Interview Questions.

Devops Interview Questions and Answers


Devops Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. Explain what's DevOps?

Ans: It is a newly emerging time period in IT discipline, that's not anything but a practice that emphasizes the collaboration and conversation of both software developers and different information-era (IT) professionals. It makes a speciality of handing over software program product quicker and lowering the failure price of releases.

Q2. List the essential equipment utilized in Devops.











ELK –Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana



Q3. What are the middle operations of DevOps in phrases of improvement and Infrastructure?

Ans:  The middle operations of  DevOps

Application development

Code growing

Code coverage

Unit checking out


Deployment With infrastructure





Q4. What are the blessings of DevOps with appreciate to Technical and Business perspective?

Ans: Technical advantages:

Software shipping is continuous.

Reduces Complexity in problems.

Faster technique to clear up troubles

Manpower is decreased.

Business blessings:

High charge of handing over its functions

Stable running environments

More time received to Add values.

Enabling faster characteristic time to market

Q5. The scope for SSH?


SSH is a Secure Shell which gives customers with a comfortable, encrypted mechanism to log into systems and transfer documents.

To sign off a faraway machine and paintings on command line.

To relaxed encrypted communications between two hosts over an insecure community.

Q6. Which are the regions wherein DevOps are implemented?


Production Development

Creation of the manufacturing feedback and its improvement

IT Operations improvement

Q7. List the agile method of DevOps.


DevOps is a procedure

Agile is equal as DevOps.

Separate institution for are framed.

It is hassle solving.

Developers coping with manufacturing

DevOps is development-driven launch management

Q8. List the predominant distinction between the Agile and DevOps.



Agile is ready software program development


DevOps is set software deployment and control.

DevOps does not update Agile or Lean. It does this by means of killing waste, putting off handovers, and streamlining deployments to allow faster and greater non-stop deployments to PRODUCTION.

Q9. Name the famous scripting language of DevOps.



Q10. How DevOps is beneficial to developers?


To fix the trojan horse and put into effect new functions quick.

It offers the clarity of communique among group individuals.

Q11. What are Vagrant and its uses.


Vagrant used digital field because the hypervisor for digital environments and in cutting-edge scenario it's also assisting the KVM. Kernel-based Virtual Machine

Vagrant is a tool that could create and manipulate environments for trying out and developing software program.

Q12. What are the most important difference between the Linux and Unix operating systems?



It belongs to the circle of relatives of multitasking, multiuser operating structures.

These are generally utilized in net servers and workstations.

It is initially derived from AT&T Unix, developed starting inside the Nineteen Seventies at the Bell Labs studies middle by using Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie, and others.

Both the working structures are open supply however UNIX is quite similar one as compared to LINUX.


Linux has in all likelihood been domestic to each programming language regarded to humankind.

These are used for personal computer systems.

The LINUX is based totally on the kernel of UNIX operating machine.

Q13. How we are able to ensure new carrier is ready for the products launched?


Backup System

Recovery plans

Load Balancing


Centralized logging

Q14. What are the benefits of the NoSQL?


Non-relational and schema-less data model

Low latency and high performance

Highly scalable

Q15. What are adoptions of DevOps in industry?


Use of agile and other improvement strategies and techniques .

Demand for an improved charge of manufacturing releases from utility and commercial enterprise.

Wide availability of digital and cloud infrastructure from each inner and outside carriers;

Increased usage of facts center ,automation and configuration management equipment;

Increased consciousness on take a look at automation and non-stop integration strategies;

Best practices on important issues.

Q16. What are the benefits of NoSQL database over RDBMS?


The advantages are:

There may be very much less scope of ETL

Support is given for unstructured textual content

Changes are deal with over period of time

Main targets are functionality.

It has the potential to scale horizontally

Multiple records systems are given aid.

Vendors can be chosen.

Q17. The pinnacle 10 competencies the character must be having for the DevOp’s function?


Excellent in System Admin

Virtualization Experience

Good Technical Skills

Excellent Scripting

Good Developing abilties

Chef in Automation Tool Experience

People Management

Customer Service

Real time Cloud operations

Who care approximately a person

Q18. Explain how the implementation of “Infrastructure as code” is processed or done in phrases of AWS.



The code can be within the easy JSON layout.

This JSON code is well organized into files called templates.

This templates are deployed on AWS and then similarly controlled as stacks

Cloud Formation carrier will assist in doing the Creating, deleting, updating, etc. Operation within the stack.

Q19. What measures we've got taken to deal with revision (model) control?


To handle revision manage, submit your code on SourceForge or GitHub so all and sundry can view it and ask the viewers to provide guidelines for the better development of it.

Q20. What are the varieties of HTTP requests?


The forms of Http requests are










Q21. What is the need for DevOps?


According to me, this answer need to start by explaining the general marketplace trend. Instead of liberating huge sets of functions, agencies are looking to see if small features may be transported to their clients thru a series of release trains. This has many benefits like brief remarks from clients, higher best of software program and so forth. Which in turn results in high client pleasure. To acquire this, groups are required to:

Increase deployment frequency

Lower failure charge of latest releases

Shortened lead time between fixes

Faster imply time to healing within the event of recent launch crashing

DevOps fulfills all these requirements and facilitates in accomplishing seamless software program shipping. You can supply examples of organizations like Etsy, Google and Amazon that have adopted DevOps to gain degrees of performance that were unthinkable even 5 years in the past. They are doing tens, loads or even heaps of code deployments in keeping with day whilst delivering world elegance stability, reliability and safety.

If I have to test your expertise on DevOps, you ought to know the difference between Agile and DevOps.

Q22. How is DevOps one of a kind from Agile / SDLC?

Ans: I might propose you to go together with the underneath explanation:

Agile is a hard and fast of values and ideas about how to produce i.E. Increase software program. Example: if you have a few thoughts and also you need to turn those ideas into working software program, you can use the Agile values and ideas as a way to try this. But, that software program would possibly handiest be operating on a developer’s laptop or in a take a look at surroundings. You need a way to speedy, effortlessly and repeatably move that software into manufacturing infrastructure, in a secure and simple manner. To do that you want DevOps gear and strategies.

You can summarize with the aid of pronouncing Agile software program improvement technique makes a speciality of the improvement of software program however DevOps however is accountable for improvement as well as deployment of the software program in the most secure and maximum reliable manner viable.

Q23. Which are the pinnacle DevOps tools? Which gear have you worked on?

Ans: The most popular DevOps equipment are mentioned below:

Git : Version Control System device

Jenkins : Continuous Integration device

Selenium : Continuous Testing tool

Puppet, Chef, Ansible : Configuration Management and Deployment tools

Nagios : Continuous Monitoring device

Docker : Containerization device

You can also point out any other device if you need, but ensure you consist of the above tools in your answer.

The second part of the solution has  possibilities:

If you've got experience with all the above gear then you may say that I actually have labored on these kind of tools for growing right first-rate software and deploying the ones softwares easily, often, and reliably.

If you've got enjoy best with a number of the above gear then mention the ones gear and say that I even have specialization in these tools and have an overview about the rest of the tools.

Q24. How do these kinds of tools paintings together?

Ans: Given under is a well-known logical glide in which the whole thing gets automated for seamless delivery. However, this drift may additionally range from company to enterprise as consistent with the requirement.

Developers increase the code and this source code is managed via Version Control System tools like Git and so on.

Developers ship this code to the Git repository and any changes made within the code is devoted to this Repository.

Jenkins pulls this code from the repository the use of the Git plugin and construct it using equipment like Ant or Maven.

Configuration management equipment like puppet deploys & provisions trying out environment and then Jenkins releases this code on the take a look at environment on which trying out is executed the usage of tools like selenium.

Once the code is tested, Jenkins send it for deployment on the manufacturing server (even production server is provisioned & maintained via gear like puppet).

After deployment It is continuously monitored with the aid of equipment like Nagios.

Docker boxes gives trying out surroundings to check the construct functions.

Q25. What are the advantages of DevOps?

Ans: For this solution, you can use your past experience and give an explanation for how DevOps helped you to your previous job. If you don’t have this type of revel in, then you can mention the beneath blessings.

Technical advantages:

Continuous software program transport

Less complex problems to repair

Faster decision of problems

Business blessings:

Faster delivery of features

More strong operating environments

More time available to feature price (in place of fix/hold)

Q26. What is the most essential thing DevOps enables us attain?

Ans: According to me, the most important factor that DevOps facilitates us achieve is to get the modifications into production as quick as possible whilst minimizing risks in software program excellent assurance and compliance. This is the primary objective of DevOps. Learn extra in this DevOps academic blog.

However, you can upload many other advantageous results of DevOps. For instance, clearer communication and better operating relationships among teams i.E. Both the Ops crew and Dev group collaborate together to supply good great software program which in flip leads to better customer delight.

Q27. Explain with a use case in which DevOps may be used in industry / real-lifestyles.

Ans: There are many industries that are the usage of DevOps so you can mention any of those use cases, you can also refer the below instance:

Etsy is a peer-to-peer e-commerce internet site targeted on home made or antique gadgets and components, as well as particular manufacturing unit-manufactured gadgets. Etsy struggled with sluggish, painful web site updates that frequently brought about the website online to move down. It affected sales for thousands and thousands of Etsy’s users who sold goods thru online marketplace place and risked riding them to the competitor.

With the help of a brand new technical management team, Etsy transitioned from its waterfall model, which produced four-hour complete-web page deployments twice weekly, to a greater agile approach. Today, it has a totally automated deployment pipeline, and its non-stop delivery practices have reportedly resulted in extra than 50 deployments a day with fewer disruptions.

Q28. Explain your information and understanding on each the software improvement facet and the technical operations side of an organisation you have worked with in the beyond.

Ans: For this answer, proportion your beyond revel in and try to explain how bendy you were to your previous process. You can refer the beneath instance:

DevOps engineers almost constantly paintings in a 24/7 business-essential online surroundings. I was adaptable to on-call responsibilities and become available to take up real-time, live-device responsibility. I correctly automated techniques to support continuous software program deployments. I actually have enjoy with public/personal clouds, equipment like Chef or Puppet, scripting and automation with equipment like Python and PHP, and a heritage in Agile.

Q29. What are the anti-patterns of DevOps?

Ans: A pattern is commonplace usage commonly followed. If a sample usually adopted by way of others does now not work for your organisation and you continue to blindly observe it, you're basically adopting an anti-pattern. There are myths about DevOps. Some of them consist of:

DevOps is a method

Agile equals DevOps

We want a separate DevOps organization

Devops will solve all our problems

DevOps way Developers Managing Production

DevOps is Development-driven launch control

DevOps is not improvement driven.

DevOps is not IT Operations pushed.

We can’t do DevOps – We’re Unique

We can’t do DevOps – We’ve were given the wrong humans

Q30. Why we want DevOps ?

Ans: Companies are actually facing the need to turning in greater and quicker and better programs to meet the ever greater urgent needs of conscious users to reduce the " Time To Market ". Devops often helps deployment to appear very rapid.[teaserbox type="5" img="2803" title="Interested in Learning Python! Opportunities are Open!" subtitle="WE ARE The Market Leader! Join MyTectra Now!" link_url="http://www.Mytectra.Com/python-training-in-bangalore.Html" target="blank"]

Q31. Mention what are the important thing factors or principle behind DevOps?

Ans: The key aspects or precept behind DevOps is

Infrastructure as code

Continuous deployment




Q32. What are the middle operations of DevOps with utility improvement and with infrastructure?

Ans: The middle operations of DevOps with

Application development

Code building

Code coverage

Unit testing



With infrastructure





Q33. Explain how “Infrastructure of code” is processed or finished in AWS?

Ans: In AWS,

The code for infrastructure will be in simple JSON format

This JSON code could be prepared into files known as templates

This templates can be deployed on AWS and then managed as stacks

Later the CloudFormation carrier will do the Creating, deleting, updating, etc. Operation inside the stack

Q34. Explain which scripting language is most important for a DevOps engineer?

Ans: A less difficult scripting language will be higher for a DevOps engineer. Python appears to be very famous.

Q35. Explain how DevOps is beneficial to builders?

Ans: DevOps may be useful to builders to restore the worm and put in force new capabilities fast.  It additionally facilitates for clearer communication among the team members.

Q36. List out a few popular gear for DevOps? 

Ans: Some of the popular equipment for DevOps are




ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)







Q37. Mention at what instance have you ever used the SSH?

Ans: I actually have used SSH to log right into a far off gadget and work on the command line.  Beside this, I actually have extensively utilized it to tunnel into the device with the intention to facilitate at ease encrypted communications among  untrusted hosts over an insecure community.

Q38. Explain how could you deal with revision (model) control?

Ans: My method to deal with revision manipulate could be to publish the code on SourceForge or GitHub so all of us can view it.  Also, I will put up the tick list from the closing revision to make sure that any unsolved troubles are resolved.

Q39. Mention what are the varieties of Http requests?

Ans: The styles of Http requests are










Q40. Explain what would you take a look at If a Linux-construct-server suddenly starts getting gradual?

Ans: If a Linux-build-server all at once starts offevolved getting sluggish, you will check for following three things

·Application Level troubleshooting    RAM associated issues, Disk I/O examine write issues, Disk Space associated Issues, and so forth.

·System Level troubleshooting    Check for Application log file OR software server log report, machine overall performance problems, Web Server Log – test HTTP, tomcat log, and so on. Or test jboss, weblogic logs to peer if the software server reaction/acquire time is the troubles for slowness, Memory Leak of any software

·Dependent Services troubleshooting    Antivirus related troubles, Firewall related issues, Network problems, SMTP server reaction time problems, and so forth.

Q41. Whether your video card can run Unity how might you already know?

Ans: When you operate command

1    /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test-p

it's going to provide unique output about Unity’s necessities and  if they're met, then your video card can run unity.Forty two

Q42. Explain a way to enable startup sound in Ubuntu?

Ans: To permit startup sound

Click control equipment after which click onStartup Applications

In theStartup Application Preferences window, click Add to feature an access

Then fill the information in remark box like Name, Command and Comment

1    /usr/bin/canberra-gtk-play—identity= “computing device-login”—description= “play login sound”

Logout after which login when you are completed

You can also open it with shortcut key Ctrl+Alt+T. 

Q43. What is the quicker way to open an Ubuntu terminal in a selected directory?

Ans: To open Ubuntu terminal in a specific listing you can use custom keyboard brief cut.

To try this, in the command field of a brand new custom keyboard , type genome – terminal – – running – listing = /course/to/dir.

Q44. Explain how you can get the cutting-edge shade of the present day display at the Ubuntu desktop?

Ans: You can open the heritage picture in The Gimp (picture editor) and then use the dropper tool to choose the coloration at the unique factor. It gives you the RGB value of the colour at that factor.

Q45. Explain how you create launchers on computing device in Ubuntu?

Ans: To create launchers on laptop in Ubuntu you could use

ALT+F2 then type “ gnome-desktop-item-edit –create-new~/laptop “,  it's going to release the old GUI conversation and create a launcher for your laptop

Q46. Explain what is Memcached?

Ans: Memcached is a loose and open source, excessive-overall performance, disbursed memory object caching device. The primary objective of Memcached is to decorate the reaction time for records that could otherwise be recovered or constructed from a few different source or database. It is used to keep away from the need to function SQL records base or every other supply repetitively to fetch information for concurrent request.

Memcached can be used for

Social Networking->Profile Caching

Content Aggregation -> HTML/ Page Caching

Ad focused on -> Cookie/profile tracking

Relationship -> Session caching

E-trade -> Session and HTML caching

Location-based totally services -> Data-base question scaling

Gaming and leisure -> Session caching

Memcache facilitates in

Speed up utility processes

It determines what to shop and what no longer to

Reduce the number of retrieval requests to the database

Cuts down the I/O ( Input/Output) get entry to (difficult disk)

Drawback of Memcached is

It isn't a chronic records save

Not a database

It isn't always an application particular

It can't cache large item

Q47. Mention some crucial functions of Memcached?

Ans: Important capabilities of Memcached includes

CAS Tokens: A CAS token is hooked up to any object retrieved from cache. You can use that token to shop your up to date item.

Callbacks: It simplifies the code

getDelayed: It reduces the delay time of your script which is awaiting results to come lower back from server

Binary protocol: You can use binary protocol in preference to ASCII with the more recent client

Igbinary: Previously, customer constantly used to do serialization of the fee with complex statistics, however with Memcached you could use igbinary option.

Q48. Explain whether it's miles possible to share a single instance of a Memcache between more than one tasks?

Ans: Yes, it is possible to share a single instance of Memcache between more than one initiatives. Memcache is a memory keep area, and you can run memcache on one or greater servers. You also can configure your consumer to talk to a particular set of instances. So, you can run  distinct Memcache processes on the equal host and yet they're completely independent. Unless, when you have partitioned your statistics, then it turns into essential to recognize from which instance to get the records from or to place into.

Q49. You are having more than one Memcache servers, wherein one of the memcacher server fails, and it has your data, will it ever try to get key records from that one failed server?

Ans: The information within the failed server received’t get eliminated, however there may be a provision for vehicle-failure, which you can configure for a couple of nodes. Fail-over may be prompted at some point of any form of socket or Memcached server level errors and no longer for the duration of normal patron errors like including an current key, and so forth.

Q50. Explain how you may minimize the Memcached server outages?


When one example fails, numerous of them goes down, this may put larger load on the database server when misplaced records is reloaded as consumer make a request. To avoid this, in case your code has been written to limit cache stampedes then it'll depart a minimum effect

Another manner is to convey up an example of Memcached on a new device the usage of the misplaced machines IP deal with

Code is any other choice to reduce server outages because it gives you the freedom to trade the Memcached server list with minimal work

Setting timeout fee is any other option that some Memcached clients enforce for Memcached server outage. When your Memcached server goes down, the consumer will hold seeking to ship a request till the time-out restrict is reached

Q51. Explain how you can replace Memcached while information modifications?

Ans: When records adjustments you may replace Memcached by using

Clearing the Cache proactively: Clearing the cache when an insert or update is made

Resetting the Cache: It is much like the first technique however rather than just deleting the keys and watching for the following request for the information to refresh the cache, reset the values after the insert or replace.

Q52. Explain what is Dogpile impact? How can you prevent this impact?

Ans: Dogpile effect is cited the occasion whilst cache expires, and web sites are hit by the multiple requests made by way of the consumer at the same time. This impact can be averted by way of the use of semaphore lock. In this machine while fee expires, first manner acquires the lock and starts producing new cost.

Q53. Explain how Memcached should not be used?


Memcached commonplace misuse is to apply it as a records store, and no longer as a cache

Never use Memcached because the only source of the records you need to run your application. Data need to always be available via some other supply as properly

Memcached is just a key or price save and cannot carry out question over the records or iterate over the contents to extract statistics

Memcached does now not provide any shape of protection either in encryption or authentication

Q54. When server gets close down does statistics saved in Memcached remains to be had?

Ans: Data saved in Memcached isn't always long lasting so if server is shut down or restarted then all the facts stored in Memcached is deleted.

Q55. Mention what is the difference among Memcache and Memcached?


 Memcache:It is an extension that lets in you to work through handy item-oriented (OOP’s) and procedural interfaces. It is designed to lessen database load in dynamic internet applications.

 Memcached: It is an extension that useslibmemcachedlibrary to provide API for communicating with Memcached servers. It is used to boom the dynamic web programs with the aid of assuaging database load. It is the ultra-modern API.