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FB, Twitter Faults that Might Hit Your job Change Opportunities


FB, Twitter Faults that Might Hit Your job Change Opportunities

If you think your remarkable resume would take you through the job you want, have you checked where does your social media quotient stand. Recruiters and Interviewers today have developed a tendency to give more weight age to your behavior and activities on Facebook, Twitter than your CV. Hence, you should be cautious about not making the following Facebook and Twitter mistakes:

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The Big Grumbler: Everyone have their own favorites and dislikes - let it be about the colleagues, office employers or in personal life. Do not find expression for it out on social media to seek the worlds commiseration. There might be a chance for the Recruiters to see it as a sign of a candidate who is always grumbling.

Try not be a Political Fundamentalist: Mostly everyone has tough political views and social media is the place where they like to show it off. However, employers might reject those candidates who may one day start asking their colleagues to join a political party.

Don't be a Troll: Never ever bug or troll anyone on Facebook or Twitter or post nasty comments in the social media sites. It all comes back you when you are looking for a job and might be a very big problem if your recruiter or employer finds it annoying.

Inappropriate Photos Social media is all about images and pictures, but you must be cautious on what you post. You will involuntarily know which image can put off a recruiter like you posing with a gun or doing something that you think is cool but may actually be unprofessional. Make your own judgment. Social media photos can easily go viral without your notice.

Facebooking and Tweeting during Office: If you are Facebooking and Tweeting every 10 - 15 minutes, the recruiter would assume that you have nothing else to do and you are wasting the valuable office production hours which can bring huge negative impact on your job stability.