' Extract, A Considerable Amount Of Water Gets Reduced. How Much Flower-nectar Must Be Processed To Yield 1kg Of Honey, If Nectar Contains 50% Water, And Th

Flower-nectar includes 50% of non-water element. 

In honey this non-water element constitutes 85% (one hundred-15).

Therefore 0.5 X Amount of flower-nectar = 0.85 X Amount of honey = 0.Eighty five X 1 kg 

Therefore amount of flower-nectar needed = (zero.85/0.Five) * 1kg = 1.7 kg.

Q3. Two Beakers Are On The Table. The Capacity Of The First Beaker Is X Liters And That Of The Second Beaker Is 2x Liters. Two Thirds Of The First Beaker And One Fourth Of The Second Beaker Is Filled With

capability of beakers x,2x,3x


wine proportion is =7x/(6*3x)=7/18

Q4. A Man Takes fifty five Hours 4545 Min In Walking To A Certain Place And Riding Back. He Would Have Gained 22 Hours By Riding Both Ways. The Time He Would Take To Walk Both Ways Is

Given that point taken for riding both ways could be 22 hours lesser than the time wished for waking one manner and using lower back.


time needed for driving one way = time needed for waking one manner - 22 hours

Given that point taken in on foot one way and using back =5=five hours forty five min

Hence, the time he would take to walk each methods

=5=five hours forty five min + 22 hours

=7=7 hours forty five min

Q5. Two Liquids Are Mixed In The Proportion Of three:2 And The Mixture Is Sold At $11 Per Liter At A 10% Profit. If The First Liquid Costs $2 More Per Liter Than The Second, What Does It Cost Per Liter ?

Given  liquids percentage as 3:2

from the combos: 

Suppose 2nd liquid cost = $x, then first liquid = $(x+2)

(x-10)/(10-x-2) = 3/2

2x-20 = 24-3x

5x = 44


so first liquid cost is x+2 = eight.Eighty+2 = $10.80

Q6. If A And B Are Mixed In three:5 Ratio And B And C Are Mixed In 8:five Ratio If The Final Mixture Is 35 Liters, Find The Amount Of B ?

A:b:c,then b ratio is b/(a+b+c)*35

Q7. A Man Is 2424 Years Older Than His Son. In Two Years, His Age Will Be Twice The Age Of His Son. What Is The Present Age Of His Son ?

Let present age of the son =x=x years

Then, present age the person =(x+24)=(x+24) years

Given that, in 22 years, guy's age may be two times the age of his son


Q8. The Present Age Of A Father Is 3 Years More Than Three Times The Age Of His Son. Three Years Hence,father's Age Will Be 10 Years More Than Twice The Age Of The Son. What Is Father's Present Age?

Let the present age the son = x.

Then gift age of the daddy = 3x + 3

Given that ,3 years as a result, father's age can be 10 yearsmore than two times the ageof the son

=> (3x+3+3) = 2(x + 3) +10

=> x = 10

Father's present age = 3x + three = three×10+ three = 33

Q9. A Manufacturing Company Has 15% Cobalt ,25% Led And 60% Of Copper. If 5kg Of Led Is Used In A Mixture, How Much Copper We Need To Use:


one hundred%=20kg

60% of 20 kg= 12 kg

Q10. Ten Years Ago, P Was Half Of Q's Age. If The Ratio Of Their Present Ages Is 3:4 What Will Be The Total Of Their Present Ages?

Let present age of P and Q be 3x3x and 4x4x respectively.

Ten years ago, P turned into 1/2 of Q's age





Total of their gift a while


Q11. A Merchant Has one thousand Kg Of Sugar, Part Of Which He Sells At 8% Profit And The Rest At 18% Profit. He Gains 14% On The Whole. The Quantity Sold At 18% Profit Is:

Profit on 1st element Profit on second element:

eight% 18%

Mean Profi 14% 

four 6

Ratio of 1st and second components = four : 6 = 2 : 3

Quantity of 2d kind = (three/5 ) * one thousand kg = six hundred kg

Q12. In What Ratio Must Water Be Added To 10 Liters Of Milk At Rs.20 Per Liter So That Cost Of Mixture Is Rs.Sixteen Per Liter ?

10 lit milk value 20 Rs For 1Rs, Milk = half of lit

For 16Rs, Milk = (1/2)*sixteen = eight lit (Milk)

Total amount need to be 10 litres.

So 10 - 8 = 2 lit ( water should add)

Now ratio = 2(water) : 8(Milk) = 1:4

Q13. A Merchant Mixes Three Varieties Of Rice Costing Rs.20/kg, Rs.24/kg And Rs.30/kg And Sells The Mixture At A Profit Of 20% At Rs.30 / Kg. How Many Kgs Of The Second Variety Will Be In The Mixture If 2

A=20/kg,B=24/kg ,C =30/kg

we could count on x kg be rice A,

y kg be rice B 

and a pair of kgs is rice C

Given very last CP = 25

So, 20x+24y+60=25(x+y+2) ------(1)

By Solving above eq. Y=10-5x

Since , y cannot be 0 or terrible

Hence, x can best be 1 giving y = 5kg

Q14. A 10 Liter Mixture Of Milk And Water Contains 30 Percent Water. Two Liters Of This Mixture Is Taken Away. How Many Liters Of Water Should Now Be Added So That The Amount Of Milk In The Mixture Is Doub

Two liters had been taken away So we've got the only 8L of the mixture. 

Amount of milk in eight L of aggregate = 8 * 70% = five.6 liters

Amount of water in 8 L of blend = (8 - five.6) = 2.Four L. 

Half of milk i.E 1/2 of five.6 = 2.Eight L. 

We want (2.Eight - 2.4)L water greater = 0.4 L

Q15. Thirty Liters Of Water Is Added To a hundred and fifty Litres Of 20% Solution Of Alcohol In Water.The Resulting Strength Of Alcohol Is

As consistent with query, 20% solution of alcohol in water

=> 30 litres of alcohol & a hundred and twenty litres of water.

Then 30 litres of water is introduced, so the answer now carries 150 litres of water and 30 litres of alcohol.

Therefore, the ensuing strength of alcohol = 30*100/180 = sixteen.Sixty seven%.

Q16. Kamal Was 4 Times As Old As His Son eight Years Ago. After 8 Years, Kamal Will Be Twice As Old As Hisson. Find Out The Present Age Of Kamal ?

Let the age of the son earlier than eight years = x.

Then age of Kamal before eight years ago = 4x

After 8 years, Kamal will be two times as vintage as his son

=> 4x + sixteen = 2(x + 16)

=> x = 8 Present age of Kamal = 4x + eight = four×8 +eight = 40

Q17. Five Coffee And 4 Tea Costs Rs.96, five Badam Milk And 6 Coffee Costs Rs. 32 And 7 Tea And 6 Badam Milk Costs Rs.3

Acc. To the query:

5c+4t=96 ----- (i)

5b+6c=32 ----- (ii)

7t+6b=37 ----- (iii)

Adding (i), (ii) & (iii)

11c+11b+11t=one hundred sixty five 

b+c+t= 15Rs

Q18. In What Ratio Tea Of Rs.80 Per Kg Be Mixed With 12kg Tea Of Rs.64 Per Kg, So Thai Cost Price Of Mixture Is Rs.Seventy four Per Kg ?

(seventy four-64)/(eighty-74) = five/three

Q19. A Milkman Mixed 10 Liters Of Water To 50 Litres Of Milk Of Rs.16 Per Liter, Then Cost Price Of Mixture Per Liter Is

Let rate of water according to liter be Re. 1

((10*1)+(50*sixteen))/60 =13.33

Q20. A Coffee Seller Has Two Types Of Coffee Brand A Costing five Bits Per Pound And Brand B Costing three Bits Per Pound. He Mixes Two Brands To Get A forty Pound Mixture. He Sold This At 6 Bits Per Pound. The Sell

Let x and y quantities of A and B respectively are combined.

=> x+y=forty --------- (1)

His general selling charge = 40*6=240

His fee rate a hundred and eighty approx(as he makes 33.5 % income)

5x+3y=180 ------------- (2)

On fixing (1) and (2) 

x=30 kilos.

Q21. A Man's Age Is a hundred twenty fivepercenta hundred twenty five% Of What It Was 1010 Years Ago, But 8313p.C8313% Of What It Will Be After 1010years. What Is His Present Age ?

Let the age before 1010 years =x=x. Then,




⇒125x=100x+a thousand⇒x=100025=forty

Present age =x+10=40+10=50

Q22. Two Vessels A And B Contain Spirit And Water Mixed In The Ratio 5:2 And 7:6 Respectively. Find The Ratio In Which These Mixture Be Mixed To Obtain A New Mixture In Vessel C Containing Spirit And Water

Let's expect C.P. Of spirit = Re. 1 in line with litre.

Spirit in 1 litre blend. Of A = 5/7 litre. So C.P of one litre mix in A = Re. Five/7.

Spirit in 1 litre blend. Of B = 7/thirteen litre. So C.P of 1 litre blend in B = Re. 7/13.

Spirit in 1-litre mix. Of C = 8/thirteen litre. So C.P. Of one litre blend in C = Re. 8/thirteen.

By rule of an allegation, we have required ratio X:Y.

(five/7) (7/thirteen)


(1/thirteen) (9/ninety one)

So, required ratio = 1/13 : nine/91 = 7:9.

Q23. There Are Two Bottles A And B, Each Filled With Milk And Water In The Ratio 5:3 And 1:2 Respectively. A New Mixture Is Formed By Mixing The Contents Of A And B In The Ratio four:3.What Is The Ratio Of Co

Bottle A aggregate: milk = five/eight & water=three/8

Bottle B combination: milk = 1/three & water=2/3

Given New aggregate (Bottle A & B) ratio = four:3 

Now milk ratio = (five/8*four/7) + (1/three*three/7) = half

and water = (3/8*four/7) + (2/3*3/7) = half of

So, New mixture ratio milk : water = 1 : 1

Q24. A Person Crosses A 600600 Metre Long Street In 55 Minutes. What Is His Speed In Km Per Hour ?

Distance =600=600 metre =zero.6=0.6 km

Time =five=5 mins =112=112 hour

Speed=distance time=0.6(112)Speed=distance time=0.6(112) =7.2 km/hr

Q25. If 6 Years Are Subtracted From The Present Age Of Ajay And The Remainder Is Divided By 18, Then The Present Age Of Rahul Is Obtained. If Rahul Is 2 Years Younger To Denis Whose Age Is 5 Years, Then Wh

Present age of Denis = 5 years

Present age of Rahul = five-2 = three

Let the present age of Ajay = x

Then (x-6)/18 = present age of Rahul = three=> x- 6 = 3×18 = 54=> x = fifty four + 6= 60

Q26. Excluding Stoppages, The Speed Of A Bus Is 5454 Kmph And Including Stoppages, It Is 4545kmph. For How Many Minutes Does The Bus Stop Per Hour ?

Speed of the bus excluding stoppages =fifty four=54 kmph

Speed of the bus which include stoppages =forty five=forty five kmph

Loss in velocity whilst together with stoppages =fifty four−45=9 kmph=54−45=9 kmph

⇒⇒ In eleven hour, bus covers 99 km much less because of stoppages.

Hence, time in which the bus stops in keeping with hour

= Time taken to cover ninety nine km

=distancespeed=954 hour=sixteen hour =distancespeed=954 hour=sixteen hour  =606 min=10 min

Q27. Tea Worth Rs. 126 Per Kg And Rs. One hundred thirty five Per Kg Are Mixed With A Third Variety In The Ratio 1 : 1 :

126*1 one hundred thirty five*1 2*x/1 1 2=153

126 a hundred thirty five 2x=153*4



x=a hundred seventy five.50

Q28. A Vessel Is Full Of A Mixture Of Spirit And Water In Which There Is Found To Be 17% Of Spirit By Measure. Ten Litres Are Drawn Off And The Vessel Is Filled Up With Water. The Proportion Of Spirit Is N

In 10L of water drawn quantity of spirit gift is = (17/a hundred)*10 =1.7 L .

Let's anticipate x is the ability of the vessel

from 17% quantity of spirit comes down to fifteen 1/nine% .

The difference between this percentage is (17% - 15 1/nine%) = 17/9 % x 

17/nine % x =1.7 litres . 

=> x = ninety L

Q29. If A Strawberry And A Butterscotch Together Cost Rs. 18.00, A Vanilla And A Strawberry Cost Rs. Nine.00 And A Butterscotch Cost Rs.9.00 More Than A Vanilla Or A Strawberry Then Which Of The Following Can

Acc. To the question 

S+B= 18 ---- (1)

V+S= nine ---- (2) 

B-S=9 ---- (three)

Adding (1) and (three) we get 

2B= 27 so B= 13.5Rs

Q30. One Type Of Liquid Contains 25% Of Kerosene, The Other Contains 30% Of Kerosene. P Can Is Filled With 6 Parts Of The First Liquid And four Parts Of The Second Liquid. Find The Percentage Of The Kerosene

Let P be crammed with the aid of 60 lts of 1st liquid and forty lts. Of 2d liquid.

Amount of kerosene = (25*60/a hundred) + (30*forty/a hundred) = 27 lts.

% of kerosene = 27 %.