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Top 5 New age finance careers for Finance graduates


Top 5 New age finance careers for Finance graduates

If you are a finance graduate and love to play with numbers and figures then number of career opportunities is available for you. If you have a degree in finance you will be having number of career opportunities you are looking for. For this you need to be a master in accountancy and make your basics strong. Here is top finance careers available related with finance.

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  • Financial advisor: As a financial advisor you need to have detailed information about your client. You need to ensure that funds allocation will be optimized and you need to select on bahalf of them, evaluate and improve their account performance.
  • Financial Manager: Companies which have high net worth of financial transactions require a financial manager to manage the finance of the company in a strategic way. If you have strong knowledge of financial and economic market trends that will help the company to maximize its profit than there you are! You can also help the company by designing a financial mechanism to minimize risk, analyse cost reduction opportunities develop a network of contacts such as auditors, solicitors etc and assist senior management team always.
  • Financial analyst: A financial analyst job responsibilities include doing research and providing information to his clients or an organization. Their job profile includes interpret data such as market trends, calculate risks and predict financial status of his client or organization. If you have good understanding of investment opportunities then it will be an added advantage to your client.
  • Financial sales agent: If you have sound knowledge of purchase and selling of financial securities then it will be beneficial to companies. A financial sales agent job role includes assisting clients and trading on their behalf, or helping secure capital by finding buyers for bonds or stock.
  • Financial examiner: A financial examiner job role includes checking whether a company is compliant with laws and regulations governing financial and securities institutions and financial and real estate transactions or not. Job responsibilities may include reviewing balance sheets, income and expense accounts, and loan documentation.