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Why you Need to Switch to Visual CVs for a Better Job Search?


Why you Need to Switch to Visual CVs for a Better Job Search?

Writing a CV is not an easy job to do. Visual CVs play key role in creating good impression as some employers are still moving to conventional CVs. Here are some important guidelines to convert your traditional CV into visual CV.


Heres how to create a visual CV to standout: Visual CVs offer number of benefits that you should have a Visual CV ready to submit it whenever asked. Due to its advantages a visual CV has its space secured in your application.

Step 1: The Beginning- The beginning of your CV should create an impression that it will bring yourself notice. Lets make it virtually engaged with recruiter otherwise your recruiter will not bother to go through your CV.

Step 2: Branding-Have a constant theme which should have a choice of pictures colors and typography to grab the attention of employers. Maintain consistency across all the professional details you entered in your profile.

Step 3: Create a Logical Flow- If you have any organizational skills make them present in your resume. Make sure that you have created a logical flow to create a chronological CV.

Step 4: Scream Creativity- Now add some creative content Next, aim for some unexpectedness and creativity. You can add some creative info on last few sides of your visual CV.

Step 5: Ask- You can ask the recruiters to go through your personal website or personal blog before attending the interview itself.

Some other Benefits of Making a Visual CV

  • Visual CVs are known to catch the employers attention
  • Like the traditional CV, it is a dashboard of your work history and skills
  • If you are a designer or belong to the creative professional tag, visual CVs are a bliss for you
  • Making a Visual CV gives you as well as the employer a break from the monotonous forms of CV