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DBA Interview Questions and Answers 2019 - Jul 16, 2022


DBA Interview Questions and Answers 2019

Q1. What is a Database?

Ans: A Database Administrator desires to realize what a database is before they are able to administer it, proper? At its most basic, a database is a set of tables, structured in any such way that it is able to be navigated like you'll any sort of table. If you consider in math magnificence, you may have had some of tables that allowed you to speedy discover a fee in case you multiplied an x and y cost collectively — or in this case, what it'd be if you were seeking out a particular row and column cost.

Q2. What is a query?

Ans: A query in normal phrases is a query, simple sufficient. It is the assertion that is speakme to the database a good way to Create, Read, Update or Delete (CRUD) information. While commonly a question is an actual question asking for an answer, it can additionally be the declaration to adjust, insert, or eliminate records in the database as properly.

Q3. What is SQL?

Ans: Structured Query Language is the fundamental manner of asking a database server to talk to you. Whether this is in the context of asking it a query, giving it solutions to questions it's far asking you, or updating answers that have already been stored in the database. The artwork of asking the right query is important to getting lower back the right records you want, which is exceptionally precious while managing databases, as it's far very easy to receive far greater statistics than you realize what to do with, or not anything at all.

Q4. What does ‘SELECT’ do?

Ans: SELECT within the phrases of an SQL question triggers a question to the database. It looks throughout the required desk(s), finds the facts you are searching out and then gives it to the consumer for attention. Depending on the question, this will be an lousy lot of information, so again, asking the right question is vital.

Q5. What is a primary key?

Ans: A number one key is usually used as the index for a specific desk — a fee that the desk can depend upon to be a dependable unique value in each row. When attempting to pull records for a specific row, the primary key will typically be used to drag that statistics, normally a numeric price. For example, if you are attempting to drag up facts on a specific person, and that database is the usage of their unencrypted ssn as the number one key (naughty), then that would be used inside the question to discover that particular row in view that there might be other humans gift within the database with that particular call or other figuring out traits.

Q6. What is a Database Management System?

Ans: A Database Management System, or DBMS, is largely the software that handles the heavy lifting among you (the person), and the raw facts. The database itself is just that — the database; it can not alter its own records any extra than the common person can re-set up their genetic code. The DBMS is what you are talking to when you are asking the questions. It is what appears at your question, thinks about it for some time, is going to the database, alternatives up the information, fingers it again to you, and asks you to come again.

Q7. When could you use ‘char’ as opposed to ‘varchar’?

Ans: This is a chunk of a difficult query, normally as it depends a lot on what your application is. For instance, if you have a shape field that can be nearly any period and modifications every unmarried time, then varchar is a far extra practical desire, because it gives you a whole lot more flexibility. If but you have a field in which each cost goes to be precisely the same length, then you could get greater efficient performance out of a char. Again, it relies upon on exactly what your application is, and how you plan to cook dinner it — seasoning as you notice healthy.

Q8. What are the jobs of DBA?

Ans: DBA has the authority to create new users, dispose of existing users or alter any of the surroundings variables or privileges assigned to different users.

 Manage database storage

Administer customers and safety

 Manage schema items

 Monitor and manipulate database performance

 Perform backup and healing

Schedule and automate jobs

Q9. Why must I visit all of the problem of creating a database after I have a perfectly appropriate Excel Spreadsheet?

Ans: Scale. If you were to take a (singular) spreadsheet and a (singular) table and place them side by means of aspect, there would be successfully no difference inside the records you're seeing or what you may do with it. As you go bigger and larger with more and more tables and spreadsheets, if you have a black belt in spreadsheet-fu you may accomplish a few of the same obligations that a database should do as properly. The problem is, as you cross large and larger and large, that it will become a whole lot greater tough to be human-friendly and still be efficient when it comes to processing information. So have to you replace every unmarried spreadsheet with a database? Not necessarily, but if the information on that spreadsheet wishes to be accessed speedy with the aid of a couple of customers concurrently and is developing unexpectedly, it could be time to remember going to the darkish side (they've cookies).

Q10. Why do maximum database types now not talk to every different?

Ans: In a phrase: cash. In three phrases: a lotttta cash. Different database carriers spend a massive amount of studies time searching for ways to present them a leg up at the opposition; whether that can be via performance, garage ability, toughness, reliability, scalability, the list goes on and on. As a result, looking to be like minded and backwards engineer every unmarried characteristic of a particular database kind is difficult in the extreme earlier than you even get to the patent violations. Most databases can be simplified all the way down to filetypes like .Csv documents, which may be used to move primary information from seller to dealer. That being stated however, there could be a lot lost in translation without help from higher up.

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Q11. What is a ‘be part of’?

Ans: Well while  tables love every other very an awful lot…no longer that lots happens certainly. However while you want to search throughout a couple of tables concurrently, a join can assist make that occur. For example, in case you were trying to find statistics on a selected product and one desk has the outline while the other has pricing information, you could use a be part of to search throughout each tables simultaneously the use of a single question.

Q12. What is a foreign key?

Ans: When using a join or different type of question that goes throughout a couple of tables, it may now and again be difficult to make certain they're speakme at the identical web page. A primary key can assist with this, but on occasion that is impractical, and hence you need a secondary fee this is regular throughout more than one tables. For instance, say that during a series of tables for product listings you have your number one key assigned to an automobile-increment ID based totally on whilst the product turned into entered (an average setup), after which none of those rows are capable of line up with their opposite numbers in other tables. So if you have one table for product listings, another for fee statistics, some other for reviews, and so on. — this could be a reasonably major hassle. However, if you realize for a truth that your element numbers for those products are going to be unique values, you can use that as a overseas key and all of sudden everything lines up all high-quality and neat. This is viable since it exists in more than one table, and on the grounds that is being referenced from outside its personal desk; it is certain ‘overseas’. This does not mean it nevertheless could not be the number one key for that particular desk as nicely, it just way it has a reference that can be seemed to from any other factor of view.

Q13. What is SQL Injection?

Ans: Also called asking a question and getting the answer you need, in place of the solution they want to present you (each person that has attempted to navigate positive nameless aid phones is aware of that this isn’t always a terrible element); however in the context of a database software, this may be “a very bad element”™. For example, say that you are on an online banking internet site. You’re at the login screen, and it's miles ready so one can enter your login and password so it may show your specific economic statistics. But what in case you need to look the list of every person else that banks at this particular place? Depending on how the financial institution’s web site is hardened in opposition to such an assault, you may get their non-public data, modern-day balances, PIN numbers, or even worse, input your very own data at once into the database — capable of create new money owed, set up transaction records, energetic balances, the listing is going on and on.

Q14. What is the distinction between a Navigational database and a Relational database?

Ans: The excellent manner to explain a Navigational DBMS is thru that of a tree. Each value become related to any other via using a figure, most of the time with out a other direct way to get admission to the facts. Relational Databases however use values common to a couple of tables to set up a unique key — making sure that they're speaking on the equal page so that there are numerous, many approaches to get to the same vicinity. To put it some other manner, in case you had been trying to get from point A to point B, a navigational database might have one specific direction to get there — through a throughway. A relational database alternatively could have alternatives for taking the throughway, a returned street, a boat, a aircraft, a bus and sometimes a rocket — provided that each of those techniques have been set up efficiently to speak to each other. Most modern databases use the relational database model.

Q15. What is a Database Schema?

Ans: If you’ve ever visible one of these Visio diagrams with 40 special tables with lines connecting particular columns on one with the ones on another, that’s a database schema. Essentially a two-dimensional illustration of how every desk talks to other ones, it's miles the manner to view the layout of a database as a unmarried entity and now not as a jumble of different tables.

Q16. What are Nested Queries?

Ans: A query inside a question, this precise approach can be particularly tough to troubleshoot or even more difficult to manipulate without lots of overhead. In most cases, a nested query may be changed with a JOIN, allowing for plenty extra green use of resources.

Q17. What does ‘INSERT’ do?

Ans: INSERT submits records into a database as a new row, normally thru the usage of a shape. While bureaucracy can take many…paperwork…, the maximum not unusual uses are through both a committed software or thru the use of an HTML shape. Clicking at the ‘post’ button will cause the built in shape response to scan the shape for precise fields, making sure the specified ones are entered efficiently, make certain the user isn’t being naughty in what they are trying to enter, then put up the information to the database.

Q18. What is input sterilization?

Ans: One of the primary answers to SQL Injection, enter sterilization allows the database to selectively forget about records coming in from an enter area and strip out non-required facts. For instance, if a subject is looking ahead to best a numeric fee, there is no need for letters or symbols to be gift in the user input. Therefore, these values may be properly omitted but nevertheless preserve the functionality of the shape intact. While now not an give up-all beat-all, it is going a protracted way to helping mitigate attacks on this vector.

Q19. What does ‘UPDATE’ do?

Ans: UPDATE permits values to be modified where they meet unique standards. For example, say that you were on Amazon and were about to transport. As a end result, you'll want to regulate your mailing address so that you clearly were given your stuff. You might consequently cross into your settings and it might display you your present day address. Modifying this deal with after which filing the shape could update your deal with primarily based in your precise person profile. If it up to date each person else’s deal with to match that could be a extreme trouble — at least for the person doing the paying.

Q20. What does ‘DROP’ do?

Ans: DROP removes a desk from a database or a database from a server. A very dangerous command certainly, it's miles only to be used in conditions that honestly require it, as until you have a backup of it handy, there may be no coming back from this.

Q21. What is the difference among T-SQL and PL/SQL?

Ans: T-SQL or Transact-SQL is Microsoft’s model of SQL. The essential additions Microsoft made to the principle branch of SQL contain the addition of tactics or routines — scripts basically — that may be run underneath certain criteria. PL/SQL, on the other hand, is Oracle’s model of SQL, and conceptually the 2 are very similar. However, because of the nature in how they had been advanced, seeking to flow records from one to the other entails quite a bit of labor. The essential variations cope with how they multi-venture and how they lock elements when they're in use.

Q22. What is a database example? Explain.

Ans: A database example (Server) is a set of reminiscence shape and heritage strategies that get entry to a set of database files. The tactics may be shared with the aid of all of the customers.

The reminiscence structure that is used to store the maximum queried records from database. This allows up to enhance database overall performance by means of lowering the amount of I/O executed in opposition to statistics file.

Q23. What is Parallel Server?

Ans: Multiple times gaining access to the identical database (only in multi-CPU environments)

Q24. Which operation is faster COMMIT or ROLLBACK? Why?

Ans: It’s obviously COMMIT is quicker than ROLLBACK. Let me provide an explanation for with an instance: Let’s say we opened a transaction and up to date 8000 statistics:

Commit: It’s finished fast because the operation is already completed and it just marks the ones dirty pages as devoted and while checkpoint takes place all the ones grimy pages can be written to disk.

Rollback: The operation is already up to date 8000 statistics if we need to rollback then again these kind of updates must be rolled lower back which means there are another 8000 log facts will be written to LDF so that you can take time whilst as compared to commit.

Q25. SQL Vs NoSQL.

Ans: NoSQL (Also called Not Only SQL), is a extraordinary form of database than the usual relational kind. While it can use a number of the identical types of question language, it doesn’t always use the identical sort of desk structure that fashionable relational databases use, and accordingly in some instances may be greater efficient. That performance relies upon substantially on its application however, and typically you may see NoSQL used in Big Data crunching and evaluation programs that require actual-time comments.

Q26. What is the distinction among ‘=’ and ‘LIKE’?

Ans: When crafting a question, or the use of programming to show data in positive ways relying at the values being again, you may want to suppose that those may be used interchangeably. There is one big distinction, but: equal manner same. The cost being returned should fit the value it is being as compared to one hundred%. LIKE, however, can be used with some of special wildcard mechanics, permitting you to be a chunk more bendy to your policies.

Q27. Explain the distinction between a FUNCTION, PROCEDURE and PACKAGE.

Ans: A function and procedure are the identical in that they may be intended to be a group of PL/SQL code that contains a unmarried venture. While a process does now not should go back any values to the calling utility, a characteristic will go back a single fee. A package on the other hand is a set of capabilities and tactics that are grouped collectively primarily based on their commonality to a enterprise characteristic or application.

Q28. What is distinction among UNIQUE constraint and PRIMARY KEY constraint?

Ans: A column defined as UNIQUE can comprise Nulls even as a column defined as PRIMARY KEY can’t incorporate Nulls. 47.What is Index Cluster? - A Cluster with an index at the Cluster Key 48.When does a Transaction end? - When it's far devoted or Rollbacked.

Q29. What is ODBC?

Ans: Open Database Connectivity is a way to make special styles of frontends talk to extraordinary statistics resources (DSNs) which includes Databases. The specifics to be had depend on the type of utility being used, the driver getting used and the backend to which it's far being carried out.

Q30. What are distinctive Oracle database gadgets?








Q31. What are the benefits of ORDBMS?

Ans: The gadgets as such may be stored inside the database. The language of the DBMS can be incorporated with an item- oriented programming language. The language can also even be exactly the same as that used in the software, which does no longer force the programmer to have two representations of his objects.

Q32. What is database hyperlink?

Ans: A database link is a named object that describes a "direction" from one database to another.

Q33. What are the forms of database links?

Ans: Private database hyperlink, public database link & network database link.

Q34. Can you give some examples for One to One, One to Many and Many to Many relationships?


One to One: Citizen – UID

A citizen can have most effective one UID – A UID can represent best one citizen

One to Many: Customer – Products

A client can sale wide variety of products – A product can be brought via handiest one client

Many to Many: Book – Author

A e book can be written with the aid of multiple creator – An creator can write more than one book

Q35. What is Distributed database?

Ans: A distributed database is a community of databases managed via multiple database servers that appears to a person as unmarried logical database. The information of all databases within the dispensed database may be simultaneously accessed and modified.

Q36. What is non-public database hyperlink?

Ans: Private database hyperlink is created on behalf of a selected person. A private database hyperlink may be used best while the owner of the hyperlink specifies a global object name in a SQL statement or inside the definition of the owner's views or approaches.

Q37. Differentiate between a cluster and a grid?

Ans: Clustering is one era used to create a grid infrastructure. Simple clusters have static assets for unique packages by using precise owners. Grids, that may encompass more than one clusters, are dynamic useful resource pools shareable among many one of a kind packages and customers. A grid does not anticipate that every one servers inside the grid are walking the equal set of packages. Applications may be scheduled and migrated across servers within the grid. Grids share sources from and among unbiased system owners.

At the best level, the idea of grid computing is computing as a application. In other words, you should not care in which your information is living, or what laptop methods your request. You ought to be capable of request statistics or computation and feature it delivered – as a whole lot as you need, and every time you need. This is similar to the way electric powered utilities work, in which you don’t understand wherein the generator is, or how the electric grid is stressed out, you simply ask for electricity, and you get it. The purpose is to make computing a application, a commodity, and ubiquitous. Hence the call ‘The Grid’. This view of software computing is, of route, a “client facet” view.

From the “server side”, or behind the scenes, the grid is ready useful resource allocation, facts sharing, and excessive availability. Resource allocation ensures that every one those who want or request sources are getting what they need, that resources aren't status idle even as requests are going unserviced. Information sharing makes positive that the statistics customers and packages want is to be had in which and whilst it's miles wished. High availability capabilities guarantee all of the facts and computation is constantly there, much like a application business enterprise always provides electric energy.

Q38. What is public database link?

Ans: Public database link is created for the special consumer group PUBLIC. A public database hyperlink can be used whilst any user in the related database specifies a worldwide item call in a SQL assertion or item definition.

Q39. What is network database link?

Ans: Network database link is created and controlled through a community domain carrier. A community database link may be used when any user of any database in the community specifies a worldwide object call in a SQL announcement or item definition.