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Automation Testing Interview Questions and Answers - Jul 17, 2022


Automation Testing Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What is Automation Testing?

Ans: Automation trying out is a technique uses an software to implement entire existence cycle of the software in less time and affords performance and effectiveness to the testing software program.

Automation checking out is an Automatic approach in which the tester writes scripts via own and uses suitable software program to check the software program. It is essentially an automation procedure of a manual procedure. Like regression trying out, Automation testing extensively utilized to check the utility from load, performance and strain point of view.

In other phrase, Automation checking out uses automation tools to put in writing and execute check instances, no manual involvement is required even as executing an automated check suite. Usually, testers write check scripts and take a look at cases the use of the automation device and then group into take a look at suites.

The most important aim of Automation checking out is to growth the check efficiency and broaden software program price.

Q2. When will you automate a check?

Ans: Automation in preferred in following cases

Repetitive Tasks

Smoke and Sanity Tests

Test with multiple facts set

Regression check instances

Usually the choice is primarily based on the ROI (Return on Investment)

Q3. When you may now not automate testing?

Ans: One must no longer automate in following instances

When the Application Under Test modifications often

One time take a look at cases

Adhoc – Random checking out

Q4. What are the stairs worried inside the Automation Process ?

Ans: In the automation system, steps concerned are

Selecting the Test device

Define scope of automation

Planning, desing and improvement

Test execution


Q5. What are the points which can be included at the same time as planning phase of automation ?

Ans: During planning phase of automation things which must be taken in difficulty are

Selection the “right” Automation device

Selection Automation Framework if any

List of In scope and out of scope items for automation

Test Environment setup

Preparing Grant Chart of Project timelines for take a look at script development & execution.

Identify Test Deliverables

Q6. In what condition we can not use automation testing for Agile technique?

Ans: Automation checking out is not useful for agile strategies in following conditions

When Agile checking out usually ask for changes in requirements

When Exhaustive stage of documentation is needed in Agile

Only appropriate for the ones regression assessments in the course of agile checking out like continuos integration

Q7. What are the number one features of exact automation tool ?


Test Environment guide and clean to use

Good debugging facility

Robust object identification

Object and Image testing competencies

Object identification

Testing of database

Support a couple of frameworks

Q8. What are the styles of framework used in software program automation trying out ?


In software automation testing 4 styles of framework used are

Data pushed automation framework

Keyword pushed automati4on framework

Modular automation framework

Hybrid automation framework

Q9.  What are the scripting general even as performing automation trying out?

Ans: While writing the scripts for automation you have to don't forget following matters,

Uniform naming convention.

Three Lines of remarks for every 10 traces of code

Adequate indentation.

Robust mistakes handling and recuperation situation

Use of Frameworks wherever feasible

Q10. What are the most popular gear for automation trying out?

Ans: The most famous check device for automation testing are


Rational Robot


Q11. On what foundation you could map the achievement of automation testing?

Ans: On basis of following criteria the success of automation trying out may be mapped

Defect Detection Ratio

Automation execution time and time financial savings to launch the product

Reduction in Labour & different costs

Q12. Explain what's Sikuli?

Ans: Sikuli is a device that uses “Visual Image Match” method to automate graphical person interface.  All the internet elements in Sikuli need to be taken as an photograph and stored in the undertaking.

Sikuli is made out of

Sikuli Script

Visual Scripting API for Jython

Sikuli IDE

Practical uses of Sikuli is that

It may be used to automate flash websites or items

It can automate window primarily based application and some thing you spot on display screen without the usage of inner API guide

It presents simple API

It may be easily related with equipment like Selenium

Desktop software can be computerized

Sikuli offers extensive support to automate flash gadgets

To automate laptop it uses powerful “Visual Match” and Flash items

It can work on any era-.NET, Java,

Q13. Mention what is the difference among Selenium and Sikuli?


Sikuli    Selenium

·          It presents massive aid to automate flash items

·          It has easy API

·          It makes use of visible in shape to locate elements on the display screen. So we will automate something we see on the screen

·          It can automate internet in addition to home windows utility

·           It can't automate flash gadgets like video participant, audio participant,

·          It has were given complicated API

·          It does now not have visual suit

·          It can automate simplest net programs


Q14. What standards do you consider for automating a test?

Ans: I might recall the following points to assist me determine if a check ought to be automated:

How regularly does the take a look at want to be executed? I.E. Is that going to be a regression check? Sometimes the take a look at will need to be achieved once, but with a big set of records

How a lot time does automating this test will shop me so that I can use my time in exploratory checking out

How crucial is the take a look at to the enterprise; i.E. Is the check scenario a regular person journey via the utility

How complex is it to automate the test and the way probably is it that the complexity doesn’t purpose many fake positives which will increase consequences evaluation time?

How probably is it that this check catches a defect?

How in all likelihood is it that a function or functionality will destroy and what's the effect of it to the enterprise? If it's far excessive impact, then it have to be automatic to make certain it passes from launch to release

Q15.  What type of exams need to NOT be automated?

Ans: This interview question is just like previous query however focuses on which exams Not to be automatic and left for manual trying out. Possible solutions may be:

Usability Testing – at times this can be an not possible undertaking to perform by means of automation because the laptop can't successfully choose if the device is of any use to its users

Tests that handiest need to be finished once – except the same take a look at needs to be performed for a big dataset then it makes experience to automate

Tests without predictable results – check automation have to give us self assurance within the outcomes of the assessments. If there are intermittent failures then the checks can not be reliable and can not be depending on

Tests that want to be verified visually

Tests that want to be finished speedy. At first, writing an automatic check takes longer. If we need a quick check, we ought to take a look at manually, but, if that check is a good one that need to be run regularly, then it need to be automatic in time

Q16. What are Pros and Cons of automating assessments at UI layer?

Ans:  Pros

UI automatic exams execute in a way that simulates person interacting with the device. So it is excellent for validating consumer trips and flows

Can cowl end-to-end flows that speak with third birthday celebration systems

Because exams are run towards the gadget, they may be demoed to the client who can understand what assessments are run

Can seize excessive severity or display stopper bugs

Can test UI capability where it isn't viable to test in any other case

Ans: Cons

UI automatic assessments may be very brittle (i.E. Fail because of UI changes even though capability hasn’t modified)

Slow feedback to the team. Execution is slow as you have to look forward to the system to launch and connections with third birthday party system can take a long time

Limitation on what may be checked from the UI. There are a few information that aren't gift from the UI

Because checks are slow from UI, we are able to’t have a number of exams walking against the UI

Can be time consuming to construct automated test scripts for the UI

Usually need to depend upon a 3rd birthday party device or dealer for UI testing

Q17. Why might you want to automate a test? Is it to:


Increase test insurance?

Improve great?

Save time for exploratory trying out?

Find more bugs?

Replace guide testers?

A: This is a commonplace test automation interview query and solution to that is quite clear-cut. Although a number of the above reasons seem doable, the primary reason why you will need to automate a take a look at, is because you need to repeat the equal take a look at usually.