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How to add Additional information in your resume?


How to add Additional information in your resume?

Additional information section is an optional but you can use it for finding more job interviews. It is an opportunity to make a strong statement about your credentials.

Qualification summary
Use the additional Information section to present a summary of your qualifications or your career profile. Highlight key points in your qualification summary that may include the examples of accomplishments relevant to y our career objective.

Your resume must end with a statement of your past performance like list of awards, honors or recognitions.
If you have received a letter of recommendation or performance evaluation that contain quotes about your work performance then consider to add the best one from these documents to your Additional Information section.

Publishing credits
If you have any of publications with you then you may include a list of publication here.

Include a list of patents which you contributed if you have any.

Public speaking
Public speaking is an important skill for many jobs. Impress your recruiters by adding a list of your speaking engagements like speeches, workshop presentations and seminars. You may also include your participation in different work forums.

Computer skills
If you' are a technical candidate and like to provide list of computer skills across categories such as networking, operating systems, hardware, etc then use the additional Information section to highlight these skills.

Training Completed
Here you may list out the professional development/continuing education in this section.

Portfolio or Writing Samples
Writing samples is important for some jobs and you can mention that these are available on request, or provide a Web site link for immediate access.

Target Location
Additional information section in your resume is a good place for you to include a strong statement of your geographic preference.

If you are willing to relocate to a new city then mention it in your profile. Your Additional Information section is an opportunity to include a strong statement of your geographic preference.

Willingness to Travel
If your willingness to travel helps potential employers and increase your visibilities then mention it in the additional information section.

What to avoid
You can avoid personal information such as marital status, age, number of children, etc.