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How to become an air hostess?


How to become an air hostess?

To become an air hostess of any reputed airlines, you need to have patience and serve all kinds of people. Here we are discussing about the career guide of an air hostess.

Who is an air hostess?

An air hostess is part of a cabin crew responsible for passenger’s comfort and safety on commercial flight.
These cabin crews are recruited by the airlines to offer services to the passengers. Air hostesses also known as flight attendants, cabin crew, flight stewardesses, etc. There is a myth that this profession is only for women but recently men also joined in this profession since 1980.

What does an air hostess do?

As part of the airlines crew air hostesses need to do multiple tasks. These roles are categorised into pre-flight, on the flight and post-flight duties.

Pre-flight: This process begins before the passengers boarded on the flight,they start safety briefing with the flight along with the attendant. This meeting discusses the safety and emergency checklists. They will discuss about the emergency gear, unique features of aircraft, special features for children, VIP and special needs are discussed here.

On the flight: Once the boarding begins, they help passengers to get settle down on their seats. After that the airhostess start perform a safety demonstration. They will ensure that all the tray tables are stowed, window flaps are open and everyone is seated with their seats upright, armrests down and seatbelts fastened. They serve the food and drinks to the passengers using airline service trolleys. Airhostesses ensure everything they catering is okay.

Post Flight: Before landing flight attendants check that all passengers are seated in safety mode and seatbeltslocked. After landing airhostesses helppassengers to get down from the plane. Flight attendants also help in following:

  • Rejected take-offs
  • Emergency landings
  • In-flight medical situations
  • Smoke in cabin
  • Fires
  • Depressurization
  • Onboard births
  • Deaths
  • Evacuations
  • Hijacks
  • Water landings

Qualification required for an air hostess

  • To become an air hostess, you would be required to meet the following eligibility criteria.
  • 18-26 years of age
  • Graduate degree (hospitality is preferred)
  • Minimum height of 157.5 cm
  • Perfect eyesight
  • Unmarried
  • Eligible for Indian passport
  • Weight proportionates to height
  • Proven in Spoken English