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The most effective method to Prepare For The Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification Exam

The most effective method to Prepare For The Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification Exam12 Sep, 2022

The most effective method to Prepare For The Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification Exam


The Google Cloud Digital Leader confirmation is the major Google Cloud certificate and an astounding method for extending your essential yet initial specialized comprehension of Google Cloud.

The Google Cloud Digital Leader certificate is for any individual who wishes to exhibit their insight into distributed computing fundamentals and how Google Cloud items and administrations can be utilized to accomplish an association's objectives. It is additionally identical to the AWS Cloud Practitioner and Azure Fundamental accreditations.

The test additionally different in January of this current year. In any case, I accept that it didn't change decisively. In spite of the fact that I have never taken the first test, I took the one sent off after January 26, 2022, however concentrated exclusively from materials made for the underlying test. There might be an extra spotlight on AI/ML items, which is by all accounts the principal distinction in Google's refreshed test guide.

The Cloud Digital Leader test evaluates your insight here:

  • Advanced change with Google Cloud (~10% of the test)
  • Developing with information and Google Cloud (~30% of the test)
  • Framework and application modernization (~30% of the test)
  • Google Cloud security and activities (~30% of the test)

This blog surveys my experience contemplating and taking the confirmation, best practices, and tips on the most proficient method to prevail with regards to turning into a guaranteed Google Cloud Digital Leader.


In general I found this test very testing. Andrew Brown from ExamPro states that this test is the most troublesome out of the other public cloud principal affirmations. He rates it multiple times as hard as the AWS Cloud Practitioner test and about two times as hard as the Azure Fundamentals test.

The explanation this test is thought about so troublesome isn't that the inquiries are profoundly specialized; it is on the grounds that the inquiries are written in a perplexing manner. In examination, the inquiries for the other public cloud confirmations were composed succinctly and prompted no disarray or uncertainty. Along these lines, I strongly suggest involving practice tests as a basic component of your preparation.

What's in store on the Exam

As expressed above in the presentation, the test is parted into four unique classifications, yet it is combined as one. Hope to have a strong comprehension of the advantages of distributed computing and be know all about normal wording and their importance, like high-accessibility or SLAs (Service Level Agreements).

You ought to likewise be know about Google Cloud's most famous items like BigQuery, BigTable, Cloud Run, Cloud Spanner, App Engine, Compute Engine, AutoML, and so on. Look at these cheat sheets for a rundown of some of Google Clouds' most famous items and their definitions.

The test questions are phrased as though you have a client with a particular issue or number of issues that you are expected to tackle. Here is an illustration of the degree of detail and client driven way to deal with Google Cloud's test question:

Question: Your organization is guaging a sharp expansion in the number and size of Apache Spark and Hadoop occupations being run on your neighborhood server farm. You need to use the cloud to assist you with scaling this forthcoming interest with minimal measure of activities work and code change. Which item would it be advisable for you to utilize?

Google Cloud Dataflow
Google Cloud Dataproc
Google Compute Engine
Google Container Engine
Best Resources to Help You Study

Google Cloud delivered their own preparation site called Google Cloud Skills Boost, where you can procure identifications that you can feature freely; for instance, here is mine to take a gander at how it appears. Google likewise procured QwikLabs in 2016, which they still effectively use as their essential hotspot for involved preparing in a lab climate. The labs are useful and a substantial method for understanding what you are realizing. You don't have to have involved insight for the test, yet it is useful.

The best review asset was Andrew Brown's ExamPro course, which many would concur. He offers free happy, including the whole course which is a progression of recordings. You can buy the 'ace' rendition, which has extra assets and, above all, more practice tests. It is just 24 USD, and I felt that this was more useful than the recordings on Google's Skills Boost preparing site.

Furthermore, I made a "Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification Study Guide" and "Google Cloud Product Flashcards" as two or three free assets. They are totally open for anybody to add or recommend changes and are intended to help however many individuals as could reasonably be expected to become ensured as a Google Cloud Digital Leader. The review guide additionally has featured segments on my thought process were fundamental regions to zero in on for the test.

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The most effective method to Book an Exam and What to Expect During the Exam

Google Cloud utilizes Krypterion to book their confirmations and delegate the on the web and virtual tests. You can go to a neighborhood testing focus, contingent upon where you are found, or step through the exam basically.

Initially I booked an in-person test at a testing place near me yet chose to drop the arrangement as Covid cases in my space were expanding. The Krypterion site cautions individuals that they could be charged an expense for dropping tests assuming they decide to drop without a second to spare. I dropped and attempted to rebook the test three days ahead of time, however I was as yet charged the undoing expense. The test costs USD 99, which is generally CAD $130, and I was charged CAD $79 for the scratch-off expense. I effectively rebooked the test on the web, which is administered by somebody essentially.

Do anticipate a few minor dissatisfactions with the virtual testing programming. The delegate isn't noticeable, yet they can message you through a marginally fussy talk. They request that you turn your camera on, and you will go through no less than 20 minutes taking your PC camera around your office, showing them you can't swindle the test. You are apportioned 90 extra minutes to compose the test, however you will presumably just need 30-40 minutes.

Results and Blockchain Verification

Subsequent to completing the test, be arranged not to see your outcomes right away, as they let you in on that it could take 7-10 work days for somebody to survey your outcomes. I took the test on a Thursday and got the compliment email affirming I had passed on the next Friday.

What I find special about Google's confirmations is that they utilize an organization called Accredible, a far reaching computerized identification and declaration stage based on blockchain to deal with its certificate programs. This permits enrollment specialists or your ongoing manager to confirm your affirmation progressively utilizing blockchain innovation. Here is my certificate assuming that you might want to test the check approval yourself. Assuming you might want to get more familiar with blockchain, I composed an article that makes sense of some key business advantages of that arising innovation.


Taking everything into account, the Google Cloud Digital Leader test is testing, mostly due to how the test questions are phrased. I read up for two or three hours each end of the week north of two months. I previously had huge Google Cloud information from an item showcasing viewpoint yet felt marginally caught off guard for the kinds of inquiries in the test.
I likewise have an item promoting foundation with AWS and took one of the AWS Cloud Practitioner practice tests. I felt that it was a lot simpler, and I likewise plan to take that test towards the month's end and compose an examination blog.

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