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Top 3 things the best senior developers do

Top 3 things the best senior developers do22 Sep, 2023

Top 3 things the best senior developers do

Working under the care of a more educated inventor can make or break a inferior inventor's career. Then are 3 effects the stylish elderly inventors do. 
Senior Developers 

A elderly inventor has earned that title. They ’ve waged wars and won, faced long days and nights, overcome the most obscure of obstacles. Now, for all their troubles they've to deal with you. Wet behind the cognizance and a peril if left unmonitored. Hardly seems fair, does it? 
This is the curse of such a vast wealth of knowledge. They ’ve erected up so much over the times they ca n’t conceivably apply it all at the same time. They must delegate to be effective. How do they choose what to pass down the line and to whom? Well that’s all part of their new challenge. 
I ’ve had some time now as a inferior inventor and I've been lucky enough to be under the care of a couple of seniors who have made my experience a veritably affable one, considering the mountain of varying knowledge I've acquired in such a short time. I want to point out the characteristics they display that I respect utmost and deeply appreciate. 
Essential traits 

Given that the responsibility of overseeing a design or indeed multiple systems is a stressful one, it's crazy to suppose that the elderly inventors of the tech assiduity also have to basically baby- sit at the same time. A lot can go awry indeed before they've to throw inexperienced inventors into the blend. 3 of the most important traits for a successful elderly inventor to trains, in my opinion, are; 

  • alertness 
  • tolerance 
  • sanguinity 

Let me explain to you, who like me, is the inferior inventor in this arrangement. 

I do n’t mean they need to be all lovey- dovey and sweep your hair out of you eyes when you talk, I mean they need to pay attention indeed when it’s from hence. They need to have a good hand of how you're feeling both in regard to your workload and in life in general. Not inescapably all the details of your every move, but are you happy? 
The reason for this is that if you ’re not happy, you wo n’t produce good work which means further work down the line because the law you commit isn't good enough or within the deadlines. Simply checking in with you daily is all a good senior will do, but a great elderly will take action when demanded as they've the experience to be suitable to do so effectively. 
The action doesn't have to be some grand gesture, occasionally just a many words of guidance or a “ do n’t worry, I still have days like that ” go a veritably long way in helping an overwhelmed inferior inventor get a handle on effects. 

frequently the platoon’s elderly inventor is the bone. that's really face to face with the deadlines. They see the whole design in the “ big picture ” sense so will also forsee the knock- on goods of a missed deadline before anyone differently. Despite this burden, the stylish elderly inventors are suitable to balance the pressure while displaying great tolerance with their platoon, swinging them the time demanded to discover results in their own ways and thus make themselves into stronger inventors in the process. It's an investment that will only pay tips in the future, but of course, our largely recognized elderly knows that formerly. 
A part of this tolerance is the capability to block the rage and fury of the dreaded( and frequently agitated) customer. They soak up the shower of questions like “ well, why is n’t it done yet? ” so that those in their care can keep a clear head and just concentrate on the task before them. They know that formerly deployment and delivery is fulfilled, all that negative energy will dematerialize anyway.


It's important to understand that this doesn't mean naive sanguinity. Programming requires an air of pragmatism, and times of allowing like that will lead to a elderly inventor being so inclined. The sanguinity I mean is a type of faith. Faith in their inferiors to overcome the obstacles they need to, faith that they will ask if they really do get wedged and faith in their own capacities to give the necessary literacy coffers and road charts to getting a able inventor.

It's a type of tone control that a father displays when their child first rides a bike without stabilizers. As much as they want to step in a protect, they know they must leave the space to fail in order for the sprat to grow, to get stronger, more, to develop. They know if they can just hold off, it'll pay off.

Some exemplifications

I ’ve had a terrible week this once week after having a design I delivered hugely trashed by the customer and had to take it nearly right back to the delineation board and apply a bunch of( frontal end) stuff that I'm veritably strange and veritably veritably uncomfortable with. I wasted an entire week, if not further, trying out colorful JavaScript libraries to get an input form to perform further tricks than a circus and was seriously losing my mind over it. I could n’t believe it was taking so long and just not progressing as well. 
I was angry. At both the situation and myself. My elderly dev, still; 

  • noway swept in and bossed me around
  • noway complained about the quantum of time I wasted
  • checked in with me regularly
  • swung me the time to explore so numerous options

As if that was n’t enough, after about a week and without me indeed realising, he threw me a completely different small design that was in PHP which I'm far more complete in. I knocked that out in an autumn, so he fed me a perk task of dockerizing the operation which I also managed fairly snappily. Two effects, that if compared side by side with what I was so wedged on, would presumably be considered slightly more advanced. It was surely a morale boost. 
The coming day, same design and this time just looking into refactoring some SQL queries( which is a fave of mine) and that had me feeling like pellets would bounce off me. I went back to the JavaScript that was torturing me, deleted the entire branch I ’d spent a week tied up in and banged out a impeccably fine working result in a couple of hours. Thanks to the former day’s distraction ways, I did n’t get hung up on the wasted time too! 
Thanks to my senior’s attention, tolerance and faith in me I managed to ultimately overcome commodity that I easily was n’t suitable to do a week ago, plus I've gained the experience that will hopefully help me avoid getting so caught up in a problem in the future. 
I ’m thankful. 
Created Environment 

You can see from just that one recent illustration that you have every right to be jealous of my working terrain because my virtuousness, it's nurturing. Thanks to having this kind of support for the last 2 times, I can confidently say that I'm more suitable as a inventor than I should be for the number of times I've had in the assiduity. I've maintainable confidence because I've worked on real software used by some huge companies because I wasn't only tutored the right stuff but given the occasion to use that knowledge to make commodity that's a part of commodity of real significance. 
I look forward to working every day because it's always grueling but noway shocking and because I can look back at what I ’ve made and been a part of with pride. It's a great platoon to be a part of.  


I wo n’t repeat that I ’ve gained a huge quantum of experience in a short time but I really have. Not only that, however, I really believe that the future of the group I'm a part of will be a great bone
because the coming surge of inferior inventors after me are in for a solid support system and inconceivable guidance. This platoon has formerly achieved some great feats while getting little old me up to speed, so I can only see exponential success on the horizon. 

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