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CyberArk Interview Questions and Answers - Jul 14, 2022


CyberArk Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What is CyberArk?

Ans: CyberArk is an information security corporation offering Privileged Account Security. The company’s era is applied on the whole within the financial offerings, strength, retail and healthcare markets.

Q2. What is CyberArk viewfinity?

Ans: CyberArk Viewfinity with more desirable safety is now CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager. Enforcing privilege safety on the endpoint is a essential a part of your safety software.

Q3. What Are The Primary Functions Of Cyberark?

Ans: CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault, an detail of the CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution, has been designed to find out, secure, rotate and manipulate access to exclusive account passwords used to get entry to any machine at some stage in the business enterprise in its Information Technology surroundings.

Q4. What is identity and get entry to control?

Ans: Identity control, also known as identity and get admission to management (IAM) is, in laptop security, the safety and enterprise area that “allows the right individuals to get entry to the proper assets at the right instances and for the right reasons”.

Q5. What is viewfinity used for?

Ans: Viewfinity is a collection of integrated management tools that simplify the approaches involved in privilege control, allowing administrators to extra successfully defend PCs from unauthorized use and presenting granular manipulate over who can do what on servers and endpoints across the employer.

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Q6. How Does Its Security Work?

Ans: CyberArk Digital Vault, additionally called the Enterprise Password Vault (EPV) uses more than one layers of encryption to provide most security for contents of each and each single secure. Each record within a safe is encrypted with a completely unique file encryption key and are stored in the secure and encrypted with a one-of-a-kind secure encryption key that's particular to the secure. The safe encryption keys are then saved inside the vault and are encrypted with a completely unique vault encryption key. All of those keys are delivered only to the ones users who've the precise access rights. Administrators classify access to safes and data within the safes in order that users ought to be manually confirmed by a Safe Supervisor earlier than they can get right of entry to the safe in conjunction with its contents.

Q7. What Do You Understand By Privileged Account Security?

Ans: Privileged identification management (PIM) is a area which makes a speciality of the unique requirements of influential and powerful accounts in the IT infrastructure of an employer.

Q8. To create a PIM policy, what need to be finished?

Ans: We should Create CPM Policy, PIM Policy, and Create a PSM connection factor & permit the PSM if wanted.

Q9. What is BYOC?

Ans: Bring Your Own Client.

Q10. What CyberArk’s modules liable for recording consultation?

Ans: PSM

Q11. How Many Times We Can Increase The Access To Wrong Password Count?

Ans: Maximum 99 times only.

Q12. What Should A Specific User Have To Get Access To A Specific Safe?

Ans: A particular user need to have the safe ownership to get access to the particular safe.

Q13. If CyberArk vault person modified his Active Directory password what is going to happened along with his CyberArk account

Ans: Nothing will take place, If CyberArk makes use of LDAP authentication

Q14. Which Component used on all Cyberark answers?

Ans: CyberArk Vault

Q15. What are abilities of PSM for SSH?

Ans: PSM for SSH has the functionality of Video recording, Command recording.

Q16. What CyberArk PSM has internet form capability way?

Ans: CyberArk PSM has internet form capability manner, With a hard and fast of conditions, PSM connector may be incorporated into net based totally utility. By default PSM internet functionality best covers html login page with form identity, enter shape for user/password and button name attribute

Q17. What are the steps required to sign in a privilege account to CyberArk PIMS the usage of PVWA?

Ans: Inorder to check in to a priviliege accout we need to:

Create secure & define secure owner

Create PIM Policy

Create CPM & PSM Policy

Add account with its properties (username, password, address etc)

Q18. What are the CyberArk Vault safety layers 

Ans: Following are the CyberArk Vault Protection Layers:

Firewall & Code-Data Isolation

Encryted Network Communication & Visual Security Audit Trail

Strong Authentication & Granular Access Control

File Encryption & Dual Control Security

Q19. What you want to should allow vehicle password reconciliation policy?

Ans: Following have to permit for car password reconciliation policy in cyberark:

Enable Password reconciliation for precise coverage

Additional account heading in the right direction server with sufficient rights

Automatic password verification shoud permit

Enable password reconciliation while password is unsync

Q20. What are User Directories which are supported through CyberArk?

Ans: User Directories that support CyberArk are:

Active Directory

Oracle Internet Directory

Novell eDirectory

IBM Tivoli DS

Q21. How CyberArk Vault may be managed?

Ans: CyberArk Vault may be managed using PrivateArk Client, PrivateArk Web Client, and Private Vault Web Access.

Q22. What are Authentication schemes supported with the aid of CyberArk Vault?

Ans: Here are teh authentication schemes which might be suppored by way of CyberArk vault – LDAP, Radius, PKI.