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Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers 2019 [UPDATED] - Jul 16, 2022


Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers 2019 [UPDATED]

Q1. What is Digital Marketing?

Ans: Digital marketing is the advertising procedure of reaching your target customers in a greater effective and specific way through numerous virtual channels like internet, cellular, etc. To attract, interact and convert them.

Q2. What are the varieties of Digital Marketing?


Display marketing

Affiliate advertising and marketing

Search engine advertising

Search engine optimization

Referral advertising and marketing

Social media advertising

Email advertising

Inbound advertising

Q3. How are we able to all use the internet as a marketer?

Ans: We can use the net as a marketer in order that we are able to provide clients offerings, Social media advertising within the promoting of products and lots extra.

Q4. Why you chose Digital Marketing job position?

Ans: Be honest along with your solution to this unique question. The interviewer is checking your commitment to the enterprise here. Answer this in commitment phrases and with enthusiasm for the virtual marketing area. Why you chose the virtual marketing subject? Try to answer in favor of the enterprise.

Your answer can encompass, Your love for running a blog and website attracted you to work as a virtual marketing professional, the digital advertising industry has were given an amazing reputation, and plenty of opportunities are available to progress your career, talents and amplify your know-how. It’s showing how constant you're to improve and beautify your talents and your lengthy-term dedication to the sector.

Q5. Do you understand who invented or located WWW?

Ans: Sir Tim Berners-Lee came up with the sector wide web (WWW). Sir Tim did a splendid component via giving it for FREE without any patents, any royalties in 1994. And in addition on the quit of 90’s it just exploded and round 60 million human beings had been just using it and over 2005 the uses of the net had been round billions. And now at the end of 2010, the makes use of of the internet touched around 2 billion human beings. Today at the existing time around three billion humans are using the internet and it’s simply extra special.

Q6. How can you categorize Digital advertising?

Ans: Digital advertising and marketing is labeled into  segments: Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing

It’s the marketing method that takes the help of social media, e-books, e-newsletters or webinars to get increasingly more clicks and expertise approximately the business enterprise, its products, and offerings.

Outbound Marketing

This advertising approach consists of putting bloodless calls, ads or emails to reach out to capability customers thru digital channels.

Q7. List the advantages of Digital Marketing?



Large audience

Easy to degree

High conversion fees

Q8. What is search engine optimization?

Ans: “What is search engine optimization?” Is a common however very important query in a digital marketing interview? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the approach used to growth the wide variety of customers on your internet site with the aid of acquiring a high web page rank within the search consequences web page inclusive of Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other engines like google.

SEO strategies improve your content material, web site’s structure, and company in order that your website online can get its function on the search engine web page effects.

Q9. Should your Content Marketing approach be greater honestly geared toward Social Media/Engagement, search engine optimization (Organic Rankings), or Onsite Informational purposes?

Ans: This again is a trick question. A precise content advertising method encompasses all 3. It is keyword centered, actually informative & encourages engagement.  Good content encourages engagement, builds emblem & authority & contributes to natural rankings via the content material itself onsite in addition to the capability nurturing of natural link growth an lively social presence can offer.

Kevin says, “This will even begin to provide an concept of whether or not or not the applicant possesses pass-platform abilties or if they may be more heavily skilled in some areas over others. Search engine marketing, Social Media & Content Marketing are all one in 2015.”

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Q10. Why we pick Online advertising than Offline advertising?

Ans: Offline advertising and marketing could be very pricey at the same time as on-line advertising and marketing is reasonably-priced as outcomes in higher lead generation than offline marketing. It can attain to a big wide variety of target audience on-line. Everything is measurable and trackable in online advertising.

In offline advertising and marketing, it is tough to discover whether or not the target audience that you are concentrated on is proper or no longer but on-line advertising and marketing reaches the right target market at the proper time.

Offline advertising like newspapers, Magazines, Radio, and Billboard usually target the nearby place, but Online advertising isn't always limited to place. You can get exclusive clients from one of a kind nations through on-line advertising and marketing.

Q11. Which united states of america has a most range of net users?

Ans: China has the most wide variety of net users. Around 649 million humans are the use of the internet on this u . S . A . Which covers 19 % of the total populace of the arena.

Q12. What resources do you comply with to study new trends and stay abreast of enterprise news?

Ans: This is one digital advertising task interview query which you’ll be asked regularly. Be honest together with your solution. Tell them about the books or blogs you examine, podcasts or webinars that you pay attention to, and so forth. Don’t just say some thing that you haven't achieved because a follow-up query that Courtney Cox plans to ask can get you in trouble.

Courtney says, “Most candidates can rattle off the blogs and podcasts they recognize are leaders of their enterprise. I then comply with that question up with, What have you discovered lately from one of these sources, and how will it change the way you do your task? This observe-up separates the contenders from the pretenders. You can’t faux it. Applicants both have a short, confident response, or they flounder. Job seekers must put together for questions like this through paying attention to the main enterprise blogs, podcasts, and newsletters. Then, they need to consider how current changes impact their cutting-edge or past groups.”

Q13. Why cell advertising and marketing is vital in Digital Marketing?

Ans: Mobile Marketing is an crucial a part of Digital Marketing as Today, there are hundreds of thousands of folks who are connected to the net through cellular devices. More than 50% of internet connections are made thru mobiles. People in recent times have more than one devices and cell has now become a center of multiple device networks. And round 70% of cell internet searches are linked and associated with business. And it’s anticipated that by means of 2017 with the assist cellular devices the sale may be round 87%. As 60% of the humans in this entire international take a look at their mobile phones before and after going to beds. And this will become a awesome advantage in virtual marketing.

Q14. Explain what's Keyword and its significance in search engine marketing?

Ans: The keyword in digital advertising is the phrase or word that you enter as a query in seek engine pages to get relevant effects. From an search engine optimization factor of view, keywords are very vital for higher page ratings. How and in which you are the use of your key phrases will replicate your site ranking.

Q15. How would you marketplace your self to be on line?

Ans: We can market our self-online with the aid of the help of blogs, Google Ads, Mobile Marketing, via doing search engine optimization and masses greater.

Q16. What are the best approaches to boom visitors for your internet site?

Ans: Provide exact person enjoy, construct referral hyperlinks, social media stocks, customer engagement, building relationship inside your area of interest.

Q17. How could you monetize your social media?

Ans: We can monetize social media by using monetizing it on YouTube, Twitter.

Q18. Explain Pay according to click advertising or PPC advertising?

Ans: PPC or cost consistent with click on is a method to direct traffic on your internet site. You will simplest pay on your upload if it’s get clicked.

Q19. What is the pleasant social media platform?

Ans: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snap chat.

Q20. Explain Google AdWords?

Ans: Google AdWords is Google’s paid on-line advertising and marketing version that makes use of a bidding machine to appear to the pinnacle or the proper of the page consequences. When you are advertising, you're telling Google what keywords or phrases you are interested in.

AdWords lets in you to reveal your commercials to the right people, in the right vicinity, on the right time.

Q21. How could you pay attention to people what they say approximately you online?

Ans: Google signals, Facebook, search on Twitter with hashtags, Google seek of your unique logo name, a few software program gear and lots greater.

Q22. Explain OnPage and OffPage search engine marketing?

Ans: Off-page search engine marketing strategies deal with the measures taken to improve your site’s role in page rankings which might be taken out of doors of your website.

On-page search engine optimization techniques deal with the measures taken to enhance the location of the internet site within the search ratings which can be taken without delay with the internet site, it’s content and shape.

Q23. What factors ought to you bear in mind with e-commerce websites?

Ans: Chain deliver, we should tag the audience and plenty extra.

Q24. What do you imply via Bad Link?

Ans: Bad hyperlinks are:

Links from web sites that aren't applicable for your web site.

Links from link exchanges.

Paid links.

Spammy hyperlinks from blogs or articles.

Link from the same anchor texts that come from a couple of websites.

Links from low-rank pages.

Links from pages with low traffic.

Links from the websites which can be out of Google Index.

Q25. Why is cellular vital whilst considering e-trade?

Ans: Because each person has them, many human beings are on the cellular most range of times, masses of cellular users are there and every person is using them.

Q26. What must you do to avoid the Google penalty?


Don't cross for purchasing links

This exercise could be very dangerous due to the fact Google is privy to this unscrupulous pastime. If you buy links, then you could turn out to be spending money to get your web site penalized.

Do not link to bad page rank websites. 

Check your back links and Disavow horrific links. You can select equipment like Google Search Console and Majestic to check your one-way links. If you discover any of them as spam, then you definitely should Disavow them.

Don’t use sneaky mobile redirects.

When a person lands on their website from a few mobile device then, they redirect them to a distinct web site which isn't always relevant even with the content material of on authentic site. Google penalize the web sites that use sneaky cell redirects.

Don’t promote your link.

Because of Google unearths your hyperlink as hyperlink farm then you'll be penalized and all of your attempt to rank your page will move in useless.

Don’t use duplicate content.

If your web site appears to be a reproduction one, then it gained’t appear at all.

Don’t use hidden textual content.

You may assume that you can trick Google into wondering that positive textual content is visible on your internet site, even though it’s invisible to site visitors. But it comes under Google’s violation policies, and Google will penalize you for these practices.

Q27. Why is social media important when we are thinking about e-commerce?

Ans: Because e-trade and social media assist each different.

Q28. Where do you need to look your self 5 years down the line within the virtual marketing region?

Ans: This question is to check your ambition towards your profession. Think approximately the role that you are interviewing for. How may you be capable of development in that specific role?

If you are interviewing for a virtual advertising government function, then you can say you want to be a digital advertising supervisor. Or else, in case you are interviewing for a supervisor then you could say you want to peer your self as going for walks your virtual advertising corporation.

Q29. What have to you remember the most while setting up an advert marketing campaign?

Ans: Keywords.

Q30. How will my advert perform?


It depends at the nice score. (pleasant score is the only which the google offers among 1 to 10).

We need to also have an excellent click-via fee.

We ought to have relevant and right keywords as this is very critical in pleasant rating.

Quality on the landing page is likewise very vital at this point as it offers terrific significance in excellent rating.

We need to have a exquisite paintings history or account history due to the fact google compares the whole records.

For this reason, AD Rank = CPC Bid X Quality Score.