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Tips on ‘How to cancel a Job Interview?’


Tips on ‘How to cancel a Job Interview?’

Tips on ‘How to cancel a Job Interview?’

Interview is a team work. Declining or cancellingthe job interview at the last minute creates lot of inconvenience to the hiring manager. Following tips may be helpful to you:

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Tip #1: Inform as soon as possible

Inform the hiring manager as soon as possible about your inability to attend the interview. Inform 24 hours prior time instead of waiting until the last minute and then send an interview cancellation email. Recruitment team need time to find replacement and ensure that the booked interview slot does not go wasted.

Tips #2: Avoid giving too much details

Do not give inappropriate reasons such as “I forgot.”

“I am no more interested.”

Or any other random reason.

Here the purpose of writing an interview cancellation email is not to inform your decision but to inform the hiring manager about that they can move forward accordingly.

Tip #3: Maintain professionalism

Make sure that you do not close the door for any future opportunities. Ensure that your email professional and be sincere when informing them about the change in your plans and write the interview cancellation mail in a professional way.

Tip #4: Text message is not enough

You need to inform about your decision to cancel the interview through a proper email. Don’t text them. Texting is away of conveying the message. Otherwise call them and explain your inability attend the scheduled interview.

Tip #5: Follow up with a call

This is the simple and best way to reschedule the job interview. After doing follow-upyour email communication by personally then call the hiring manager saying a valid reason for not coming to the job interview on the scheduled date. Convey that you look forward to the job opportunity and grateful you would be if the hiring manager could reschedule the interview to some other day.

Tip #6: Be respectful and polite

The main important aspect in rescheduling job interview or cancelling job interview is how sincere and polite you sound to the hiring manager. Thank the company for the opportunity and apologize sincerely for your inability to make it to the interview on scheduled day.