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Rejected in Interview? How to deal with interview rejection?


Rejected in Interview? How to deal with interview rejection?

You had prepared well for the interview, practiced well and had mock interview sessions before the interview. Even after the interview, your hopes are high that you will win definitely. But after couple of days you received a letter that you are rejected for the interview.

Rejection is seen as an unfortunate experience and you can turn this experience as your advantage and get a bigger and better job. Here are some points for you about rejection in an interview

1. Don’t take it personal: When you heard that you are rejected then the first thought come to your mind is “I have failed”.But letting this thought will result in depression and missed opportunities. So, you must know that why it is not personal. Internal referral is an opportunity for the employees to nominate a candidate for the open positions.

2. It is not about your qualification: Some people felt very depressed after facing multiple rejections. There are multiple factors to be considered when you are being hired. The hiring manager need to select someone who is equally qualified for this job role. It doesn’t mean that you are less capable for the job.

3. Budgeting issues: Budget may be another issue that faced by many employeesand they may take a decision that they can’t afford an extra employee.The other person may available for less package than your quote.

4. It is not final: Many companies provide the opportunity to reapply for the jobs in future. But it is may not considered that once you are rejected then you are rejected forever. Even the hiring manager knows that interviewwas an opportunity to reconnect and eligible for a good chance.

What you must learn from rejection?

  • Identify your shortcomings
  • Improve and evolve
  • Restructure your resume
  • Work on your EQ
  • Change of stream
  • Keep multiple opportunities in hand
  • Make an impression
  • Never give up