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6 Tools You Can Use to Check for Vulnerabilities in NodeJS

6 Tools You Can Use to Check for Vulnerabilities in NodeJS17 Jun, 2020

6 Tools You Can Use to Check for Vulnerabilities in NodeJS

Vulnerabilities can exist in all items. The bigger your product develops, the more prominent the helplessness potential. 

Where they exist, vulnerabilities make open doors for programming misuse which could destroy the item just as the item's client experience. 

Also, in the present quick paced world vulnerabilities increment as organizations request fast turn of events (or update) procedures and exploiters are all over the place, hoping to exploit them. 

That is the reason it's imperative to check for vulnerabilities as ahead of schedule as conceivable in applications. This can help guarantee that the last item is secure, and spare designers a great deal of time over the long haul. 

In this article, we'll take a gander at six apparatuses that will assist you with checking for vulnerabilities in Node.js. 

Vulnerabilities in Node.js 

Security vulnerabilities are exceptionally normal in Node.js. As engineers, we continue utilizing open source devices since we would prefer not to rehash an already solved problem. This makes improvement simpler and quicker for us, and yet, it acquaints potential vulnerabilities with our applications. 

All the better we can accomplish for ourselves is to consistently check the bundles we use in light of the fact that the more conditions we use, the greater the space for additional vulnerabilities. 

Physically checking conditions can be distressing and can build advancement time. Going on the web to discover how defenseless a bundle is before introducing it could be tedious particularly for an application with numerous conditions. 

This is the motivation behind why we need robotized apparatuses to assist us with this procedure. 

Apparatuses for Checking Vulnerabilities in Node.js 

1. Retire.js 

Retire.js assists designers with distinguishing renditions of libraries or modules with known vulnerabilities in Node.js applications. 

It very well may be utilized in four different ways: 

An order line scanner to check a Node.js application. 

A snort module (snort resign), used to check snort empowered applications. 

Program augmentations (Chrome and Firefox). These sweep visited locales for references to uncertain libraries and places admonitions in the engineer reassure. 

Burp and OWASP Zap Plugin, utilized for entrance testing. 

2. WhiteSource Renovate 

WhiteSource Renovate is a multi-stage and multi-language open source device by WhiteSource which performs robotized reliance refreshes in programming refreshes. 

It offers highlights, for example, robotized pull demands when conditions need refreshing, underpins various stages, simple alteration, and parts more. All changelogs and submit narratives are remembered for each update of the application. 

It tends to be utilized in different manners, for example, 

An order line device for robotizing the way toward refreshing conditions to safe conditions. 

Github Application for playing out the robotization procedure on GitHub vaults 

GitLab Applications for coordinating the robotization procedure on GitLab archives 

WhiteSource Renovate likewise has an on-premises arrangement that stretches out the CLI apparatus to include more highlights in this way making your applications progressively effective. 

3.OWASP Dependency-Check 

Reliance Check is a Software Composition Analysis (CPA) instrument utilized for overseeing and making sure about open source programming. 

Designers can utilize it to recognize openly uncovered vulnerabilities in Node.js, Python and Ruby. 

The instrument assesses the venture's conditions to accumulate data about each reliance. It decides whether there is a Common Platform Enumeration (CPE) identifier for a given reliance, and whenever discovered, it produces a rundown of related Common Vulnerability and Exposure (CVE) passages. 

Reliance Check can be utilized as a CLI device, a Maven module, an Ant Task and a Jenkins module. 


The OSS Index permits engineers to scan for many parts to find the powerless and insusceptible ones. This guarantees designers that the segments they plan on utilizing are very much ensured. 

They additionally give engineers different instruments and modules for programming dialects like JavaScript. 

These permit them to examine ventures for open source vulnerabilites just as coordinate security into the advancement procedure of the task. 

5. Acutinex 

Acunetix is a web application security scanner that permits designers to recognize vulnerabilites in Node.js applications and empowers them to fix the vulnerabilities to forestall programmers. It accompanies a multi day preliminary for testing applications. 

The advantages of utilizing Acunetix to filter web applications are various. Some of them are: 

tests for more than 3000 vulnerabilities 

examination of outside connections for malwares and phishing URLs 

filtering of HTML, JavaScript, Single page applications and Web administrations 


NodeJsScan is a static security code scanner. It is utilized for finding security vulnerabilities in web applications, web administrations and serverless applications. 

It tends to be utilized as a CLI instrument (which permits NodeJsScan to be incorporated with CI/CD pipelines), an online application and furthermore has a Python API. 


Bundles, libraries and parts for Node.js applications are discharged routinely, and the way that they are open source leaves space for vulnerabilities. This is genuine whether you're working with Node.js or Apache Struts vulnerabilities or some other open source structure. 

Engineers need to keep an eye out for vulnerabilities in new arrivals of bundles just as realizing when it's important to refresh bundles. The above apparatuses can facilitate this procedure for making proficient and solid items.

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