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Top Powerful Keywords for include in your resume


Top Powerful Keywords for include in your resume

1. Enthusiastic or enthusiasm
This power word is the key quality and the primary requirement for any job whatsoever. It provides much positive impression about you and shows that you are really interested in the job.

#2. Hardworking
This is almost important keyword that helps you to get noticed by recruiters. As we know that a hard-working employee can deliver more output to the company.

#3. Creative
Creativity is the need of the hour in this current competitive world.

#4. Inquisitive
If you mention that you are more inquisitive then more recruiters will like you.

#5. Quick learner or fast learner
Every new job has many opportunities to learn for sure, whether it’s the work procedure or culture.

#6. Dedicated
Dedication is another keyword liked by many recruiters.

#7. Motivated
Motivated is the word on your resume that many recruiters think that you are a person who can handle the worse situations and get out of it.

#8. Determined
This word determines that you stay focused to meet your targets.

#9. Goal-oriented
This word describes about you that you are goal oriented and you have the ability to set clear-cut goals for the long-term as well as short-term.

#10. Asset
If you mention that you are asset to the company, you can be sure of getting the job.

#11. Open minded
If the recruiter knows that you are ready to accept the criticism and willing to improvise, then you would be their first choice.

#12. Perfectionist
This word will definitely impress the recruiters as it can guarantee the quality of your work.

#13. Communication
Having strong inter-personal and intra personal communication is the main criteria for almost all jobs these days.

#14. Empathy
Rather than having team work skills, the other thing recruiters consider most is empathy.

#15. Social
This is the most needed quality that helps you to get more connections with the company. If you have a good networking then you will have more chances of getting shortlisted for the job.