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Pros and cons of 5 emerging banks in the banking sector


Pros and cons of 5 emerging banks in the banking sector

HDFC Bank:

Pay: According to the survey profits is the primary motive to paintings with HDFC. Nearly sixty six% of the surveyed human beings mentioned that earnings paid in HDFC is one of the primary reasons to enroll in HDFC. The other factors may additionally include that availability of boom possibilities and work- life stability.

Appraisals: The disadvantage is that personnel operating with HDFC are appraisals. More than 15% surveyed people stated that value determinations as the primary cause for why people go away HDFC.



Work lifestyle: Over 70% personnel say that ICICI is the great employer for work culture. The other things accompanied via great revenue and work-life balance that made ICICI as the second exceptional organization to work with.

Promotions: Promotion is the main flip off issue to work with ICICI. If you searching for career growth with ICICI then it can disappoint you.

AXIS Bank:

Growth opportunities: Over sixty nine% surveyed human beings have rated AXIS financial institution as the pleasant agency within the prospect of increase opportunities. The employer is good in terms of great of labor.

Work-existence stability: Over 62% surveyed people mentioned that AXIS financial institution as an agency that lacks paintings-existence balance. Another turnoff factor is loss of flexi operating hours, as noted inside the survey.


Colleagues: More than 26% surveyed humans cited that Kotak Mahindra bank as a excellent region to paintings. It has the super brand call, awesome personnel and incredible work environment.

Salary: Salary is a massive flip off factor for the employees of Kotak. Over sixty two% costs less profits as one of the major motives for why an employee leaves the enterprise.

Indusland bank:

Salary: Over sixty one% people referred to that Indusland bank because the properly rated employer in the BSFI zone. Other blessings may also consist of that the blessings gained at the side of the emblem call.

Flexi hours: The most flip off element is lack of flexi paintings hours and absence of work-lifestyles stability, which may also motive the employees to go away the company.