Interview Questions.

Automation Interview Questions and Answers


Automation Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. Explain what's automation trying out?

Ans: Automation Testing is a procedure that is executed with an automation tool to write down and then put in force tester’s check scripts and cases. The number one purpose of Automation Testing is to reduce the number of check instances to be run by using hand and not push aside Manual Testing all in all.

Q2. When precisely you'll automate a test?

Ans: There are positive cases whilst we can take into account the identical. For instance, repeating responsibilities. During this kind of scenario, automating a check saves a number of time in addition to human efforts. In addition to this, test with a couple of statistics set may be made greater green thru this method. Also, regression take a look at cases, as well as Smoke & Sanity assessments also are the conditions while automating a check is a good alternative. However, the final selection is constantly primarily based on Return-on-Investment.

Q3. What do you reflect onconsideration on the ordinary advances that are engaged with Automation everywhere technique?

Ans: The primary issue is to select the take a look at tool. After this, the following degree is to design the extent of automation anywhere took after by way of the way arranging, making plans and development. Following stage is trying out execution and the last strengthen is support. It is essential to take after the way in the characterised arrangement to cast off disease.

Q4. What standards do you bear in mind for automating a check?

Ans: I might bear in mind the subsequent points to assist me decide if a take a look at must be computerized:

How regularly does the check need to be accomplished? I.E. Is that going to be a regression take a look at? Sometimes the test will need to be executed as soon as, but with a massive set of information

How a great deal time does automating this test will save me in order that I can use my time in exploratory testing

How important is the test to the business; i.E. Is the take a look at scenario a standard user journey through the utility

How complicated is it to automate the check and how probable is it that the complexity doesn’t reason many false positives which will increase consequences analysis time?

How in all likelihood is it that this test catches a defect?

How probably is it that a feature or functionality will smash and what's the impact of it to the enterprise? If it's miles excessive impact, then it should be automatic to make certain it passes from release to launch

Q5. Does automation update guide trying out?

Ans: We can't honestly replace guide trying out one hundred% the usage of Automation but yes simply it can update nearly 90% of the manual check efforts if the automation is carried out correctly.

Q6. When is it not appropriate to automate checking out?

Ans: One need to not automate in following instances:

1.When the Application which has to undergo the Test adjustments regularly

2.Test cases which might be to be performed only as soon as

3.Adhoc or Random checking out

Tests that want to be validated visually

Q7. What do you recognize approximately the commonplace steps which are concerned in Automation anywhere technique?

Ans: The first actual component is to select or take into account the take a look at device. After this, the following step is to outline the scope of automation everywhere observed by means of the steps planning, designing, as well as improvement. Next step is Testing execution and final step is protection. It is vital to observe the stairs inside the described series to put off confusion.

Q8. What are the simple additives that ought to be dealt with while organizing Automation anyplace?

Ans: Before doing whatever, the imperative element to a middle is picking the Automation tool this is vital. It is fundamental to provide the watchful layout to the framework in case it's far on hand. The test condition setup is near vital to remember on require. Another aspect that issues a sizable measure is conscious the take a look at output. Moreover, factors, for instance, as an instance, the direction of events of the project and its execution are alternative factors that need to be taken between the arranging degrees.

Q9. Why could you want to automate a check? Is it to?

Ans: Increase test coverage?

Improve fine?

Save time for exploratory testing?

Find greater bugs?

Replace guide testers?

Q10. How do you propose check automation?

Ans: Planning is the maximum essential venture in Test Automation. Test Automation Plan   ought to cowl the following undertaking objects,

Tool Selection:  Type of Test Automation Expected (Regression / Performance and so forth.)

Tool Evaluation: Tool Availability / Tool License Availability / Tool License Limitations.

Tool Cost Estimation Vs Project Cost Estimation Statistics for Testing.

Resource Requirements Vs Availability Study.

 Time Availability Vs Time Estimations Calculations and Definitions.

Production Requirements Analysis Results Consideration with recognize to Factors like Load-Performance / Functionality Expected / Scalability and so on.

Test Automation Process Definitions consisting of Standard to be observed even as acting Test Automation.

Test Automation Scope Definition.

Automation Risk Analysis and planning to triumph over if described Risks Emerge inside the Automation Process.

Reference Document Requirement as Perquisites for Test Automation.

Q11. What is the situation that is unsuitable for using automation trying out for the Agile methodologies?


Automation testing isn't always an awesome option for agile techniques in subsequent instances

As soon as Agile trying out asks for common modifications in requirements

When large level of papers is needed in Agile

It is best right for those reversion assessments during agile testing like uninterrupted integration

Q12. What are the automation gear you're certified in?

Ans: The solution to this question depends on you. You can mention right here approximately the gear you have proper command or competencies in. Generally, it is requested from experienced professional within the Automation.

Q13. Can check automation improve test effectiveness?

Ans: Yes, Definitely Test Automation plays a crucial function in enhancing Test Effectiveness in various ways like,

Reduction in Slippage brought on due to human mistakes.

Object / Object Properties Level UI Verifications.

Virtual Load / Users usage in Load/Performance Testing wherein its not feasible to apply so many resources physically acting test and get so accurate effects.

Précised Time Calculations.

And many greater.

Q14. Name any five matters which you could automate?

Ans: The following are the five things:

Smoke Sanity check suite

Smoke take a look at suite

Automation at the back of GUI

Construct sending

Test statistics creation

Q15. What are Pros and Cons of automating exams at UI layer?

Ans: Pros

UI automatic checks execute in a way that simulates person interacting with the gadget. So it's miles very good for validating consumer trips and flows

Can cowl quit-to-end flows that talk with 3rd celebration structures

Because checks are run towards the system, they can be demoed to the client who can apprehend what checks are run

Can capture excessive severity or display stopper insects

Can test UI functionality wherein it is not possible to test in any other case


UI automatic tests can be very brittle (i.E. Fail because of UI modifications despite the fact that capability hasn’t modified)

Slow remarks to the group. Execution is slow as you have to anticipate the system to release and connections with third celebration machine can take a long time

Limitation on what may be checked from the UI. There are some data that aren't present from the UI

Because assessments are gradual from UI, we can’t have numerous checks walking towards the UI

Can be time consuming to construct automated check scripts for the UI

Usually have to rely on a third birthday celebration tool or seller for UI checking out

Q16.List down the number one features of a very good automation tool?


Test Environment backing

Easy to use

Decent repairing potential

Healthy object identification

Object and Image evaluation aptitudes

Object identity

Ability to check database

Should be able to upkeep more than one frameworks

Q17. What are the capabilities you would appearance at the same time as deciding on a tool for automation anywhere?

Ans: The gear ought to be clean to use and feature check environment guide to be had actually. It need to have debugging ability for the smooth operations. It is quite proper that testing photograph and items are the important aspects inside the Automation Anywhere. Therefore, it need to have a better picture and object checking out potential. Also, it need to be succesful to test the database. Object identification, as well as a couple of framework guide, are the alternative functions that must be there in a device for Automation Anywhere.

Q18. What are the primary attributes of check automation?

Ans: Here are a number of the attributes of test automation that may be measured,


Definition: The attempt needed to replace the check automation suites for each new launch.

Possible measurements: The viable measurements may be e.G. The common paintings effort in hours to replace a check suite.


Definition: The accuracy and repeatability of your test automation.

Possible measurements: Number of instances a take a look at failed due to defects in the assessments or inside the test scripts.


Definition: The ease of operating with all the distinct types of automation take a look at ware.

Possible measurements: The time and effort needed to perceive, discover, repair, combine and execute the one of a kind check automation check ware.


Definition: The general value related to the effort wished for the automation.

Possible measurements: Monitoring over the years the total fee of automated checking out, i.E. Resources, fabric, and so forth.


Definition: The potential of the automated check to run on unique environments.

Possible measurements: The effort and time had to set-up and run check automation in a brand new environment.


Definition: The effectiveness of automation on an unstable or swiftly changing system.

Possible measurements: Number of tests failed due to unexpected activities.


Definition: The quantity to which automation may be utilized by distinctive sorts of users (Developers, non-technical human beings or other users and so forth.,)

Possible measurements: The time had to educate users to grow to be assured and productive with check automation.

Q19. Which factors are necessary to assess for scripting fashionable for Automation Anywhere Testing?


For every ten strains of code, there should be 3 traces of code

Most intense utilization of device wherever feasible is likewise a important thing.

Proper area, Uniform naming way of life, Error dealing with and management.

Q20. What are the diverse varieties of the frameworks that may be utilized in software program automation testing?

Ans: In software program automation testing 4 types of frameworks are normally used

Keyword pushed automation framework

Data-driven automation framework

Hybrid automation framework

Modular automation framework

Q21. Name any  vital equipment for Automation anywhere checking out?

Ans: There are several gear however the ones which are considered as satisfactory are Rational Robot and QTP. Both of them are equally powerful and help to get outcomes which might be completely blunders free.

Q22. How will you pick out a tool for check automation?

Ans: Below are elements to be taken into consideration while deciding on Test Automation Tool,

Test Type Expected. (E.G. Regression Testing / Functional Testing / Performance-Load Testing)

Tool Cost Vs Project Testing Budget Estimation.

Protocol Support by using Tool Vs. Application Designed Protocol.

 Tools Limitations Vs Application Test Requirements

H/W, S/W & Platform Support of Tool Vs Application test Scope for these attributes.

Tool License Limitations / Availability Vs Test Requirements.(Tools Scalability)

Q23. What are the purposes of now not thinking about manual checking out in automation anywhere technique?

Ans: The first-rate difficulty is it wishes a massive degree of greater assets and moreover it's an limitless system if executed physically. There are positive odds of stacks that could announce their great due to failure. At the factor when ventures are time specific or whilst they're to an wonderful diploma sweeping, certainly considerable, it's not an sensible opportunity to keep in mind guide checking out. It can corrupt the execution of advantages performing trying out because of losing interest by using gambling out a comparable venture over and over in a brief span move.

Q24. What is Depth Testing?

Ans: A take a look at that workout routines a particular function of a product in complete detail.

Q25. What do  approximately the kind of framework that is used in Automation everywhere software program?

Ans: There are four critical frameworks which can be generally used. First is Keyword Driven Automation Framework. Next is Data-driven automation framework. The 0.33 is Hybrid Automation Framework and final is Modular automation framework.

Q26. Describe common issues of take a look at automation.

Ans: In Test Automation we come across numerous issues, out of which I would love to highlight few as given under,

Automation Script Maintenance, which becomes hard if product gets through common modifications.

Automation Tool’s Limitations for gadgets Recognizing.

Automation Tool’s Third Part Integration Limitations.

Automation Tool’s extraordinary conduct because of its Scalability Issues.

Due to Tool’s Defects, We would possibly assume its Application Defect and don't forget any trouble as Application Bug.

Environmental Settings and API’s / Addins Required via Tool to make it well matched to paintings with Specialized Environments like JAVA-CORBA creates JAVA Environmental Issues for the Application to work. (E.G. WinRunner 7.05 Java-Support Environmental Variables Creates Application Under Test to malfunction)

There are many issues, which we come upon whilst actual automation.

Q27. What do you consider the type of structure this is applied as part of Automation anywhere programming?

Ans: There are four vital structures which are typically applied:

Watchword Driven Automation Framework.

Information-pushed automation device.

Crossover Automation Framework

Particular automation structure.

Q28. What is Dynamic Testing?

Ans: Testing software program thru imposing it.

Q29. What do you suggest through QTP?

Ans: It stands for Quick take a look at expert and is largely an Automation tool this is taken into consideration in take a look at environments.

Q30. Explain How QTP Identifies Objects?

Ans: For every item magnificence that QTP identifies, it has a hard and fast of houses saved. These encompass obligatory properties, which is basically an outline of any given object, which exams if it’s a child or determine item as nicely. Next are the assertive residences, which QTP lodges to best if the mandatory properties are inadequate at figuring out the item. If all else fails, QTP hotels, ultimately, to its ordinal identifier.