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Common Indian Polity questions and answers for interview preparation - Jul 24, 2022


Common Indian Polity questions and answers for interview preparation

Q1. Which State Has A Separate Constitution?

Jammu and Kashmir

Q2. What Does The Constitution (74th) Amendment Act, 1993 Mentions?

The Municipalities 

Q3. Money Bill Can Be Introduced In The State Legislature With The Prior Consent Of Which Officer?

The Governor 

Q4. The Total Number Of Members Of The Legislative Council Can In No Case Be Less Than How Many Members?


Q5. The Constitutional Amendment By Which The Age For Voting Has Been Revised From 21 Years To 18 Years?


Q6. Who Appoints The Union Public Service Commission?


Q7. To Which State The Special Marriage Act, 1954 Does Not Apply?

Jammu and Kashmir 

Q8. What Is The Middle Unit In The Three-tier Panchayati Raj System?

Panchayat Samiti

Q9. Which Of The Following Has The Powers To Create A New All-india Service?


Q10. Provisions Regarding Municipalities And Panchayats Were Made In The Indian Constitution In Which Year?


Q11. Under The Preventive Detention A Person Can Be Detained Without Trial For How Many Months?

Three months 

Q12. Which Office Is Held During The Pleasure Of The President Of India?

The Governor of a State 

Q13. How Many Recognised Political Parties Are There In India?


Q14. Which Article Of The Constitution Permits The Supreme Court To Review Its Own Judgement Or Order?

Article 137 

Q15. What Is The Maximum Number Of Members That The Legislative Assembly Of A State In India Can Have?


Q16. Which State Elect Only One Member Of The Lok Sabha ?


Q17. English Is The Official Language Of Which One Of The Following Indian States?


Q18. Which Functionary Can Be Invited To Give His Opinion In The Parliament?

Attorney-General of India.

Q19. In Which List Does The Subject Of Co-operative Societies Fall?

State List

Q20. Who Is The Final Authority To Interpret The Constitution?

The Supreme Court 

Q21. Nri (non-resident Indian) Day Is Observed On Which Days?

9th January 

Q22. Ordinance Of Governor Has To Be Passed By The Assembly Within How Many Months?

6 weeks 

Q23. Which Article Of The Constitution Of India Accords Special Status To The State Of Jammu And Kashmir?


Q24. Which Indian State Has No Panchayat Raj Institution?


Q25. Which First Indian State That Was Created On A Linguistic Basis?

Andhra Pradesh

Q26. What Is The Minimum Legal Age Of Marriage For Girls In India?

18 years.

Q27. In Which Year Was Mandal Commission Report Implemented?


Q28. While Hindi Is The Official Language, Why Has English Been Permitted For Official Use?


Q29. The Entry Public Health And Sanitation Is Included In The Constitution Of India In Which List?

State List 

Q30. What Does The 73rd Amendment Of The Indian Constitution Deals?

Panchayati Raj 

Q31. Which Assumed Sovereign Power At Midnight Of August, 14/15, 1947 Provisionally?

Interim Government 

Q32. Originally The Constitution Recognizes How Many Languages?


Q33. Which Is The Only State In India To Have The Common Civil Code?


Q34. The Ordinance Issued By The Governor Are Subject To Approval By Which Body?

State Legislature

Q35. Who Was The First Woman Chief Minister In Independent India?

Sucheta Kripalani 

Q36. Which Theory Of Communism Is Not A Doctrine Of Karl Marx?

Theory of New Democracy 

Q37. The Panchayati Raj Institution At The Block Level Is Known By Which Name?

Panchayat Samiti

Q38. Who Was The First High/ideal Court Judge, That Voluntarily Made Public His Assets,?

Justice K. Kannan 

Q39. In Which General Election Did The Congress Party Lost Majority In The Parliament For The First Time?


Q40. Which Amendment Of The Constitution Provided Constitutional Status To Panchayati Raj Institutions?

73rd Amendment 

Q41. Which High Court Has The Territorial Jurisdiction Over Andaman And Nicobar Islands?


Q42. Which Language Has Included In The Constitution By The Ninety-2nd Amendment Act?


Q43. How Many Types Of Writs Can Be Issued By The Supreme Court?


Q44. The Right To Vote In India Is Given To All People On Which Basis?


Q45. Which High Court Has The Largest Number Of Benches?

Guwahati High Court 

Q46. What Is The Scientific Name Of The National Tree Banyan Of India?

Ficus Benghalensis 

Q47. By Whom Are The Salaries Of The Judges Of The Supreme Court Determined?


Q48. Which Is Presided Over By One Who Is Not Its Member?

Rajya Sabha.

Q49. What Makes The Judiciary The Guardian Of The Constitution?

Judicial Review.

Q50. Who Is The Vice Chairman Of Planning Commission Of India?

Montek Singh Ahluwalia