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Would you leave your startup job for an established company?survey


Would you leave your startup job for an established company?survey

Lack of work-existence stability and lack of confidence about activity and career direction top the list of reasons to leave a startup activity for a bigger corporation, unearths a understanding jobs examine of one,250 personnel

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Would you go away your startup task for a longtime employer? Seventy five% junior and senior level specialists: Yes 52% middle-degree experts: Yes ninety% employees primarily based in metros inclined to cease their startup task for a longtime organisation 96% personnel in tier I and II towns willing to depart their startup job for a longtime agency.

Reasons for personnel initially taking over a startup task fifty five%: Thrilled with concept of constructing a new challenge 20%: Attracted by using flexible paintings way of life 20%: Higher revenue %: For stock ownership plan (ESOP)

Concerns earlier than taking on the offer 60%: Worried about hazard of venture failing 35%: Concerned about taking up multiple roles 5%: Did no longer need to install lengthy hours

Not capable of preserve work-lifestyles stability, said 4 in 10 employees 40%: Want to leave their startup job since they're no longer capable of maintain a piece-lifestyles stability 20%: Would get a higher revenue in a year.