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Dart Programming Interview Questions and Answers - Jul 14, 2022


Dart Programming Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What Is Dart?

Ans: Dart is an application programming language. It is used to construct web, server and cellular programs.

Q2. Use of Dart.

Ans: Dart is specifically used to build structured modern net apps.

Q3. What are the Characteristics / Features of Dart?

Ans: Dart follows C Style Syntax and is Class-Based, Object Oriented Language which helps single inheritance.

It also helps lexical scoping, closures, and non-obligatory static typing.

It comes with Dart Editor and SDK to provide an integrated enjoy, capabilities like refactoring, ruin factors, digital gadget are supported with Dart.

Dart may be transformed to javascript with the help of dart2js tool,  which is surprisingly useful as a result it could work on all modern-day browsers with minimum code and it could run on servers via Virtual Machine which is provided with SDK.

Q4. How Google Dart will get Popular?

Ans: Google is doing its hard paintings to get Dart popular via web developers and network and arranging help, gear and execution environment for Google Dart.

Google will provide support of Dart in Google Chrome through integrating local virtual Machine and it will inspire to Microsoft and Mozilla to do the same.

Google will provide a Cross Compiler with the intention to convert Dart toECMAScript 3so that it is able to run on NonDart Browser. This could be the principal step in getting Dart Virtual Machine integrated on all famous browser would possibly make the effort.

Q5. How to create a easy application?

Ans: The following code for simple application:


   print("Hello World!");


Q5. What are the approaches to execute Dart Program?

There are two approaches to execute Dart software:

Via the terminal.

Via the WebStrom IDE.

Q6.  Is Dirt is case sensitive programming language?

Ans: Yes, Dirt is case sensitive programming language.

Q7.  What are the facts types in Dart language?

Ans: There are following facts sorts in Dart language:






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Q8. What is rune in Dart?

Ans: In Dart, rune is an integer representing Unicode code point.

Q9.  Does Dart has a syntax for affirming interfaces?

Ans: No, Dart has now not syntax for affirming interface.

Q10. What is Lambda Function?

Ans: A Lambda function is a concise mechanism to represent capabilities. These features are referred to as Arrow capabilities.


void major() 



printMsg()= >

print("hi there");

int test()= 123;

// returning characteristic

Q11. What is the use of this keyword in Dart?

Ans: In Dart, this key-word refers to the current example of the class.

Void primary() 

Car c1 = new Car('E1001');

class Car 

String engine;

Car(String engine) 

this.Engine = engine;

print("The engine is : ");

Q12.  What are Getters and Setters?

Ans: Getters and Setters allow this system to initialize and retrieve the fee of sophistication fields. It is also known as accessors and mutators.

Q13. What is type-checking in Dart?

Ans: In Dart, kind-checking is used to test that a variable keep best particular to a statistics kind.

String name = 'Smith';

int num = 10;

void foremost() 

String call = 1; // variable Not Match


Q14.  What are various string functions in Dart?

Ans: There are given diverse string functions:

String Methods    Description

toLowerCase()    It converts all string characters in to decrease case.

ToUpperCase()    It converts all string characters on this to upper case.

Trim()    It returns the string with none whitespace.

CompareTo()    It compares this object to any other.

Q16.  What are the varieties of listing in Dirt?

Ans: There are two sorts of listing in Dirt that are given underneath:

Fixed Length List : (period fixed)

Growable List: (Length can exchange at runtime.

Q17. What Is Method Overriding In Dart?

Ans: In Dart, Method Overriding is a method that infant elegance redefines a method in its figure elegance.


void essential() 

Child c = new Child();


class Parent 

void m1(int a) print("price of a ");

class Child extends Parent 


void m1(int b) 

print("fee of b ");

Q18. Which editor is used to enables breakpoint and little by little debugging?

Ans: WebStorm editor is used to enables breakpoint and grade by grade debugging.

Q19. What is typedef in Dart?

Ans: In Dart, A typedef (Or feature kinds alias) allows to outline pointer to execute code inside reminiscence.


typedef function_name(parameters)

Q20. What is the report extension of Dart?

Ans: The report extension of Dart is .Dart.

Q21. What are the numerous methods to manipulate strings?

Ans: There are diverse methods to control string which might be given in desk:

String Methods    Description

toLowerCase()    It converts all the string man or woman into decrease case.

ToUpperCase()    It converts all the string person into higher case.

Trim()    It returns the string without any leading and trailing whitespace.

CompareTo()    It compare objects to every other items.

Q22. Does Dart have syntax to declare interface?

Ans: No, Class declarations are themselves interfaces in Dart.

Q23. What is pub in Dart?

Ans:In Dart, pub is a device for manipulate Dart programs.